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Worlifts Bolting Division

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Worlifts Bolting Dividion

Worlifts Bolting Division - Specialist on site calibration testing services from the Worlifts team

Worlifts have a specialist bolting division which has developed its own network of onsite calibration and testing vehicles which feature a whole range of advanced testing and calibration equipment enabling the completion of calibration and examination work to be carried out on a variety of manual, hydraulic and pneumatic torque wrenches and associated tools onsite.

Established in 1976, Worlifts have over 35 years industry experience in the provision of powered, hydraulic and manual bolting solutions and products across a number of different sectors. What's more they focus on the delivery of onsite services using their dedicated fleet of specially equipped vehicles. The onsite services provided by the Worlifts bolting division include;

  • Tools - Hydraulic, electric, mechanical and pneumatic bolting tools
  • Bolting Tools - The testing, hire, loan and calibration
  • Manual and Powered Torque Wrenches - Calibration and Testing
  • Hydraulic Lifting Jacks - Testing and Examination
  • Lifting Equipment - Examination and Certification
  • Asset Management - Tool Inventories
  • Bolting Tools - Training in the safe and correct usage
  • Bolting Applications - Tool demonstrations

Worlifts & Enerpac - a specalist bolting partnership

Enerpac and Worlifts Bolting

Worlifts specialise in the provision of Enerpat bolting equipment and solutions which are specifically developed for use in industrial settings and they can facilitate any type of project from a straightforward network of pipes to the complex location of large structural assignments. Furthermore, the materials that they are manufactured from are extremely long lasting and compact for use in industrial markets throughout the UK and internationally. Enerpac solutions make the bolting process much easier and they can significantly improve efficiency and traceability.

In 2013 Worlifts Bolting launched their very first Enerpac Bolting Service vehicle which is a state of the art van equipped with everything that you need for bolting tool service and maintenance tasks. The van is equipped with a number of different testing kits including calibration and repair and they also provide tool hire onboard too. The staff at Worlifts Bolting are extremely skilled and knowledgeable in their field. So much so that our vehicle can come to your premises and deliver bespoke training sessions and demonstrations to equip your employees with the knowledge, skills and expertise in effective repair, maintenance and use of bolting tools. What's more, the team can offer comprehensive advice and guidance on the most suitable tools to use for your project and make suggestions for potential tooling solutions allowing you to oversee a safe and controlled bolting activity on any project that you undertake.

Worlifts Bolting are extremely committed to their industry and the company offer the dedication and guaranteed service that you need. As an authorised bolting tool distributor for Enerpac and Level 3 authorised repair and service centre, the company are able to deliver any preventative or corrective after sales support and guidance that you need with the use of Enerpac tools. Additionally, Worlifts are able to service a whole range of high pressure hydraulic tools including cylinders, bolting tools and jacks.

Worlifts Bolting supply a variety of bolting products including;

Square Drive Wrenches - Offering a wide selection of drives from of an inch through to 2.5 inch square drives, the torque wrenches are hydraulic and they are A TEX zone rated. In addition, they have a click on multi positioning feature and they are compact and built to offer high strength. Additionally, all wrenches are plated with Nickel to offer extra protection from corrosion damage and the constant torque output allows for greater accuracy. All wrenches are available with TSP Pro Series Swivels and Calibration certifications are available too.

Hydraulic Torque Wrenches

Low Profile Wrenches - The hydraulic wrenches from the Hexagon range are available in 24mm through to 155mm. They are A Tex approved and they provide a practical solution for pinless wrench construction. The wrenches have also been effectively optimised for their strength to weight ratio and they are designed to withstand the rigours of industry operations. What's more, the tools are very easy to maintain, coated with Nickel to safeguard against damage caused by corrosion and they have a constant torque output which provides full stroke accuracy.

Manual Torque Wrenches - Delivered to customers from the Enerpac E Series, the manual torque multiplier is both accurate and efficient featuring high efficiency planetary gear sets. The tools are reversible and reaction plate models are available so too is the manual wrench if preferred. All of the tools and equipment supplied by Worlifts is built to last and this is no exception. Seamlessly complete any bolting task quickly, easily and reliably with Worlift Bolting torque wrenches and multipliers.

Norbar Pneumatic Torque Wrenches

Norbar Torque Wrenches - Along with the Enerpac series, we also offer the Norbar manual professional torque wrenches which are extremely lightweight and allow fast adjustments to be made over the entire scale. These products are also dual scale, simple to use and user friendly featuring a clear torque scale and durable handle which can be used comfortably. The wrench has convenient adjustment locks to reduce the risk of accidental adjustments. The Norbar Pneumatic Pneutorque Torque Multipliers are strong and have an air motor which drives the multiplier resulting in a continuous torque output. Furthermore, this product is specifically designed to work with bolts up to 150mm in diameter and with a non-impacting process, they cause considerably less damage than bolted assembly. The wrench is also available to purchase with a wide range of accessories.

Hydraulic Tensioners - Worlifts provide a number of different hydraulic tensioners including the Enerpac GT series. Check our website to check which models we supply. Each one of the tensioners supplied by Worlifts Bolting have load cells of between M16 and M95, twin ports for fast connections, detachable and rotational bridges and black surface treatment which protects the material from corrosion.

Torque Wrench Pumps - Manufactured by Enerpac, these powerful, two speed pumps are extremely lightweight and easy to transport. They are available in a PMU version with or without a heat exchanger, a standard pressure gauge and adjustable pressure relief valves. The Portable Electric Torque Wrench Pumps have a z class, high efficiency design and they are of the highest possible strength allowing professionals to effectively use the tool in a number of different projects. Furthermore, there is a moulded composite shroud which protects the motor and has a convenient carry handle to facilitate transportation. The two cycle operation provided by this tool results in a reduced cycle time and vastly improved productivity levels. High quality tools and products provided by industry leaders.

Enerpac Tensioning Pumps

Tensioning Pumps - The Enerpac HPT series is a high pressure pump designed to be used with ease. Its lightweight design and two seed operation not only improves productivity but reduces cycle times and allows for improved operation. Also features a z class high efficiency pump and a pendant chord which allows the motor to start remotely. With a strong steel frame the pump is compact yet strong and can withstand the rigours of heavy, industrial use.

Hydraulic Nut Splitters - Also manufactured by Enerpac, these hydraulic nut splitters have been designed to suit both ANSI and BS flanges, they have interchangeable heads to offer greater flexibility and they allow controlled blade extensions through a preset scale.

Enerpac 700 Bar Tools - Worlifts bolting specialise in the provision of Enerpac high pressure industrial tools, a leading brand throughout the world who are renowned for their quality and range of high pressure hydraulics. The company are committed to providing the best and they guarantee both quality and performance. The bar tools provided by Worlifts Bolting are constantly being developed and the latest technological advances applied so that they can continue to innovate and bring customers better tools each and every time. They also offer integrated solutions to enable the seamless manipulation of heavy loads and to assist with multiple cylinder applications. Worlifts also provide the facility to carry out test simulations for specific certifications so you can rest assured that the product you receive will be of the highest possible standard.

Lifting and Rigging Equipment - Working safely is extremely important and at Worlifts Bolting we have used our expertise of the industry to bring our customers a number of lifting and safety solutions. We supply a vast range of equipment including electric operated hoists, wire rope hoists, winches, lifting hoists, pin shackles and lifting slings to name a few.

Bolting Services

As well as an extensive range of products Worlifts Bolting also offer onsite calibration, testing and certification services. In addition they offer resources for hire and provide expert training and guidance to personnel on their range of bolting tools, torque wrenches, pneumatic multipliers, tensioners, cylinders, accessories and pump units. Each onsite service is provided by high calibre professionals who are skilled and possess the relevant expertise to carry out the work. The vehicles we send out to each service are stocked with an extensive selection of spare components which allow them to complete minor repairs on site, reducing downtime for the customer and removing the need for tools to be taken offsite for repair or maintenance.

Worlifts Bolting Services Vans

Worlifts have built a strong partnership with both Enerpac and Norbar for a number of years and there are a number of onsite benefits to using the fleet of Worlifts Bolting vehicles including;

  • Immediate certification
  • Reduction in disruption to the workforce
  • Remove the requirement for tools to be taken off site
  • Costs are immediately apparent
  • Comprehensive application assistance

On Site Servicing Packages

Worlifts Bolting offer a comprehensive onsite package which includes;

The sale of hydraulic, electric, mechanical and pneumatic tools for bolting projects

Professional testing and calibration as well as the hire and loan of bolting tools. Perhaps you are completing a one off project and only need bolting tools for a short time. In this instance hiring the necessary tools and equipment may be more cost effective than purchasing a new set. Worlifts Bolting have developed a strong reputation for delivering high quality, accurate testing and calibration services to a number of clients who return to Worlifts regularly as a company that they can trust.

Testing and Calibration of both manual and powered torque wrenches - Conducting accurate testing is something that should only be attempted by a skilled professional. Worlifts provide a quality guarantee so you know that the service you receive will be second to none.

Testing and Examination of Hydraulic Lifting Jacks - When you work in challenging environments you need to know that the equipment you are working with is safe. That's why Worlifts Bolting specialise in the completion of testing of jacks to determine any faults and outline an appropriate solution. Regular testing and routine maintenance is always recommended to keep your equipment in the best condition.

If you require any type of bolting tool or you are looking for a reliable and friendly bolting tool service, supply and repair company that you can count on, contact Worlifts who will be able to help.

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