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Ronacrete Ltd

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Ronacrete is an internationally recognised construction product manufacturer with over 40 years’ experience in the industry. Ronacrete has on site R & D in England and China and can offer technical, sales and marketing support for eight different product ranges.

Concrete Repair and Protection

The Ronacrete Concrete Repair range includes the industry renowned Ronafix Admixture for Concrete Repair, polymer modified repair mortars, a migratory corrosion inhibitor, a fairing coat, slurry coats, elastomeric and non elastomeric decorative anti-carbonation coatings.

Hard Landscaping

The Ronacrete Hard Landscaping range comprises Ronadeck Resin Bound Surfacing, Ronadeck Resin Bonded Surfacing and Ronadeck Tree Pit Systems. These offer decorative, durable and attractive paving which can be laid on asphalt or concrete.  The permeability of the resin bound surfacing makes it an ideal surface for permeable asphalt, while the tree pit system is porous enough to keep tree roots well watered.

Available in a choice of finishes for driveways, paths, patios, swimming pool surrounds, parks and gardens, podium decks, concourses, car parks, squares and footbridges, these products are used nationally and internationally for public building works, commercial development, housing projects and home improvement.

Ronacrete offers products and systems for new floor screeds as well as a full range of floor repair mortars for convenient and fast floor maintenance and repair. The screed range includes admixtures; polymer modified levelling screeds, wearing screeds, self smoothing and floating screeds. Ronacrete products are compatible with underfloor heating systems.  Weak screeds can be improved by treatment with an impregnating polymer that can penetrate their full depth.

Urban Design

Bedding and pointing mortars, kerb and step repair mortars, chewing gum and stain repellent coatings, anti-graffiti coatings and tactiles providing hazard awareness for visually impaired pedestrians are included in the Urban Design range from Ronacrete.

This “street” range is designed to help keep our streets clean, tidy and provide a pleasant, safe experience for pedestrians. They keep disruption to a minimum and allow for early or instant trafficking.

Highway Maintenance

The RonaRoad range of highway maintenance, road repair and pothole repair products provide instant trafficking and ease of laying in most weather conditions including below freezing and wet. They allow local authorities and councils to more easily meet their environmental targets and obligations by using environmentally friendly low and zero VOC products and softeners.

Commercial Industrial Flooring

This range of floor treatment and repair products includes epoxy floor coatings, polyurethane sealers, concrete dustproofers, epoxy floor screeds, an epoxy surface DPM , rapid set floor repair mortars and curing membranes. These products are variously formulated for chemical resistance, slip resistance, hygiene and decontaminability, heavy wear and early trafficking.

Safety Flooring

The Ronadeck Instants Range comprises GRP safety sheets, stair treads & nosings, gratings and ladder rungs which are instantly fixed using screws and/or adhesives to create excellent traction and DDA compliant sight lines for the visually impaired.

Waterproofing and Tanking

Two coats of Ronafix tanking render will waterproof a basement, creating new living, working, or storage space. Products include polymer modified weatherproof and watertight renders, waterproof membranes and a fast setting, water plugging product.

Approvals & Warranties

Ronacrete has BBA certificates for Ronafix Concrete Render Admixture, Ronafix Brick Slip Adhesive Mortar Admixture, Ronafix Admixture for Thin Screeds and Floorings, Ronacrete Concrete Repair Admixture, Ronabond Concrete Repair Mortar and Ronabond Bedding Mortar.

Insurance warranties are available for selected applications such as concrete repair & protection or basement tanking.