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Shot Blasting Equipment
and Degreasing Equipment
from CBI Equipment


Our Shot Blasting Machines

CBI Equipment are proud to be able to offer you one of the most extensive ranges of new and used shot blasting equipment and degreasing equipment machinery. All of our shot blast machinery is extremely competitively priced and built to the same high standards one would expect from any excellent quality British manufacturer. We also supply a vast range of quality new and used degreasing equipment machines.

It must be said that when budget prohibits the purchasing new shot blasting machinery, why not buy a quality used and serviced shot blasting machine. In fact, you may not have considered purchasing from one of the premier manufacturers because of their cost, but now it may be more beneficial to purchase a quality used shot blasting machine rather than a cheap shot blast machine with a short life expectancy.


As you may be considering installing or upgrading your own manual or automated blasting machinery, please consider the choices which need to be addressed. The finish is determined blasting bead or grit that is to be used and at differing pressures, whilst the size of the product determines how big the size of your cabinet.

Blasting, as you are know doubt aware, is one of the fastest forms of cleaning and finishing tools. The correct shot blasting equipment is of paramount importance in controlling the finish and operational costs to include the minimum use of labour and longevity of machinery.

Standard Shotblasting Range:

  • Suction (venturi) Cabinets
  • Pressure Blast Cabinets
  • Rubber Belt, Table Type Airless shot Blast Machines
  • Airless Section, Plate, Hook Machines
  • Air Blast Conveyor Machines
  • Air Blast Indexing Machines
  • Blast Rooms with or without Media Recovery Systems
  • Portable Blast Pots & Ancillaries
  • Bucket Elevators
  • Dust Extraction Systems (from 500 CFM - 20,000 CFM cartridge or cloth filters)
  • Vacuum & Cyclone Media Recovery Systems
Shot Blast Machinery from CBI Equipment


Cleaning has for many years been carried out by dipping the product in hot solvent vapours or hand washing with washing. This as you are no doubt aware is a very labour intensive and increasingly expensive operation. With the new environmental controls, Health and Safety regulations and the ever escalating costs of these chemicals, it is now time to change for a more cost effective tomorrow.

Degreasing Machinery Available:

  • Top Loading Agitated Immersion Dunk Tanks from 400mm - 3000mm (single or multi tank)
  • Top Loading Spray Washers from 650mm - 1000mm (single or multi stage models available)
  • Front Loading Spray Washers from 800mm - 2000mm (single or multi stage systems)
  • Conveyor Washers (single or multi stage systems built to customer's specific requirements)
  • Spiral Drum Screw Washers (dunk/spray rinse and dry)
  • Tumbler Washers (built to accommodate specific requirements)
  • Phosphating Machinery (immersed tank or spray options semi or fully automated)
Degreasing Equipment from CBI Equipment


  • Automatic operations - not manual
  • Uses as little as 2-10% of water based low cost cleaning chemical
  • Quality cleaning standards with safe disposal in most cases to mains drainage