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Timing Belt Pulleys, Synchroflex Pulleys and Spur Gears? Time To Talk To All Pulley and Gear Developments Ltd

Synchroflex Pulleys

All Pulley And Gear Developments is one of the UK's biggest companies when it comes to synchroflex pulleys, timing belt pulleys and spur gears. From our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, based in Kent, we are one of the leading producers of transmission products, such as timing belt pulleys and synchroflex pulleys, offered either as an off-the-shelf solution or customised to meet the individual requirements of our clients.

Established for over 23 years, All Pulley and Gear (APG) Developments) are well placed to serve the whole of the UK with fast delivery times and customer service that is unrivalled in the industry. At our 9000 square feet production facility, we have a massive range of hi-tech machinery offering the widest range of methods for developing and manufacturing pioneering products and components, such as timing belt pulleys and spur gear, to the most exacting specifications.

The quality of our products speaks for itself

CNC Turning

It is our advanced technology that allows us to manufacture products of the highest quality when it comes to synchroflex pulleys, timing belt pulleys, spur gears and other products so vital to industry. For example, we utilise innovative CNC machining technology to control production of our speciality products. This technology allows us to make precision components faster and accurately than any of our competitors. More significantly, it means we can make our products at a lower cost, which in turn, means reduced costs to you. In addition to CNC technology we also employ gear hobbing and shaping technology in the manufacture of our products, giving you, our customer, even greater choice when it comes to ordering components that meet your specific needs.

Furthermore, we will make sure you get more from our components that you will from our competitors. We endeavour to develop and source, for you, products that are not only fit for the job they were made for, but will potentially cut maintenance costs and extend the life of your equipment and improve the running of your operations.

And, it is for all these reasons that no one else is able to produce such a wide range of quality products from synchroflex pulleys, to timing belt pulleys, to spur gears, to toothed bar stock.

Demand for strong belts, constant speed, no slippage - we have the belts for effective solutions

Gear Hobbing
  • Vee pulleys - we produce a full range of pulleys for use with Vee belts and wedge belts. This can be used singularly or assembled in pairs, depending on your needs.
  • Poly Vee pulleys - Poly Vee pulleys can be manufactured is a wide range of specifications for use with all types of Poly Vee belts, including twisted belt installations.
  • Gears (including spur gears) - gear components are crucial in many industrial applications. We are able to manufacture every type of gear including vital spur gears to your precise specifications.
  • Chain sprockets - we manufacture a comprehensive range of chain sprockets for all sizes of British Standard chain, as well as American standard chain. Special sprockets manufactured on request.
  • Round section pulleys (including timing belt pulleys) - All types and sizes or round section pulleys manufactured. We are well known for the quality of our timing belt pulleys and can fulfil the most demanding bespoke timing belt pulleys orders.
  • Toothed Bar stock - toothed bar stock available off-the-shelf, as well as manufactured to your specifications. Our facility includes the capability to manufacture bar stock for timing pulleys.

All manufactured to meet the needs of your business.

Gear Shaping

A number of our components can be sent as samples on request so you can see the quality of the products for yourself. All of our products are dispatched within two to three weeks or as little as two to three days for gear cutting products. Our company is based in a 12,000 square foot, custom built facility so we are perfectly situated to offer products to both national and international clients throughout Europe, America, Asia and further afield. We also offer a number of additional services including gear cutting, broaching, chemical blacking or anodising

Whether you're looking for synchroflex pulleys, timing belt pulleys or spur gears, all our products and components are produced to the highest specifications. The machines and technology used at our facility means that we can manufacture components using almost any kind of material or fabric. Our technology has also been optimised to keep our costs down so we can deliver truly great products to you at affordable, highly competitive prices. We guarantee that even the most unique orders constructed and tailored to the most demanding specification can be delivered on time and on budget.

Tailor-made components for every industry.

Whatever industry you operate in, we can develop and manufacture the pulleys, gears and belts you need. We already manufacture a wide range of industrial products, including timing belt pulleys, spur gears and synchroflex pulleys for the automotive, manufacturing, fishing and engineering sectors. In fact, there are no limitations to the variety of products we offer, or the industries we offer them to. But don't take our word for it. Put us to the test. Contact us with your requirements today. You can find out how to order over at our website at http://www.apgdevelopments.co.uk.

Made by experts.

METRIC Tooth Forms

At All Pulley And Gear Developments Limited, we offer our clients the opportunity to create bespoke products, such as synchroflex pulleys, timing belt pulleys and spur gears, planned, designed and realised by our expert team of engineers. We understand that every business expects the people they work with to be experts in what they do and, at APG Developments Ltd, we are no exception. We only recruit and work with the best. That's why you'll find people who are leaders in their field at our Kent facility. These are individual who excel in the development of specialist products and components. Working in tandem with the advanced technology within our purpose built facility, this means we can offer products and components that are world class.

What's more, we go further than other companies operating within the same arena, to offer you improved service and more benefits for your business. One example of this is our ability to accommodate requests for tailor made products, such as synchroflex pulleys, timing belt pulleys and spur gears, from a wide range of materials like stainless steel, plastic, aluminium, and many others.

Not only can we create accurately sized custom made components, such as spur gears, to your most precise specifications, we are also able to supply a huge range of products and accessories from a catalogue of stock items that our industry competitors simply can't match.

And our customer service is tailored to your needs too.

METRIC Tooth Forms

And when it comes to service, we excel there too. Of course, our experienced and knowledgeable team will apply their skills and talent to develop the best product for your needs, but we'll also advise, where appropriate, on the best possible solutions for the project in hand. This could result on lowering your costs further or improving productivity within your operation.

Every job, every order and every single request from our customers is dealt with to the best of our ability. From timing belt pulleys to spur gears, we are passionate about our products and that passion shows in our customer service. Each member of our team is out to make sure all of your needs are fulfilled.

Our comprehensive in-house training programme has been developed in order to make sure every member of our staff in the best they can be. That's why, in all your dealings with us, you'll come across people who are fully confident in their skills and their ability to help you with your individual needs. The result is none of our customers go away dissatisfied.

Every angle covered.

Special Timing Pulleys and Gears

And that's what makes All Pulley And Gear Developments Ltd so unique, we excel in every area, from the moment you first contact us until your receive your order. Even our after sales service is exemplary. Whether it's our customer service, superb sales advice, excellent design, right through to prompt receipt of your goods, our whole company strategy is focussed on delivering excellence.

Whether you come to us with a bespoke order or for our standard 'off the shelf' products, we aim to offer the same high levels of professional service to help you achieve your goals. From individual quality products to a complete packaged solution, we aim to please.

Timing belt pulleys, synchroflex pulleys, spur gears and other stocked items can be supplied in both metric and imperial measurements and all of our products, components and fittings can be precision-cut to size should the standard product not meet your need.

What's more, we are able to correct and adjust standard sizes, alter dimensions of ready manufactured products and offer all manner of belt sizes to suit any type of pulley that you may currently use.

Robust equipment, including belts that run at a constant speed with no slippage - AGP Developments Limited has the most effective solution for your needs.

We know that our customers demand robust and resilient products that provide effective solutions to their needs. Belts and pulleys should be available in fixed sizes, or as segmented sections, as well as in custom sizes depending on the needs of your operation. Our experience has given us the expertise needed to understand the machinery, components and fittings within each and every operation and develop solutions that can drive that technology much more efficiently. And, just as importantly, these are solutions that will make that technology continue to work for you for longer.

We understand how vital it is for products relating to pulleys and belts to work together effectively. All components must engage accurately and virtually seamlessly, in order to run at a constant speed without any risk of slippage. That involves precision engineering. We will make sure that all components are sized properly and fitted correctly, reducing friction that can lead to wear and tear and, consequently, a reduced lifespan. And, as you know when your machinery has a reduced lifespan, then your costs go up.

Fortunately, our expert team will be happy to help your identify areas in which you can increase the life of your components and machinery. For examples, by measuring how much tension to be applied to belt pulleys or synchroflex pulleys, and ensuring the correct tension is applied throughout the lifetime of the product, we can make sure that that component will last much longer.

Not only is All Pulley Gear And Developments Limited a reputable provider and manufacturer of quality components used in motion equipment, we are also renowned for our after sales service. We can help you take care of maintenance, control and the operations management of your equipment, so all of your machinery is working at its optimum level, improving the functionality and, ultimately, the productivity of your business.

Every engineering mechanism, whether associated with timing belt pulleys or spur gears is dependent on formulas and calculations. Because we are professional engineers, we can analyse the running of your systems and improve upon any poor calculations within your operation due to incorrect use of pulley, belt and gear technology. After that, our expert team will advise on the best products for your needs and offer bespoke solutions based on our findings.

Pulleys & Belts

At APG Developments, we are manufacturers and suppliers of high quality, standard and non standard timing belts and timing pulleys. Each one of our products has been specifically designed in house and developed on site in our factory located in Kent with delivery to both UK and international customers. We offer a number of pulley systems including;

Timing Pulleys - APG Developments develop a number of timing pulleys to suit quite specific business requirements and specifications using innovative equipment and resources. The experience that we have enables us to develop timing pulleys in a number of different sizes and types, quickly and with a high degree of precision, offering the best results for customers. Some of the most common applications that we produce timing pulleys for include optics, control systems, manufacturing, linear motion and medical facilities.

Vee Pulleys - A solution to compliment vee and wedge belts. Depending on the individual requirements of the client, the vee pulleys are of a high quality and they are available in a number of sizes and variations for either single use or multiple use and are suitable in a broad range of industry applications

Poly Vee Pulleys - As we manufacture a vast range of Poly Vee Belts with varying specifications, we can also create twisted belt installations and products which can be manufactured to address timing pitches. Commonly referred to as transmission pulleys, the Poly Vee pulleys are used to connect the alternator or air conditioning system to engines.

Gears & Chains

Gear Hobbing

Our innovative facility in Kent houses a number of CNC turning machines which allows us to provide extremely pricewise gear and chain components numerous times without compromising on quality.

Gears - The highly skilled and trained engineers that we have on site allow us to use state of the art equipment such as gear shaping and gear hobbing machines so that we can deliver an unrivalled gear development and manufacturing facility for our customers. Whether they are standard or custom made, all of the gears that we supply are available in a number of metric and imperial sizes.

Gear Hobbing - Our suite of manufacturing equipment also includes several hobbing machines which enable us to develop some of the highest quality gears, splines and sprockets with fast turnaround times. Providing a cost effective solution, gear hobbing produces accurate results and is often used in the construction of spur or helical gears but it can also be used in the development of cycloid and worm gears as well as involute gears.

Gear Shaping - Suitable for both internal and external gears, APG Developments use state of the art gear shaping machines to cut gear teeth quickly and with accuracy. This is an excellent solution to gear planning as cutting is consistent and there is no requirement for the tool to be stepped back. Close coupled and cluster gears and splines can also be produced using this method.

Chain Sprockets - There may be occasions when the use of gears is unsuitable and chain sprockets enable rotary motions to be transmitted between two shafts. Sprockets are used frequently in a number of different areas including cars, motorbikes, bicycles, tracked vehicles and other types of machinery. APG Developments are specialist manufacturers of chain sprockets for both British Standard and American Standard chains. If you require a certain sprocket not mentioned on our website, please contact our team as we can accommodate requests to manufacture sprockets to suit specific client requirements.

Improve the running of your operation, talk to the leader in timing belt pulleys, synchroflex pulleys and spur gears.


APG Developments are a leading provider of transmission products, but they also provide an array of additional services to customers such as toothed bar stock, chemical blackening and anodising.

Toothed Bar Stock - Toothed bar items are available as standard from our range or we can offer bespoke items to suit specific customer requirements and specifications. All of the materials and processes that we use are of the highest standard and quality and we implement and monitor stringent quality control measures to ensure that we deliver excellence.

Chemical Blacking - One of our additional services and is a process often referred to as black oxide treatment. As a practical surface treatment it is used on stainless steel and steel materials to produce a strong and aesthetically appealing black finish. The process of chemical blackening is cost effective and it is frequently used in industry and other applications such as cutting tools, fasteners, automotive sectors and in engineering products.

Anodising - Anodising is the process of using electrolytic passivation to increase the thickness in the layer of natural oxide found on the surface of many metal components. It is a process used frequently to increase resistance to corrosion and general wear and tear. Furthermore, the process also produces a surface which enables improved adhesion of glues and paint primers.

Talk to us today about any of our spur gears, synchroflex pulleys, timing belt pulleys and sprockets. As the UK's leading manufacturer, we can answer all your questions relating to stocked or custom-made items and offer a prompt and efficient service that meets and exceeds your expectations.

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