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Critical Power Supplies - The Power Behind Your Three Phase UPS, Riello UPS and Data Centre UPS.

At Critical Power Supplies, our mission is to provide the power you need to keep your business running, whatever happens. We are experts in UPS systems, such as three phase UPS (including high performance Riello UPS units) and battery replacement systems. In fact, just about any other back-up power supply you need, we can supply. Furthermore, Critical Power Supplies specialise in data centre UPS, so if you want total reliability when it comes to your data centre UPS, there is only one UPS supplier to talk to - Critical Power Supplies.

More power to your business.

Single Phase UPS

UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) is at the heart of our business, whether it's three phase Riello UPS, single phase UPS, data centre UPS or other standby power such as fuel cells, generators and battery replacement. Critical Power Supplies are here to provide the UPS system your business needs to keep going. Our three phase UPS systems are the best in their class, providing the back up and energy needed to meet your requirements today and tomorrow.

Our solutions include single phase and three phase UPS solutions ranging from 300VA to 6MVA, including Riello UPS and data centre UPS solutions. Whatever your needs, Critical Power Supplies has it covered. And our service guarantee means you'll never have to worry if anything goes wrong. We're there 24/7 to help, whether it's to service a three phase UPS solution or perform a battery replacement.

More power to the environment.

When people think of back up power systems, they often think of diesel generators and their effect on the environment. That's not the case with Critical Power Supplies. Our three phase UPS systems and generators are the most environmentally friendly systems you can buy. All our products comply with ECO guidelines and regulations, including our open and closed generators, as well as our Riello UPS solutions.

We're no strangers to renewables either. Our Critical Energy Division supplies a range of renewable energy solutions such as solar panels and grid connect converters, with enough power to sustain a data centre UPS system.

Our people have all the expertise to install and maintain whatever system you choose. And we can provide all the accessories to make sure you get the most from that system.

Please visit our site to see our range of three phase UPS, portable generators, replacement batteries, power cables and monitoring solutions. Then get in touch for a free site survey.

Three Phase UPS

More power for you.

Data Centre UPS

Because you never know when you're going to need emergency back up power, Critical Power Supplies is here to make sure you get the best UPS system for your business so even if your primary power supply should fail, your business won't.

Three phase UPS systems - our three phase UPS systems are available in high efficiency three phase UPS and online double conversion UPS. For greater system resilience, both systems can be installed in parallel N+1 UPS configurations.

Our three phase UPS systems come in a range of models from floor-standing to modular units (giving you the option to expand the system later). Power ratings can be supplied from 10KVA to 200KVA and beyond. Additionally, we can offer the latest range of super-efficient Riello UPS systems.

Riello UPS systems - Riello UPS systems are renowned the world over for quality and performance. No wonder they are used in some of the world's biggest organisations. These are organisations that demand only the best when it comes to power replacement services, such as local government agencies and the MoD. That's why when putting together a solution for you, where appropriate, we will also include Riello UPS in your options.

Data centre UPS - Power is critical in data centres. Fortunately, Critical Power Supplies are experts in putting together data centre UPS solutions that you can rely on. Very often, these are large installations ranging from 20KVA to 800KVA and can form part of a centralised or decentralised power protection plan. Our data centre UPS systems can be configured with N+1 parallel modules for extra resilience. You may want to opt for a fully comprehensive package, featuring remote monitoring and maintenance. We can tailor a plan to suit your precise needs.

Whatever solution you choose, with a data centre UPS solution from Critical Power Supplies, your power needs are always covered.

Battery replacement - when it comes to battery replacement, we have a wide selection of fuel cells in our range. These are ideal for businesses concerned about their impact on the environment, as they are much more eco-friendly than traditional diesel generators and also a good option where generators can't be used due to a lack of space. Fuel cells are a unique battery replacement solution as they are powered by hydrogen. We work with only the most trusted companies to produce safe, high performance solutions for your battery replacement needs.

Riello UPS

Every solution your company needs

Of course, these are only a few of the UPS and power replacement solutions we can provide for your business. Critical Power Supplies also does single phase UPS systems, as well as UPS systems for industrial, marine and medical uses.

Additional options include STS source transfer switches to further enhance your UPS capabilities. These switches allow you to switch from one power source to another and work equally well with three phase UPS as with single phase UPS.

Renewables is one of our specialised areas and we are able to offer environmentally-minded companies more choice when it comes to back-up power systems that use clean energy. These include solar power inverters and panels, as well as wind power inverters.

Of course, we also sell a full range of accessories for your UPS systems whether powered by three phase UPS or single phase UPS, such as interface cables and communications adapters. And, when it comes to after service, we can offer a full range of remote monitoring and maintenance packages.

Critical Power Supplies - The only company that meets all your UPS needs.

Rack Mount UPS