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BTM (UK) Automation Products Ltd

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Sheet Metal Clinching
& Sheet Metal Joining
BTM Automation
- Superior Mechanical Fastening

A variety of industry sectors have already benefited from BTM UK's superior metal clinching services.

As a dependable, productive and accomplished company we know just how important it is to work economically and reliably in order to meet the high demands of our clients.

Metal joining is complex. Yet we realise just how crucial it is to work in an environmentally friendly manner, whilst retaining knowledge of the industry and staying up to date with logically constructed equipment that works efficiently.

Bending Tools & Manufacturing = BTM UK Automation "Metal clinching using fundamentally concentrated yet functional methods"

As a small business, we have over 40 years experience of serving a global market. We take each and every single enquiry seriously. Dealing with enquiries in a professional and expert manner has helped us develop a superior business that continues to develop and grow.

We help our clients reach solutions that the competition struggles to do - simple and yet complex, we can find perfect results for most applications. Having serviced a variety of industries, we realise that BTM products must be of an extremely high standard. That is why we plan, design, manufacture and stock some of the most sophisticated products available to the industry.

We do all this keeping our prices affordable, and at the same time we solve elaborate or simplistic problems.

  • Automotive
  • White Goods
  • H-Vac
  • Buildings
  • Leisure

Fuel Tank Straps Sunroof frame

Our team works hard to provide robust solutions for a variety of customers. Our purpose built site contains some patented 'special purpose' equipment that meets the needs of the applications they were designed for. With the ability to provide a wealth of experience in the industry, the team of specialist engineers provides customers with a complete package - solve and design packages for a perfect result.

Although our head office is based in the USA, we have sites and approved distributors who are based all over the world.

  • United Kingdom
  • India
  • New Zealand
  • South Africa
  • Australia
  • Indonesia
  • Singapore
  • Malaysia
  • Shanghai
  • Philippines
  • China
  • Taiwan
  • Japan
  • Korea
  • Belgium
  • Israel
  • Romania
  • Turkey
  • France
  • Sweden
  • Germany

Washer/Drier Shells Refrigerator Shell

We have an excellent reputation and can boast that we are true specialists in our field. We have a huge catalogue of potential solutions to applications and projects that require intelligent results.

Because we focus on approving only suppliers and distributors that meet our high demands, that means we are selective and can guarantee a global market a penultimate plan, design and delivery service that far outshines the others.

Sheet Metal Clinching is something we focus on hugely. Because our customers require flexible solutions with long and short term packages, we have adapted our services to offer just that - no fuss packages that help our clients to secure affordable yet discerning results.

Because we consider that we are the leaders in our field, our company has been designed to continually review and develop methods used and recommended. Whether it's an automotive sheet metal joining solution, or you simply require fasteners for a building project, we are always happy to help.

Surprisingly affordable sheet metal clinching with a top class quality assurance guarantee

We always invite our customers to contact us directly. We delight our customers by taking each and every call seriously, dealing with it in a professional manner, and delivering clever solutions that carry out the job they are intended for.

This is because we enjoy our work, are passionate about sheet metal joining, and have a team that delivers a perfect service - every time.

To contact us about a full overall view of our services, then please call us or email us to discuss your project requirements. A no obligation chat with one of our engineers will ensure you know you are dealing with a professionally reliable company, which contains a strict knowledge base upon which our talented team have developed.

Furnace Cabinet Galvanized Round Duct



The BTM Website is always up to date with the leading technology that we rely on, and details of our TOG-L-LOC system offer interesting reading to most of our clients. Due to its enhanced design, it requires absolutely no fasteners and there are no sparks or fumes to worry about. The whole system works with robust patented technology that has become one of the first and foremost solutions to sheet metal joining.

The system is one of the leading and efficient ways to join metals.

So whether you need fast, high speed solutions to meet complex application requirements or you need simple metal clinching services to conduct straight forward projects then BTM UK should be the company you contact first.

We boast that our equipment and products have been subjected to rigorous testing methods that ensure they are fit for duty. The impressive range of products and design services that we have on offer mean that our clients don't have to go elsewhere.

With superior expertise, extensive knowledge and experience that spans over 40 years, we invite you to contact us to discuss your requirements and discover our huge catalogue of available products.

Perhaps you need to find new internal components for domestic appliances, or you have a need for metal clinching within the automotive industry - leave the conventional products behind and find out just how BTM UK products are far ahead of traditional and less robust products.
We invite you to call us today. Our approachable engineers are on hand to discuss your next project.

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