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Blister Packs, Blister Packaging and Medical Packaging from Phase 3 Plastics Ltd

Phase 3 Plastics are specialist suppliers of plastic packaging solutions for the pharmaceutical, medical, electronics, point of sale and packaging industries. Our team design and develop a wide range of thermoforming and vacuum forming packs more commonly known as blister packs and plastic trays.

Launched in 1977, Phase 3 Plastics have developed an effective in house capacity to coordinate the entire production process of thermoformed rigid plastic packaging to suit the specific requirements of individual customers. They can expertly manage the production lifecycle from the initial design phase through to completion.

The design process incorporates state of the art CAD design and CNC computer software to create the ideal packaging solutions. In addition the company have their very own clean room technology which complies with ISO Class 7 standards to ensure that it is manufactured in an environment which is contaminant free. All of the packaging supplied by Phase 3 Plastics also adheres to British Standards.

Phase 3 have developed a strong relationship with a number of key clients across a number of industries and when we start working with our clients we establish a partnership, using our experience and skills in transforming your requirements into a practical, working prototype which is then progressed through to final production. We always aim to deliver projects on time and within budget and offer free consultations on how we can help your business.

Our packaging products are produced to meet a variety of specifications from our clients. With applications varying from the foil wrapped blister packs used for storing medication and pills for example, to the plastic tray inserts used to hold presentation box package contents in place, our team can design and produce a plastic tray solution to suit your exact needs.

blister packaging

In addition to this, we can serve any requirement including small, medium, large and sterile products. Regardless of the shape, size or type of product that you create as part of your business, we can help you with a suitable packaging solution. If the product requires protective or moulded plastic packaging which will withstand prolonged periods of transportation we specialise in the delivery of a comprehensive, affordable package to suit.

We serve a number of different sectors and offer;

  • Packaging for specialist fields including medical, electronics, handling and defence
  • Blister packs and packaging for ESD sensitive electronic components
  • Sterile packaging for the medical profession
  • Packaging which is designed for individual businesses
  • Lightweight packaging to reduce the cost of distribution

Solutions for the Pharmaceutical & Medical Industries

With all the strict regulatory control for cleanliness, consistency and clear and easy to use packaging design it is extremely important that our services meet the very highest standards.

We manufacture our blister packaging and foil wrapped packaging products in a clean room under extreme cleanliness standards. Our high speed automatic packaging machinery produces our multi-cavity packaging for sterile applications under the strictest of quality standards both in the UK and internationally.

All of the medical grade packaging from Phase 3 Plastics meet strict industry standards for both medical and healthcare professionals and it includes;

  • ISO Class 7 standards manufactured within clean room environments
  • Surgical sterility through Ethylene Oxide gas or gamma radiation
  • A wide choice of materials to ensure maximum levels of sterility using gamma radiation, dry heat or Ethylene Oxide gas sterilisation processes
  • All packaging adheres to stringent British Standards

Packaging for the Electronics Industry

Precision is the key for packaging for our customers in the electronics industry. Our vacuum formed packaging products are designed to meet the precise needs of our clients, whether the product is a set of handling trays or pre-fabricated mouldings.

All of our thermoformed packaging requires a very stringent approach to ensure that we can protect the sensitive nature of electronic components and our strict quality assurance processes ensure that we meet the highest production standards.

Blister packs

The packaging manufactured by Phase 3 Plastics is not only cost effective but suitable for ESD sensitive components and it is produced from materials which meet and surpass resistance and static decay standards. All of the packaging supplied by Phase 3 Plastics includes;

  • ISO Class 7 standards and products manufactured in a clean room environment
  • In-house engineering and CAD design and CNC tools
  • Conductive, anti-static and dissipative features
  • Meets international packaging standards for thermoformed clamshells, ESD sensitive components, and circuit boards

Point of Sale Packaging Applications

Medical Packaging

Point of sale marketing and promotion is crucial to ensure the strongest sales of your products. Our range of merchandising and point of sale packaging products create an eye-catching display to highlight your product range over your competitors.

Displaying products correctly is essential and we can help with our bespoke range of point of sale packaging solutions. If you work with us, you will be provided with the best advice, information and guidance to develop a workable solution for your business. Whether you are looking for a small point of sale packaging application or a large display for a wide range of products, we have a solution to suit.

Retail Box Packaging

Retail Box Packaging and Presentation Boxes

Our retail packaging solutions include a variety of options for displaying your products in a presentation style box to ensure that your product does not move in transit and arrives with the customer in the same condition that it leaves the factory. Your product is seen by your end user customer in exactly the same condition that you want them to.

Handling Trays

Retail Box Packaging and Presentation Boxes

The handling trays that we manufacture are constructed from general purpose materials which provide a reliable, strong and durable product within a fast paced production environment being custom designed to ensure suitability for a number of operations including robotic handling, ESD compliance, solvent and impact resistance and multi-use.

Plastic handling trays are for handling materials in a similar way to shipping trays but the materials and thickness used are selected for strength and ease of cleaning allowing them to be easily reused within a process environment. The plastics our trays are constructed from are not only easy to clean but they are resistant to solvents and can withstand impact. In the electronics industry, assembly processes and components require special support or clearance during the production process and that's where the custom material handling trays are useful. Phase 3 Plastics are able to develop a bespoke materials handling tray to fit in neatly with the requirements of your production process and handling requirements. CAD design software enables the design to be further refined before we send them to prototype and production so that they can be carefully checked before they are sent for final production.

We are a supplier of plastic packaging products, but we also understand and care strongly about our environment.

Environmentally Friendly Medical Packaging

We understand the impact our products have on the world around us and we therefore take our responsibilities for the environment as seriously as possible. To that end, our packaging products are fully 100% recyclable and we design our packaging materials to conserve the use of our raw materials wherever possible without compromising on the quality of our design work.

Phase 3 Plastics are environmentally conscious and we understand the latest UK and European government guidance and regulations for the use and deployment of eco-friendly materials. We also specialise in the delivery of sustainable packaging which can be recycled providing an endless cycle of usability.

Sustainable packaging at Phase 3 Plastics is very important to us and we demonstrate a strong commitment to ensuring that our products are as sustainable as they possibly can be. We always strive to remain ahead of the latest developments in the environment and we effectively promote the use of recycled or recyclable thermoplastic materials.

Innovative design combined with skills, knowledge and industry expertise enable us to create a practical packaging solution for your business. We will work with you to carefully select the right materials, ensuring that the production process is progressing in accordance with any deadlines that you have and so that you are consulted throughout every step of the way. Packaging such as the Thermoformed Medical and Electronics variety can be recycled but cleaning for re-use can be too costly and should be avoided. Materials that we select are lightweight and are designed for cost effectiveness and distribution if this is required. Many of the plastics that we use are clear so that the contents can be easily identified without having to open the packaging and risk contamination. Furthermore, correct packaging design can deliver substantial shock and vibration protection to the contents throughout the process of transportation and handling.

Phase 3 Packaging specialise in the design and manufacture of high quality plastic packaging suitable for electronics, medical and healthcare purposes. If you would like to discuss your requirements in more detail, please contact our team who will use their expertise to provide the necessary advice and guidance so that you can select the most suitable packaging for your requirements.

For more information about Phase 3 Plastics and how we can deliver a high quality eco-friendly packaging solution to meet your needs, please contact us on the details above.

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