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Socomec UPS

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Socomec UPS

Uninterruptible Power Supplies
Uninterruptible Power Solutions
Central Power Supply Systems and
Static Tansfer Systems from Socomec UPS

NEWS - Socomec UPS Presents Their Latest CPD Accredited Seminar at This Year's M&E Show.

Socomec will be presenting their Green UPS Technologies at this year's M&E show at London Olympia.

The seminar has been scheduled for 1:30pm on Wednesday 6th October in The CPD Theatre and lasts for 45mins.

Accredited by The CPD Construction Certification Service, the seminar not only gives the attendee an in-depth look at current green issues and UPS topologies but also gains CPD credits for your continuing personal or professional development.

Socomec UPS at M&E - The Building Services event
Wednesday 6th & Thursday 7th October
Stand C113
By the CPD Theatre.



Founded in 1922, SOCOMEC are an industrial group providing uninterruptible power solutions and battery and power management solutions. We are dedicated to the protection of Low Voltage Electrical Networks. By being an independent manufacturer of uninterruptible power supplies we are able to have a long-term vision and take complete control of development.

Innovative Uninterruptible
Power Solutions

With products marketed under the trademark SOCOMEC UPS, the extensive range of products fulfils any and every need for a Continuous Electrical Power Supply of the highest quality.

The UPS offered by SOCOMEC UPS, in addition to their Secure Power Supplies, Rectifiers, Harmonic Equalisers and DC to AC/AC to DC Converters, makes up the most complete range offered worldwide and covers the widest range of applications with something to suit each and every sector of the market.

Uninterruptible Power Supplies from Socomec UPS

SOCOMEC UPS were the first manufacturer in France to offer static power supplies in 1968. In 1980 they were the first to design a UPS with PWM technology, 1996 saw them being the first to intergrate IGBT technology with major power sources and in the year 2000 SOCOMEC became the first designer to intergrate a UPS with a modular rack system.

Since then they have also been the first to intergrate hybrid components in 2001, they developed the first 200kVA UPS to include a IGBT rectifier in 2003 and came up with new battery charging designs in 2004. In 2006 they also developed a replacement for the traditional battery based solution by creating a dynamic energy storage system.

Uninterruptible Power Solutions from Socomec UPS

Key Requirements

If you are in Telecommunications, Data Processing or involved in many other industrial processes, it is vital that an energy supply of the highest quality is available at all times. It is also "Mission Critical" for a variety of medical applications. SOCOMEC UPS can call on more than 40 years experience in all of these sectors.

SOCOMEC UPS continually evolve their product offering. This has lead to some very demanding users approving our products such as Ministries of Defence, Telecom Companies around the world and Nuclear Industry Operators.

Customers Needs are our
Main Focus

SOCOMEC UPS were awarded for "Excellence in Customer Service" by Frost & Sullivan and then were awarded with the coveted "Product Innovation Award 2006" for their continued dedication to intergrating new innovative applications and technologies in to their latest products.

SOCOMEC UPS ensure that they are always there for their customers. It is well recognised by their partner-customers that their products are of high quality, always available and that they are known to meet requirements and known for their commitment and flexibility. Within each UPS factory, design and production is certified to ISO 9001. When you put this with the quality of service and maintenance that you will receive, this can form your guarantee of an electrical power supply that will be fail-safe.

Central Power Supply Systems from Socomec UPS

Socomec Products

- Uninterruptible Power Supplies

- Central Power Supply Systems

- Modular Solutions

- Rectifiers and Inverters

- Harmonic Compensators

- Static Transfer Systems

- Switching and Protection

Modular Systems from Socomec UPS

Green Power

Static Transfer Systems from Socomec UPS

Green Power is the protection of choice for the telecommunications industry and the service sector. It is chosen for its high levels of effeciency with a minimal CO2 impact, its extended performance and battery life. The interface is user-friendly and has a excellent graphic colour display.

The Green Power Uninterruptible Power Supply systems also have built in web servers, email reporting, SMS alert in addition to Tele-maintenance via modem to our service centre.

Given that there is global concern over the cost of energy, and the enviromental issues related to the energy industry, people are concious of this and now require highly efficient, cost effective and adaptable technical solutions.

Out of all sectors, among those with most concern are Data Centres due to there operations requirements and air conditioning systems. Using the experience gathered from more than four decades, SOCOMEC are one of the first manufacturers to take an active approach with regards to the energy efficiency of its UPS Systems.

The Green Power range from SOCOMEC gives you the highest available efficiency performance on the market, performing up to 96% over a varied range of uses.


The Statys Static Transfer System is available in OEM cabinet or as a 19" rack mountable version depending on your requirements.

With power levels ranging from 32A to 1800A three-phase, Statys Static Transfer System is the SOCOMEC UPS range of Statys Static Transfer Systems (STS) and is available in Cabinet or panel-integratable versions.

Wanting to create a product that was easy-to-use and had guaranteed switching reliability was the belief behind designing the Statys Static Transfer System.

Uninterruptible Power Supplies from Socomec UPS
Delphys MX 800/900 kVA from Socomec UPS

The new Delphys MX 800/900 kVA UPS System

The Delphys MX 800-900 kVA is specifically designed for large demanding data centre applications, such as banks, insurances, telecom, semiconductor production, airports, air traffic control centres and many other large industrial environments.

Available up to a maximum system size of 5.4MVA (putting 6 units in parallel) with flexible architecture and the smallest footprint on the market - less than 3.2 meters per unit (including the bypass).

The MaXi system is based on the technology and enhancements of the Delphys MX 500kVA, launched back in 2005. The Delphys MX range guarantees a true-online double conversion Uninterruptible Power Supply system which protects the load from power grid pollution or power failures and can be installed without side or rear access (dependant on requirements).

Designed for optimal use with Static Transfer Switches in downstream network and has intelligent built-in battery monitoring system to prolong battery lifetime by reducing battery stress.

Unveiled at February's Data Centre World event at London, Barbican the new system was positively accepted with many contacts asking for more information and meetings on new projects for just such a Uninterruptible Power Supply system.

Uninterruptible Power Solutions from Socomec UPS

The New UPS Data Slide Rule

The latest edition of the Pull-out UPS Slide Rule is now available from SOCOMEC UPS.

The tool includes the new products launched this year, Masterys IP+ and DMX 800-900 kVA, as featured in the recent 2010 UPS catalogue.

The New UPS Data Slide Rule is now arranged by power rating, and proves to be a very handy partner for any consultant or electrical system designer scaling uninterruptible power supply systems into a project to have easy-to-hand on a daily basis.

The slide rule gives you the details needed to consider for both the electrical network and the space required in the room for the UPS units.

The double sided data slide rule gives you the dimensions and weights for Masterys or Delphys (single or three-phase) model for the desired requirements within seconds, for either internal or external transformer or transformerless UPS units.

To get your hands on your very own copy of the latest edition of the handy slide rule tool contact Socomec UPS direct using the contact details above or visit our website.

Uninterruptible Power Supplies from Socomec UPS

New Technical UPS Manual Available

The latest edition of the uninterruptible power supply technical manual, Selection Guide, is now available from SOCOMEC UPS.

The guide includes the new products launched earlier this year, Masterys IP+ and DMX 800-900 kVA, and compliments the recently launched 2010 UPS catalogue.

The Selection Guide is a very handy partner for any consultant or electrical system designer scaling uninterruptible power supply systems into a project to have easy-to-hand on a daily basis.

Complete with the usual dimensions, specifications and instalation details this guide also gives the user an indication to which Uniniterruptible Power Supply Units they should investigate specifically designed by application, e.g. Control Industry or Medical, at the front of the guide in an easy to read table format.

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