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Tektroniks Wireless Temperature Monitoring

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Tektroniks Wireless Temperature Monitoring

Wireless Temperature Monitoring, Wireless Environmental Monitoring and Temperature Monitoring and Control Systems
from Tektroniks

Wireless Temperature Monitoring
About Tektroniks


When it comes to accessing the best in wireless temperature monitoring and wireless environmental monitoring look no further than Tektroniks. Our precision-led, multi-faceted and ultra-sophisticated computer monitoring systems are top-of-the-range and easily accessible for use. We constantly monitor developments and although we've now branched out from refrigeration to other forms of monitoring such as energy, gas levels, water, gas and electricity it's only encouraged us to further improve and research in our existing technology.

In addition to providing you with the best in the business in terms of products, our customer service system is also second-to-none ensuring you have the excellent on-going advice, consultation and repair.

We'll also monitor your systems off-site 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. This gives you valuable peace of mind outwith working hours and during holiday periods. And, in the event an alarm is triggered, you don't have to worry as our specialist team can immediately make any necessary judgement calls and arrange for engineers to be sent in to rectify any problems if deemed necessary.

Wireless Temperature Monitoring
About Tektroniks

Wireless Temperature Monitoring

Our bespoke refrigeration monitoring and control systems are constantly being redesigned to keep up with industry and customer demands. For us this means working to an extremely tight framework in terms of cost and design. And we're more than willing to do this, thanks to in excess of 16 years in the business during which time we've experienced many challenging job requirements and, we're happy to say, always come up trumps. Over the same period we've also seen the developments to our products result in a 32 per cent energy saving for many of our existing and new customers.

When it comes to temperature sensors, to save you valuable time, don't forget to take advantage of our One Stop Probe shop. This involves us offering you a choice of industry standard equivalent sensors. These are all designed for use within harsh refrigerated environments and come relatively inexpensively. Call us and we'll give you a quote designed to allow you to make an instant decision.

Wireless Temperature Monitoring
About Tektroniks

Wireless Environmental Monitoring

Business is continually being penalised these days when it comes to energy consumption and Co2 emissions and that's why it's important to be able to regulate it in a manner which is cost-efficient and beneficial to you. Here at Tektroniks we can help you reduce those costs by around 33 per cent.

By using meters attached to sensors we can tell you where your energy consumption is going and how therefore you can reduce it. By doing this you won't just have a clear 'green' conscience; you'll also be able to use the many government grants and green savings schemes available today. For more information on this and how you can write-off new technology against tax, see www.eca.gov.uk

As a company Techtroniks specialise in the food industry in particular. We encourage firms to rethink their energy (refrigeration) costs from a fixed overhead to one which can be significantly reduced given the right equipment. For instance, our unique Electronic Expansion Valve (EEV) control strategy provides suction pressure for display cases and cold stores resulting in a much more stable system together with higher cost and energy savings.

Wireless Temperature Monitoring
About Tektroniks


These regulate and control store lighting therefore ensuring there is no energy wastage. They can be scheduled for up to seven days in advance and can be integrated with a current alarm system to ensure they come on automatically when triggered.

About Tektroniks

Electronic Controls

These allow you to take control of an individual piece of equipment e.g. cold room. They also assist in minimising energy consumption. This is achieved by means of scheduling lighting and defrosting times. The EEV system adds further savings.

Wireless Monitoring Systems
Wireless Systems Product Range


We offer a wide range of environmental monitoring devices, monitoring sensors and control systems including the following detection systems and control panels:

Our Products

- Wireless Temperature Sensors
- Refrigeration Control Systems
- Wireless Monitoring Controls
- Control Panels
- CO2 Sensors
- Nitrogen Sensors
- Temperature Probes
- Electricity Usage Controls
- Humidity Sensors
- Oxygen Controls
- Smoke Detection Sensors
- Water Usage Monitoring
- Air Pressure Controls
- Water Level Controls
- Wireless Gas & Gas Leak Detection
- Liquid Flow Measurements
- Plant Failure Notification Detection
- Light Level Monitoring
- Gas Usage Monitoring

Our systems and sensors are used across a wide variety of applications and industries including the food service industry, warehouse and distribution centres, healthcare, pharmaceutical and biotech industries, petrochemical, aerospace and IT industries and many more.

Wireless Monitoring Systems
About Tektroniks

Wireless DATAcentre

At Tektroniks we can offer you an extremely flexible, easy-to-use wireless temperature monitoring and wireless environmental monitoring system. This can be added to your existing equipment without any major upheaval. Our sensors monitor a vast array of conditions and substances such as humidity, Co2, nitrogen, smoke, water levels, air pressure, light, water and electricity while our gas leak sensors use the latest technologies from Murco.

Each wireless DATAcentre can accurately read information from around 120 wireless sensors meaning you don't have to fork out a fortune for an entire system, but just the sensors your business actually requires. And if your business upgrades over time no need to worry there either - it's easy to add more sensors to your current system in a manner which is both flexible and cost-effective.

All our display menus on the LCD screens are clear and in English. The DATAcentre offers three levels of operation, each with password protection which will be able to inform you when the system was used and by whom. Alarms are set to your requirements, using either SMS text, activating voice messages, auto dialler or direct links to your monitoring bureau.

The system can easily be viewed from any PC via a standard web browser and log-in ID. Meanwhile data can be downloaded directly onto a USB stick.

Wireless Monitoring Systems
Wireless Data Monitoring


All our monitoring systems are easy to use and yet flexible enough to adapt to any business need. They can be used as a one-off system or as part of an already integrated system in your business. Our systems fit any size of operation from a multi-store corporation to a small corner shop.

They can also be used for simple data monitoring or for more complex recording functions. As well as many of the capabilities associated with the Wireless DATAcentre, our monitoring systems provide historical data as a permanent report i.e. it's not possible for anyone to overwrite it. They will also ensure internal storage for up to one year.

Wireless Data Monitoring

Contact Us

You can email us with a query or if you're looking for advice. For detailed information and a chat with any of our experienced and knowledgeable staff then please call us on the details above. Alternatively drop in and see us for a quick demonstration at Tektroniks, Unit 21, Manvers Business Park, High Hazles Road, Cotgrave, Nottingham, NG12 3GZ.

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