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JMR Section Benders

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JMR Section Benders Ltd

For Section Bending services including Tee Splitting and Pipe Bending, it has to be JMR Section Benders.

About Us

JMR Section Benders are the UK experts in tube manipulation. We handle all aspects of tee splitting, ring rolling and tube bending. No job is too big or too small and no one is faster, better or more reliable.

Call in the tube bending experts.

Section Benders

We're based in London, which gives us easy access to all the supplies and tools we need for just about any type of section bending and tube bending you can imagine, including helical rolling and spiral rolling. We've been in the section bending and spiral rolling business for over 100 years now. That gives you an idea of how successful we've been. We put this success down to our business philosophy: we stand for reliability, quality and value for money. Quite simply, we won't let you down in any of those areas.

Of course, during this time we've gained an immense amount of experience and knowledge when it comes to section bending and spiral rolling, including helical rolling and section benders. We have expertise you simply won't find anywhere else.

JMR Section Benders - the tube bending firm the professionals call.

It'll come as no surprise then that we've worked on some of the country's biggest and most important projects. When you need tube bending expertise, the UK's biggest organisations know they can rely on us to deliver every time. From the Jubilee Line to the Thames Barrier, stage sets for the West End and huge shopping centres, we've done it all. That's because only JMR Section Benders has the resources and the capacity to work on jobs of any size and complexity.

When it comes to our equipment, it's second-to-none too. We've invested in the latest section bending and spiral rolling technology so we're able to deliver faster and better than anyone else. This state-of-the-art technology means not only do you get better results when it comes to tube bending and helical rolling, we're also able to offer you better pricing than our competitors. Did we say competitors? When it comes to spiral rolling and tube bending, there simply is no competition. JMR Section Benders is the number one choice.

Section Bending

Section Benders

Section bending and ring rolling are just two of our specialisms. Our talent can be seen in examples such as the Chingford Underpass and St Katherine's Dock. Where quality matters, JMR Section Benders are the people to talk to. And when it comes to section bending, there's very little we can't do. Even curved, polished and degreased sections aren't a problem.

  • We offer a professional section bending service which is second to none. In addition;
  • Our machinery, tools and techniques can expertly manage the largest pieces of material
  • We only use the most advanced techniques and bending systems available on the market
  • The skilled professionals on our team can effectively manage any size order
  • Multiple bends are no problem, we have the expertise to handle any project no matter how complex

Here at JMR Section Benders, we work with our customers every step of the way to deliver professional section bending and ring rolling that you can count on.

Furthermore, our drilling, welding and machining technicians are all fully qualified with the skills needed to complete any job to the highest standards. Helical rolling, including spiral rolling, is another area in which we've got plenty of experience. Our plate rolling facilities are exceptional and we can take on any 'T' splitting job.

We're not content to sit on our laurels either. JMR Section Benders has been constantly increasing capacity in section bending and tube bending. Today, no one in the southeast can do more, faster or better. Our latest investment is a Roundo R72s, which gives us the capability to roll beams and channels on the X-X and tubes up to 139 diameter. What's more, our quality has improved dramatically over the years too. If we were good before, now we can say we are truly great. No one in the UK has the same technology, so it difficult for our competitors to even compete.

And we've only begun. As the technology improves, so will JMR Section Benders.

Tube bending and manipulation.

When it comes to tube bending and manipulation, we've invested in the most advanced equipment there too. One example is our new mandrel tube manipulator. This device has allowed us to bend thinner tube to tighter radii without distortion occurring.

Moreover, we've made several improvements across our tube bending division, enabling our people to bend almost any type of tube. Round, square, rectangular - we have the resource to do it all, including special designs and profiles.

Regarding materials, our tube bending department at JMR Section Benders offers a full range of services for many materials that other companies can't do. These include stainless steel, copper, brass, aluminium, special alloys and even mild steel. Our newest tube bending machines can deal with tube capacities of up to 76mm and with a wall thickness of up to 3mm.

Tube Bending

Tube Reduction - We produce tubes for a variety of industries including automotive, furniture, heating, construction, medical sectors and retail and the tubes that we work with are constructed from a variety of materials including mild steel through to food grade stainless steel as well as copper, titanium, brass and aluminium to name a few. Each of these materials presents its own unique challenges and we can apply differing techniques to ensure that the tubes are reduced to the size and shape that you require. Tube reduction is extremely beneficial in instances where applications require internal and external flush joints. Depending on the project or tube reduction processes are completed using either rotary or hydraulic machines. Before starting any project we will assess the type of machine to use depending on your specification and the required end result.

Tube Expansion - As well as reducing the diameter of tubes, we can also expand them too. There are many instances where you may need to expand a tube from railings and barriers through to refrigeration, heating or transportation. The tubes we work on are used in both domestic and commercial appliances and we use specialist techniques to professionally expand the tube to the required width. Our tube expansion services use two different methods; the first is the use of a dedicated dye which works effectively as a kind of mould. The dye is placed into the tube under a significant amount of pressure which expands the tube. The second expansion technique uses hydraulic operated expanding dye.

Spiral rolling and helical rolling

Quality helical rolling is one of the most sought-after skills in the UK. Fortunately, for you, it's one we've excelled at. Our state-of-the-art CNC section bending machine, means we can now handle every type of spiral rolling and helical rolling.

This innovative machine allows us to do repetitive spiral rolling and helical rolling jobs so that each product is exactly the same in every respect at the next. It can even produce coils to the most demanding specifications. A wide range of material can be handled in our spiral rolling and helical rolling facility right up to a diameter of 60mm.

Helical Rolling

What is Plate Rolling?

Plate Rolling is a method used to thin any metal material which is too thick. Sheets of different thicknesses and sizes can be used, the primary purpose in manufacturing relates to metal bending for large plate pieces. The technique of roll bending makes use of three or four rolls to apply the correct bend to the material. Curves are obtained through the effective control of the distance and angle between the rolls. Here at JMR we use the latest tools and techniques to effectively carry out a whole range of plate rolling tasks to suit your specific requirements.

We have been working in this industry for a number of years and we are leading providers of plate rolling services. Our machinery, tools and equipment has been carefully selected to ensure that we can deliver the very best service. In addition, the staff on our team are highly skilled and extremely knowledgeable so you can rest assured that the product you receive and the end result will meet your requirements exactly. We invest a great deal of time and resources into our technology so that we can remain ahead of the competition. Our plate rolling team serves businesses across a range of different sectors including construction, power generation, oil and gas, fabrication and more.

JMR Section Benders - all your section bending and spiral rolling needs covered.

When it comes to service, we're reliable too. From the moment we take your order, be it for helical rolling or tube bending, you're guaranteed an impeccable service from start to finish. We're never happy unless you are.

You can trust JMR Section Benders to deliver. Every part of our operation is run to the highest standards, so it should come as no surprise that we are one of the few section bending and spiral rolling companies accredited with ISO9001:2000 status. And that's just one of many reasons you should be talking to us when it comes to section bending, tube bending, helical rolling and spiral rolling.