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S G Webb & Son

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S G Webb & Son

What we do

At SG Webb & Son we apply exacting standards to providing high-spec quality parts for technology in the manufacturing, industrial or commercial sectors. This is achieved via precision engineering using Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machining. We also take on a number of subcontract turning and milling projects whether one-off or batch delivery and at extremely competitive prices.

Our clients range from the education directorate (we recently provided parts for telescopes at University College London) to the Home Office and electronics industries in the private sector.

At SG Webb & Son we don't just have the knowledge and skills to provide you with a quality product, we also have the experience of more than four decades in the engineering industry with which to refer to.

We believe in continually investing in new technology, staff and skills training. This allows us to stay ahead of the game and provide the most advanced service possible for clients when it comes to providing small and complex turned or milled components.

CNC Cutting from S G Webb

Our engineers can work from a detailed written or drawn specification supplied by the client. We understand that clients are often overloaded with work and don't have the time to complete the design work necessary to bring their product to market. This is where we can provide assistance and expertise. We can produce concepts and adapt a client's outline if we believe it will work better with a slight alteration (with the client's approval of course!).

The fact that CNC machining allows us to mill, drill and turn in one action means we can produce a large number of batch quantities within a very short space of time. These can then be couriered same day to the client's location.

All the kits and components produced by us are fully tested to high industry standards, giving clients peace of mind and confidence in our product. Indeed, at SG Webb & Son we believe it is quality which sets businesses apart and keeps customers returning.

As a result we have strict quality and regulatory requirements which conform to statutory Quality Assurance certification. Our processes are monitored regularly both by ourselves and external assessors in an effort to ensure continuous improvement in the delivery of our service.

CNC Milling

We offer precision engineered machine parts in most materials (both rigid and soft) including aluminium, titanium, steel, brass, copper, silicon, polystyrene, fibreglass and plastic. Our milling capacity is large which means a guaranteed superb finish, regardless of the size of your project.

Milling is one of the more popular uses of CNC technology as mills can perform the functions of both drilling and turning. It is particularly cost-effective for smaller batches of components.

Milling itself involves cutting away material from a block using a rotating tool to achieve a desired shape and smooth surface in both two and three dimensions. Cutting can be done via a series of tools which in turn can produce complex shapes such as 90 degree edges and sharp corners, 45 degree bevels, rectangular grooves, rounded edges and walls with angles both higher and lower than 90 degrees.

Precision Engineering from S G Webb

CNC Turning

Our machinery allows us to concentrate on a variety of materials from metals to nylon and everything in between. Again, quality and top workmanship is guaranteed, allowing us to produce complicated components within just a few hours. We can undertake CAM programming in our factory or via a computer link.

The benefits of CNC turning are numerous. For instance, being able to produce a component on one machine drives down costs for our clients and time for our staff. It also ensures a consistency and accuracy of components in addition to the delivery of more complex components.

CNC Drilling

We can deliver precision drilling within a 0.01mm accuracy and embark on large-scale mass production projects involving thousands of units. Our machines operate on high speed and have multiple spindles of various diameters which help vary hole sizes. We also use a simple drill press and semi-automatic machines (normally used for smaller jobs with less volume).

Our machinery can drill holes on various types of materials, including composite substances and can do so via various means ie in a straight line, a circular fashion etc. Automatic and precise positioning cuts down on the amount of defects which can occur through manual positioning.

CNC Machining from S G Webb

Who we are

SG Webb & Son is a family business which has been in existence since the early 1970s. Based in Hertfordshire we have served local business and industry as well as clients further afield for more than four decades.

The company has remained in the Webb name which gives the business a consistency and particular customer-centred ethos. The fact Webb & Sons has managed to stand the test of time - including two recessions - attests to its high quality workmanship and skills.

We take pride in offering customers an extremely flexible service and place customer satisfaction as one of our top priorities. We have a reputation as a first-class provider of precision engineered components complying with exacting customer requirements. We are also extremely reliable and will always endeavour to begin work on a project within one week of receiving your order and specifications. Not only that, but your brief will always be delivered within deadline and budget.

How to find us

Interested in our work and want to know more?

You can contact us anytime for some free technical precision engineering advice or a no obligation quote. Or maybe you want to subcontract your turning and milling requirements? To place an order you can telephone us or email us using the form above. Then again, why not pop in and meet the team?

Many of our clients prefer to drop in and have a look at our machinery and advanced techniques for themselves. We are always happy to greet any potential new client and give them a tour of our workshops (it's always best to let us know when you plan to arrive). We can be found at 11 Parsons Green Estate, Boulton Road, Stevenage in Hertfordshire SG1 4QG.