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High Velocity Waterjet Cutting, Laser Cutting & Plasma Cutting from ML Fabcuts

Leading providers of innovative cutting systems, ML Fabcuts are able to cut hard materials using advanced Computer Numerical Control (CNC) technology. The equipment is programmed to work alongside Computer Aided Design (CAD) software so that we can accurately slice through materials.

Through use of waterjet cutting, laser cutting and plasma cutting we are able to achieve a remarkably clean cut that meets the strict requirements of our clients.

We have four machines that use up to the minute technology and are operated by trained skilled operatives who are committed to superior quality.

We always help to design and plan where we can and where our help is wanted, and realise the varying needs of the different applications that are necessary to consider at the planning stage.

The cutting technology that we use has benefited a huge range of companies from a variety of industry sectors, including automotive, manufacturing and aerospace industries.

Our company has been formed for almost ten years. In that time we have developed a large customer base and have provided our clients with incomparable and high profile cutting services that exceed expectations.

  • Flame Cutting
  • Waterjet Cutting
  • Laser Cutting
  • Dual Process Cutting
  • Plasma Cutting
  • Folding & Finishing

We have strong principles and are best placed to serve the South East from our premises in Kent. Through use of four large cutting machines, we have been able to cut and finish a large number of products from 3mm thick stainless steel grills, etched and branded metal logo plates and components for use in a range of industry applications.

As an ISO certificated business, we consider quality results and a principal service to be a leading factor in our whole range of processes. We assure extraordinary standards and solutions that transform your business whilst we are highly productive in order that we save our clients money.

The ML Fabcuts team are trained and committed to serving our customers with the best possible service. We can draw, design and develop finished pieces to suit your system and your specification, whether you require just one or many items.

We are best placed over our competitor to supply powerful profiling that is remarkably affordable whilst maintaining a service that is not only convenient but that is completely capable of achieving the finest results.

Plasma Cutting with ML Fab Cuts

Services offered by ML Fabcuts

Waterjet Cutting

Waterjet Cutting with ML Fab Cuts

Any type of cutting should achieve a notable finish that is clean and accurate to specific measurements. Waterjet cutting can also engrave and sharpen metal to achieve a flawless finish.

ML Fabcuts use modern technology to achieve only the best quality results to impress even the most difficult to please.

Using extreme pressure and velocity, the technology we use allows us to programme the machines to precisely cut metals that are susceptible to melting when using other methods of cutting.

Plasma Cutting

Plasma Cutting with ML Fab Cuts

The Plasma Cutting Machine that we have can cut Thick Mild Steel up to 40mm in thickness and Thick Stainless Steel up to 30mm thick. Our machinery has a bed size in excess of six metres which is one of the largest you will find in the region.

Plasma cutting is commenly used to cut materials such as steel by using a plasma torch. It works by blowing an inert gas at high speed out a nozzle at the same time that an electrical arc forms between the gas from the nozzle and the material's surface which is being cut.

This converts some of the gas to plasma. This plasma gets to such a temperature that it melts the metal being cut and moves fast enough to blown any molten metal away from where the cut is.

The advanced plasma cutting process allows us to create superior quality cutting and slicing to achieve perfect results.

Through meticulous planning, our CNC technology allows the industrial torch to make clean cuts, shapes and holes into a variety of materials of ranging thickness.

The optimum efficient is used to ensure there are no marks and that the item is precision cut to minutely accurate measurements.

  • Aluminium
  • Brass
  • Cardboard
  • Mild Steel
  • Plastic
  • Stainless Steel
  • Titanium
  • Wax
  • Wood

Dual Process Cutting

Duel Process Cutting with ML Fab Cuts

This is used when a project requires speed and details. On theparts where a high level of accuracy is concerned, Waterjet cutting is used but on the simpler parts we use Plasma Cutting on parts that don't require such a fine finish as this is quicker and can bring costs down.

This anables us to meet your exact requirements, keep your costs to a minimum and bring your project in on time. We can offer this on a bedsize of 6m x 2.5m.

Laser Cutting

Laser Cutting with ML Fab Cuts

We can offer Laser Cutting on Mild Steel up to 12mm and on Stainless Steel up to 5mm

With Laser Cutting a laser is used to cut the materials. This works by using a high powered laser and with a computer, directing the output and the material you wish to cut. The material in question then either burns, melts, vapourises or is simply blown away by a powerful jet of gas.

The end result is a cut with an extremely high quality finish. Laser cutters are used to cut both flat sheet materials in addition to piping and structural materials.

One benefit that Laser cutting has over other cutting methods is that there is not any phsical contact which means there is no chance of a cutting edge become contaminated and no chance of a cutting edge contaminating the material being cut. One other benefit is precision as there is no chance of any wear on the laser. Warping of materials is also reduced as the Laser Cutting Method has a very small zone which is affected by heat. It can also be used on materials that mechanical cutting might find difficult or more challenging.

For perfect edge quality, laser cutting is widely used throughout industry to cut flat sheets of metal and to create tubing and piping structures.

Our fully trained team use the laser technology to direct high amounts of power to melt the material, achieving a superior quality clean edge. The machines allow us to bore into fabric or engrave it, allowing us to finish products with holes, shapes and carved appearance; depending on what the final piece is designed for.

Our innovative technology allows for impressively cut products that last.

Flame Cutting

Flame Cutting with ML Fab Cuts

Flame Cutting is commenly used when Waterjet Cutting is to slow or the finished shape is not needed. This is common on heavier mild steel profiles. Our Flame Cutting machinery can be used to cut steel plate ranging from 20mm all the way to 150mm in thickness and we have a bedsize of 4m x 2m.

Flame Cutting is still one of the most popular methods for the basic cutting of metal plate for many profilers. Due to the heat involved in the Flame Cutting process, temperature sensitive materials are best not cut by this method.

Hi Def Plasma Cutting

A recent development, Hy-Definition Plasma Systems are the latest breakthrough in cutting technology. Hy-Def Cutting offers significant improvements over other systems when it comes to thinner materials. The Plasma Jet is condensed and constricted which leads to a density of energy that is up to three times greater than a standard Plasma Cutting machine. This gives you an even better quality of finish and edge.

We are proud to be one of the first in the UK to offer this service and our cutting area can deal with materials up to 9m x 3m. We can cut Stainless Steel which is 80mm in thickness (from an edge start).

Other Services

We offer other services to our clients which include painting, powder coating, profiling and galvanised finishes. For more information on our service and a friendly no-obligation discussion, contact us now.

The demands of today's business means that any product developed and manufactured needs to be able to withstand a variety of applications, and should be durable and perfectly fitted.

We always create templates and prototypes where necessary, and where our processes are extremely efficient our team can productively plan, flawlessly design and go on to produce one or many of the same item.

We don't only supply a service that outshines those servicing the same industry; we excel in all areas of our business. Ensuring our supreme laser cutting, plasma cutting and laser cutting capabilities are first class whilst still being affordable to modern industry and commerce.

State of the art machines that produce distinguished cutting and shaping

Planning & Design

We like to assist where we can and will always get involved in the design at the planning stage where we can. When we get involved at this early stage, it ensures that the resulting product is accurate for the job it intended to do.

Our clients often come to us with an already drafted plan; we invite you to do the same if you prefer not to use our design expertise.

Our qualified team work confidently with our CAD and CNC systems and great design can save you money, good news for those on a lower budget.


We realise that using the best high powered machinery results in a better finish. The ML Fabcuts team have been fully trained to use our four machines with great efficiency, meaning that we can produce large or small volumes to meet prompt deadlines.


We are always delighted to answer questions and recommend finishing methods that use a varied array of modern techniques.

If you are looking to have your cut product painted, glossed, printed or cleaned we can complete this on site before we despatch the product out to you.

Finishing will enhance the life of the product, especially where wear and tear and corrosion - naturally occurring issues - are concerned.

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