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Majestic Transformer Company

Variable Transformers, Three Phase Transformers
and Custom Built Transformers from
Majestic Transformer Company

About Majestic Transformers

Established in 1942, The Majestic Transformer Company started with the idea of providing a service to the community. Today, this idea has grown to be a tremendous outlet for replacement of electrical transformers including variable transformers and three phase transformers, which are custom made according to exacting specifications and to the customers requirements.


Majestic Transformers tailor design and manufacture first rate electrical transformers. The transformers differs from being continuously variable transformers, auto wound, step-up, step-down and 1:1 isolation. The company stocks the essentials, enabling them to respond promptly to meet the customer's needs.

All our products are designed and manufactured in the UK.

  • Single phase transformers, up to 50k VA
  • Three phase transformers, up to 125k VA
  • Step down transformers
  • Step up transformers
  • Isolation transformers
  • Auto transformers, up to 500k VA
  • Transformer rectifiers units, up to 100k VA
  • High frequency transformers
  • Audio output transformers
  • Inductors and smoothing chokes
  • Custom built transformers, rectifier power supplies
  • Medical isolation transformers
  • Variable voltage transformers
Variable Transformers

The 100k VA shore supply unit was built to meet BS EN 60076 and DNV marine regulations. This allows the union from most intercontinental voltages into the ship's supply.

Majestic Transformers proudly set standards of quality and excellence. The company continues to employ the latest technology available and deliver the brands to its customers.

Single Phase Transformer

Single Phase Transformers

These are wall mounted up to 6kVA. Anything above this rating is floor standing while we can also supply portable versions. Standard cases are suitable for IP33 but we are able to provide for anything up to IP66. All transformers have sheet metal case protection.

Most equipment is for voltages of between 24V and 110V and suitable for mains supplies of 230V or 400V. It's also possible to produce up to 6kV at a few milliAmps or a few volts at up to 6000A.

Complying with European standards (and even worldwide standards if necessary), all our isolation transformers have an electrostatic screen. As an economic solution, we can also provide an Auto Wound transformer.

Custom Built Transformers

Custom built transformers

Again, all are provided on a bespoke basis and can be single phase or three phase input, and AC or DC output. Output voltage can be either fixed or variable depending on need. Outputs can vary from a few volts at several thousand amps to several thousand volts at a few milliamps

Majestic Transformers are experienced when it comes to manufacturing quality electrical transformers, implementing new and repairing or replacing existing pieces of equipment. Nearly all of Majestic Transformers products are designed in-house as a means of providing you with specific requirements from a simple control panel to a complex variable power supply.

Majestic Transformers will install and service a buck/boost transformer, an auto wound transformer, a single phase transformer, a high accuracy voltage transformer, an ultra-isolation transformer, or an isolation transformer.

Audio Transformers & Chokes

Audio Transformers

Majestic Transformers designs and distributes a wide range of tailored made main and output audio transformers and DC smoothing chokes. All items are hand made at the Poole factory in the UK. Majestic Transformers prides themselves on conforming to the individual needs of the customer. While having the ability to upgrade, they maintain previous designs held by the customer.

These units can be processed fully lined for top chassis mounting or half shrouded for drop through chassis mounting. The audio main transformers have an interwinding screen and can be fitted with an external copper Q band. Customers may request other finishes such as chromed shrouds.

Majestic Transformers carries a full range of vintage windings associated with Leak, Mullard, Quad and Vox manufactures. These brands can be modified to fit the original specifications that have been in effect for many years. Majestic Transformers has years of experience in building output transformers for the music industry and Hi-Fi markets.

The company has maintained a replacement transformer for the Quad II amp which can be provided as a loose component to fit into the original can or they can supple the replacement transformers with the original style can to match the original chassis.

Majestic Transformers are the only distributors operating in the UK for Filec Variable Transformers. The company offers an extensive range of variable transformers or regulators and accessories. Originally designed by Philips, Filec has been doing business for over forty years with a distinction of quality and reliability. They have available a wide range of input voltages and a frequency range between 50 and 400 Hz, which satisfies most voltage and power control requirements.

Single phase and three phase models are available from 0.5 to 325 amps and over. The lessor being encapsulated and compact in design. Regulators can be supplied as a single or as a crowd unit for incorporating in your own equipment and design or purchased as a complete power supply in a standard enclosure. Special enclosures are also available. The total package can help by supplying enclosed air cooled equipment with stabilisers, fuses, contactors and metering.


  • Easy to create and easy to use and apply to existing equipment
  • Single and three phase models are available over a wide range currents
  • Use the conservative engineering built into the design either as an additional safety factor in your equipment or in using the curves provided to help tailor the regulator to your load
  • Available from stock
  • CE marked
  • Variable transformers, accompanied with high quality, self aligning carbon brushes, which are spring loaded onto a copper plated track to provide smooth and lasting power control
  • Doesn't initiate waveform distortion, consequently minimising EMC problems
  • Removable shafts makes it easy to combine with others and utilise different shaft lengths
  • Strict confidentiality

Majestic Transformers manufacture a huge range of chokes and inductors for many applications. They can be simple chokes ranging from a few micro Henry's up to several hundreds of Henry's and currents from a few milliamperes up to several thousand amperes in any combination. Whether the customer needs air cored, ferrite cored chokes and inductors or iron cored inductors, Majestic Transformers has a design to fit.

Industrial Cased Three Phase Transformers

Three Phase Transformers

These are wall mountable up to 2250VA and floor standing above this rating. Most are supplied for isolation and/or conversion of three phase machines, or creation of a neutral where none is available. Standard cases are IP33 but we can also supply up to IP66 within our normal timescales.

Like our single phase transformers the cased three phase units comply with European and worldwide standards and all our isolation transformers have an electrostatic screen. We can also provide economic solutions with an Auto Wound transformer.

Open Frame & PCB Miniature Transformers

PCB Miniature Transformers

In the case of the PCB Transformer, this is compact and inexpensive and can be mounted. Small batches of these can be supplied quickly due to an extensive range for former stock materials. We can also supply with U clamp fixing or universal frames.

High Frequency Transformers & Chokes

High Frequency Transformers & Chokes

Here we use the Ferroxcube, Epcos, Thompson or MMG-Neosid ranges of materials. We can usually supply quickly and to timescales - again due to a range of stock materials inhouse.

Auto Transformers For Use With American Equipment

Auto Transformers For Use With American Equipment

Ranging from 240v to 110v, these transformers are AUTO-WOUND with a secondary voltage of 110 - 120V, proving suitable for the vast majority of US domestic appliances.

All come enclosed in attractive portable silver grey cases with standard American socket outlets and UK standard cable & plug input (although other European plugs are available to order). All units have rubber feet, are fused on input winding and if rated 500VA have a convenient carrying handle. Input voltage is 230V 50Hz.

Open Frame Control Transformers Single Phase

Open Frame Control Transformers Single Phase

Typical applications include motor control, machine tool control, control panels, alarm systems and distribution boards. These are transformers with universal frames for vertical or horizontal mounting and either terminal blocks or brass stud connections.

Any combination of voltage and current, at any frequency, can more or less be supplied on both primary and secondary. We can also supply multiple primary and secondary windings. In the case of complex windings or those requiring a high voltage, a larger frame can be produced as well as fuses fitted on the top panel. Both wall mounting or floor standing applications are available.

Open Frame Control Transformers Three Phase

Open Frame Control Three Phase Transformers

Again, typical applications involve motor control, machine tool control, control panels, machine voltage conversion and distribution boards. All can be mounted either horizontally or vertically with either terminal blocks or brass stud connections.

Any combination of voltage and current, at 50Hz, 60Hz or 400Hz, can be supplied on both primary and secondary. Multiple primary and secondary windings can also be accommodated.

About us

The Majestic Transformer Company was set up in 1942 as a rewinding house and over the years expanded into its niche position today - making top quality custom-built components to specification.

We also stocks a number of base materials which often results in customers being supplied within seven days of placing their initial order.

We are proud of cour company's high quality credentials which have been officially verified through the awarding of the external assessors award ISO 9001: 2000 standard.

Contact us

Our knowledgeable sales staff are always happy to chat over your requirements and provide advice either via telephone, online or in person.

If you'd like to browse through our product range and the services we offer in your own time then feel free to download our catalogue which you can find on our website www.transformers.uk.com.

Our offices are always accessible. You can find us at 245 Rossmore Road, Poole in Dorset, BH12 2HQ. Alternatively call us on +44 (0)1202 734463, fax at +44 (0)1202 733793 or drop us an email at info@transformers.uk.com.

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