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Industrial Plastics Solutions Limited (IPSL Proclad)

Kitchen Wall Cladding and Kitchen Wall Panels from IPSL Proclad
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About IPSL Proclad

IPSL are specialist suppliers of Proclad Hygienic Wall Cladding products including kitchen wall cladding, bathroom wall cladding, kitchen wall panels, witchen wall boards and many other types of wall and ceiling cladding. Proclad is a high quality, hygienic commercial wall cladding and ceiling panel cladding system which is durable and functional, whilst being easy to install.

With smooth surfaces, plastic kitchen wall cladding is easy to clean and meets hygiene regulations for commercial operation. IPSL constantly carry large stock levels of both PP cladding and PVC cladding.

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Why Us?

Why choose us for your wall panels, wall boards, formica sheets, shower panels and plastic panels? It's simply really. We are one of the UK's largest suppliers of hygienic wall cladding for all types of walls including wet walls - for both commercial and domestic purposes. That means we can offer more choice for more types of walls coverings.

From hygienic wall cladding and ceiling cladding to shower panels and shower wall panels and all types of plastics panels, IPSL is the one to choose because only we do it all.

ProClad Ceiling Panels

Wall panels and ceiling panels for all construction projects.

Our wall panels, wall boards and ceiling panels are ideal for all types of construction and renovation projects for a wide range of reasons. First and foremost, they are suitable for all types of walls, both interior and exterior; they're highly durable, waterproof and easy to clean. For this reason, they are an excellent choice for wet walls such as showers. In addition, we do a huge range of hygienic wall cladding, which are perfect for specialised clean rooms, as well as shower areas.

Secondly, our walls coverings are all very cost-effective so the budget for your project goes much further. All our wall panels and wall boards, including shower wall panels and formica sheets are easy to install, which means your project will take less time to complete too, which, in turn means, you save even more money.

And it all that wasn't enough to convince you, you'll be amazed by the range of colours and styles we have in stock. There's sure to be something to fit your colour scheme: pastel blue, cream, grey and green are just a few of our most popular colours. As with all our products, quality is guaranteed and all our plastic panels and walls coverings are fire rated - you can buy with confidence when you buy from IPSL.

Wall Cladding and Ceiling Panels

Hygienic wall cladding and ceiling panels.

All our hygienic wall cladding and ceiling panel systems are easy to install and guaranteed to last. And, of course, they meet all hygiene regulation. We offer a wide range of plastic panels, including PP and PVC cladding. IPSL hygienic wall cladding is suitable for kitchens, showers and washrooms and comes in four grades:

ProClad Standard

ProClad Standard

ProClad Standard is made from polypropylene (PP) and is specifically designed for low temperature applications. These hygienic wall panels are ideal for cold rooms and freezers.

ProClad Plus Grade

ProClad Plus Grade

These wall panels are formulated using uPVC and are generally used for areas requiring a high fire rating such as canteens and food outlets.

ProClad Hyper Grade

ProClad Hyper Grade

Similar to ProClad Plus Grade, but with an integrated antimicrobial formula, making it ideal for sterilised areas, such as hospitals and labs.

ProClad Premium Grade

ProClad Premium Grade

Super tough finish that can contain welded joints and thermoformed corners ideal for wall boards that are to be used as shower panels.

Of course, all grades can be used for the manufacture of hygienic ceiling panels too, including those for use in suspended ceilings.

All hygienic wall cladding products from IPSL come with a ten year guarantee for complete peace of mind.

Decorative wall panels and shower wall panels.

Of course, many of our customers come to us for domestic walls coverings too. And we're happy to say this is fast becoming one of our specialist areas.

Decorative wall panels

We stock all the latest styles and finishes suitable for use as decorative walls coverings, such as our PVC tongue and groove wall panels or our formica sheet coverings. Also available is a wide range of decorative shower wall panels - a cost-effective, low maintenance way to add value and style to your bathroom or any other area with wet walls. Why bother with tiles and grout when a shower panel costs less and are much easier to install?

You can cut the cost of redecorating your bathroom even further by ordering one of our shower wall kits - much easier to install than laying tiles - and stays looking good for longer as you'll never have to clean or replace discoloured grout again. Your biggest dilemma will be picking the right colour scheme to match your home. With shower panels from IPSL, an attractive bathroom can be yours in no time.

Decorative wall panels

Bathroom ceiling panels.

Our range of PVC tongue and groove plastic panels for ceilings isn't affected by steam or condensation, so it is ideal for bathrooms and wet rooms. Best of it, it's incredibly easy to keep clean. Check out our website to see our fantastically stylish range.

Bathroom ceiling panels

Waterproof flooring.

Of course, once you've chosen from our great range of wall panels or shower wall panels, you may want an equally attractive floor to go with it, especially if you're fitting out a bathroom. Fortunately, we can help there too, because we have a wide range of waterproof flooring to complete your dream bathroom. Made from 100% laminate, our flooring is completely waterproof and won't swell not matter how wet your bathroom or kitchen gets - which means it's easy to clean too. In fact, our solution, known as Aqua-Step, is the first completely waterproof system ever created - ideal for wet areas where other laminates are unsuitable.

Waterproof flooring

For all your walls coverings...

If you want to do installation yourself, that won't be a problem, IPSL is here to provide all the advice and accessories you need for the job. From trims and fixings to sealants and adhesives, you'll find everything your need to fit your wall panels, wall boards and formica sheets at IPSL.

IPSL - If you've got a wall to cover, we've got the wall panels, wall boards, formica sheets and shower panels to cover it.

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