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Water Storage Tanks & Chemical Storage Tanks from
Drayton Tank & Accessories Limited

Drayton Tank & Accessories was established in the 1990's to supply the whole of the UK with GRP water storage tanks of the highest quality. With a wide selection of products ranging from large industrial and commercial storage tanks through to domestic water tanks, Drayton Tank have built up a reputation of the highest level offering outstanding products and exceptional customer service. Because of this we are now one of the largest suppliers in the UK.

Whatever your requirement, be it for chemicals, water, waste and hot water storage, Drayton Tank & Accessories are the only company you need to call. In addition to this, we will also provide specialist advice and support to help you select the right system and ensure that you comply with the Water Fittings Regulations

About Drayton Tank & Accessories

Located in both South Yorkshire and the Midlands, Drayton Tank and Accessories are perfectly situated to supply to the whole of the UK and offers water storage tanks that comply with British and European regulations and standards. Our tanks also meet the approval of the WRAS (Water Regulations Advisory Scheme) for the storage of drinking water. Also included in this is chemical storage and both hot and waste water storage requirements for both industrial applications and commercial applications.

Chemical and Water Storage Tanks

Chemical Storage Tanks

We offer a wide range of tanks from as small as 45 litres all the way through to 90,000 litres in our range of approved once piece tanks. These are designed to store a wide range of liquids and are available with and without insulation. All of these tanks must not be used unless installed on a fully flat, fully supported base.

One Piece GRP Tanks

Our one piece tanks can be used for a wide variety of applications and also located, with no access restrictions, outside. Our fiberglass tanks have no internal joists or support and internally the surface is smooth. Tanks can be produced to blend in with their location as they are available in a wide selection of external colours.

Manufactured pre-insulated or plain, our one piece tanks have no support internally, with just a smooth internal surface that is resistant to bacteria. External steel supports can be encapsulated into the tank's walls when required.

One Piece Tanks are available in three different resins:-

Standard Handling water up to a temperature of 35˚C or very mild chemicals
F and E Able to handle water temperatures of up to 70˚C or milder chemicals
Chemical Can handle water temperatures of up to 100˚C or mild chemicals

Key Features of our One Piece Tanks

  • Free from joints or internal supports
  • Internal surface that is both smooth and bacteria resistant
  • Available with an Apexed roof option to deal with snow or rain
  • Available insulated with HCFC free foam
  • Better value in comparison to a sectional tank
  • All tanks are manufactured to meet BS EN 13280:2001

Two Piece GRP Tanks

Two piece water storage tanks

With no internal supports our two piece tanks and designed for projects that may have access issues (doorways etc). These tanks can be separated in to two individual pieces along their height, which allows for greater access through corridors and doorways and are easily put together once in the desired location. They offer the end user with an economical and cost effective alternative to your more common sectional panel tank.

Two Piece GRP Tanks from Drayton Tank & Accessories are designed to offer a cost effective, viable option where a sectional tank is too expensive and you have an access route which is restricted. Again, like our One Piece GRP Tanks, these Two Piece GRP Tanks have an internal surface that has no internal supports and has a smooth, bacteria resistant finish.

Main Features of our Two Piece Tanks

  • No supports internally
  • An interior resistant from Bacteria and with a smooth finish
  • Apexed Roof option to deal with problems like snow and rain
  • Tanks insulated with HCFC foam if required
  • All the mobility of a sectional tank but much more cost effective
  • Manufactured to comply with BS EN 13280:2001

GRP Sectional Tanks

Sectional tanks

If you require a tank that had a large capacity but access to the area is restricted then you may have to consider a sectional tank. Manufactured from GRP tank panels, these sectional tanks are easily brought to the location and can be assembled by our specialist team within your required area.

Drayton Tank & Accessories offer sectional tanks both pre-insulated and plain and can also be constructed from a combination of GRP panels that are sealed and bolted together on location and can be completely flanged internally with only a 50mm space required around the tank for assembly. All sectional tanks that we supply come with both inspection hatch and sectional hatch.

Features of our Sectional Tanks

  • Suitable for locations with restricted access
  • Tanks available with foam insulation which is HCFC free
  • 1000 x 1000mm standard panel size, custom sizes available upon request
  • With no restriction on length or width, height is a maximum of 3m
  • Constructed and manufactured to BS EN 13280:2001

Epoxy Coatings & Linings

As well as supplying tanks we also specialise in the provision of Epoxy Coatings and Tank Linings. We know that replacing a tank is not always a viable option and a tank may only need lining rather than full replacement which will offer a number of years service. This will reduce costs and they are a great solution for prolonging the life of an existing tank system. The lining system provided by Drayton Tank and Accessories effectively coats the inside of any tank with a specially designed material which offers the longevity and strength of a traditional Butyl or rubber lining system.

The key benefits of using our lining systems include;

  • An affordable solution and a practical alternative to replacing a full tank
  • Significantly decreases downtime of the system
  • No requirement to replace fittings
  • Approved Epoxy system which is suitable for portable water tanks

Our systems have been developed to revolutionise the traditional system of lining a tank. A significant number of lining techniques simply cover the existing tank without taking into consideration any damage caused by corrosion which occurs naturally during the course of using the tank. The tank lining system provided by Drayton Tank and Accessories is extremely effective because we remove corrosion prior to the application of the lining which is secured directly to the surface underneath.

The Epoxy Resin Lining System is a perfect solution if the tank hasn't suffered any structural damage. It is available in a number of different types suitable for chemicals, liquids and water. The system is applied onto the surface of the tank and around fittings and supports which provides a comprehensive watertight seal. The system can be installed within a few hours, dry within 6 and fully cured after no more than 7 days.

Housing Products

As well as the tanking and lining systems that we provide, we also provide housings and kiosks for a whole range of uses. We take great pride and care in the products that we supply to our customers and we only source the highest quality. Our kiosk and housing products are available with or without insulation or as a single or multiple unit. Furthermore, they are available with the following features;

  • Double or single doors
  • Lockable features
  • Vents
  • Internal back boards constructed from Plywood
  • Fire Retardant resin
  • Ability to be secured to almost any surface
  • Each housing or kiosk product can be tailored to suit the individual requirements of your business

A bit more about Drayton Tank & Accessories

One piece water storage tanks

Drayton Tanks are a well respected supplier of water tanks and we produce one of the largest selections of Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) water tanks for the storage of hot and cold water or to provide effective solutions for the storage of chemicals or other liquids. We supply a number of high quality products including those for waste water and our tanks are suitable for feed and expansion tanks holding water up to 70 degrees. In addition, the hot water tanks in our chemical range can withstand temperatures of up to 120 degrees.

Since our launch, we have built up a strong customer base and continue to secure new contracts every month. Our dedication to customer service and commitment to providing the best products has enabled us to continue to develop reliable and practical water storage solutions for businesses located throughout the UK.

Here at Drayton Tanks, we continue to work extremely hard to offer our customers the highest quality water tanks, fittings and accessories to make water safer and cleaner. We stock a whole range of water tanks including;

  • Tanks approved by WRAS which are suitable for portable drinking water
  • Booster Pump Break Tanks for cold water supplies
  • Header and Break tanks
  • Chemical and effluent tanks
  • Waste water and grey tanks

The tanks used by Drayton Tank customers are purchased for a number of different reasons including swimming pools, settlement, mains cold water storage and booster pump tanks. The one piece tanks that we provide are available for both chemical and water storage so too are the two piece and sectional tanks as well as the TIF sectional storage vessels.

Regulations and Guidance

As well as the products we supply at Drayton Tank we ensure full and consistent compliance with the Water Fittings Regulations. These are national requirements implemented to control the installation and maintenance of plumbing networks, water appliances and fittings. The purpose of this legislation is to reduce and where possible eliminate the misuse, excessive consumption or incorrect measurement of water and ultimately prevent any cross contamination of drinking water supplies.

We always ensure that our customers are aware of these regulations and offer detailed advice and guidance as to the best product for their project or company. As we have extensive knowledge in this legislation we will ensure that you;

  • Have a correctly installed plumbing network and it complies with relevant legislation
  • You have installed all of the necessary safeguards to prevent water contamination
  • You have issued the correct notification of installation work to all parties

Not only do we provide products to help you store water correctly, we also offer the best advice on making the most of your water system and of course, ensuring that the tanks are installed properly.

Drayton Tank and Accessories provide some of the best products to facilitate water storage whether its permanent or a more temporary measure. We specialise in;

  • Aylesbury Float Valves
  • Brass Equilibrium Ball Valves
  • Brass BSP Threaded Connectors
  • Stainless Steel BSP Threaded Connectors
  • Screened Overflows
  • Cat 5 Backflow Prevention
  • Laminated PN16 Stub Flanges
  • AD52 Level Switches
  • Access Hatches
  • Drip Trays
  • Rodent Screens

As we are also approved by WRAS and currently hold the ISO9002 quality assured certification, you can rest assured that the products and advice you receive from us will be of the highest standard.

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