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Waterjet cutting and profiling, laser cutting and plasma cutting services from Yorkshire Profiles

About Yorkshire Profiles

At Yorkshire Profiles Ltd we provide high quality and affordable waterjet cutting services. Our range of cutting services includes all the major types of manufacturing processes including laser and plasma cutting, wterjet profiling and much more. From single items to large batch jobs, we are willing to take on any challenge and provide a high quality product with a quick turn around.

Yorkshire Profiles have been in the engineering industry since 2001 and these years of experience in cutting services has brought an excellent understanding of how to manufacture our customers parts cost effectively and at a high quality allowing us to provide extremely competitive prices whilst not compromising on accuracy.

We have recentlyintroduced the laser cutting process into our business with the installation of the very latest laser profiling technology which means we now supply a wiude variety of laser and plasma cutting services alongside our already established product lines.

Laser Cutting

Waterjet Cutting

Water jet cutting is a term which in general covers two topics: "WaterJet cutting" and "Abrasive cutting". Technically speaking WaterJet cutting uses only pure water, pressurised to 60,000psi and forced through a jewel with an aperture of around 0.1mm.

Waterjet Cutting Machines

Abrasive cutting is a similar concept but at the moment before the water hits the material it is mixed with an abrasive. The combination of pressure and abrasive quickly blast through the material with a cut width of between 0.8-1mm depending on the thickness of the material.

We have provided a wide range of waterjet cutting services to many industries including Nuclear Industries, Shipyards, Aerospace, Military, Automotive, Artistic & Architectural and Food Idustries.

Laser Cutting

Laser cutting is a more obvious process. A highly concentrated beam of light melts a path through the material and an assist gas blows away any molten debris away from the cut edge leaving a narrow and clean cut.

Laser Cutting

Since April 2010, Yorkshire Profiles Ltd have officially been providing a detailed laser cutting process to new and existing customers and around 2/3 of our machine's regular work was transferred over to our new laser cutting machine.

Providing an alternative cutting method to our existing clients means we now ensure an even faster turnaround time on all our cutting services.

The combination of our waterjet and laser cutting equipment means we are able to cut virtually all materials up to a thickness of 200mm.


Waterjet Profiling Waterjet cutting equipment

Our new Amada F1 CNC Laser Profiling machine with linear drive can reach phenomenal cutting speeds whilst maintaining a high quality cut and accuracy to 0.1mm.

Our Water Jet Sweden compact waterjet cutting machine has been running for several years reliably and maintaining accuracies up to 0.1mm.

With these machines in place this have enabled us to cut a vast range of materials.

Materials we have cut to date include:

Mild Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminium, Zintec, Galvanised, Brass, Copper, Bronze, Glass, Woods, Nylon, Polycarbonate, Acrylics, Hardox, Iron, Titanium, Rubbers, Plastics, Foam, Fibreglass,
Non-Metallic, Stone, Marble, Ceramics, and Turf

To find out more about our Waterjet cutting services, our Laser cutting services and the processes involved please visit our website.