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Cab Ltd - Clearly Quality When It Comes To Refrigeration Doors And Frames, Coldroom Windows And Clean Room Windows.

If you're looking for refrigeration doors and frames, coldroom windows or clean room windows, one company has everything you need - Cab Ltd. We will make any glass door window, door, frame or system to your precise specifications. No job is too big or too small.

Your business, our windows.

Whatever industry you're in, we've got the product you need, whether that's a coldroom window or any of our refrigeration doors and frames. We are dedicated to designing and creating the right system for your needs. When it comes to refrigeration doors and frames, or clean room windows, we've made thousands in every imaginable size and combination, so, rest assured, we can create the right system for your needs too.

Our window systems are ideal for most business sectors - not just for companies with a need for refrigerated doors and frames. We also provide a wide range of coldroom windows and clean room windows for businesses within industries with a need for these types of specific products.

But don't take our word for it. Put us to the test. Talk to us about your specifications when it comes to refrigeration doors and frames, coldroom windows and clean room windows. If we can't help, then probably no one can.

Sliding Doors

20 years of expertise in glass door systems.

We've been making refrigeration doors and frames for nearly 20 years. That's a lot of experience. From our base in Chalgrove, Oxfordshire, in that time we've learned to build products for all types of temperature ranges and in almost every conceivable size. Our refrigeration doors and frames, for example, are available with or without shelving, with sliding doors, or with no doors at all, such as our coldroom windows.

We it comes to clean room applications, there again we can supply the most complex clean room windows systems including vision panels. Simply get in touch and tell us what you need. All our systems are tested to the highest standards. At Cab Ltd, quality comes first. Check out our wide range of products at www.cab-glassdoors.co.uk.


Refrigeration doors and frames.

The type of refrigeration doors and frames you use can be crucially important to your business, for instance if your firm depends on high visibility of products. The right system can make your products look much better, help you run your business more smoothly and significantly improve sales.

Of course, these are only a couple of the reasons for installing quality refrigeration doors and frames in your business. Refrigeration doors and frames are there to keep products cold too and at Cab Ltd, we only use the best materials, so you end up with products that look as good as they work and can even save you money through the energy efficient materials that go into our products. It all adds up to a product and service that makes Cab Ltd stand out among refrigeration doors and frames suppliers.

Frames can be the most important consideration when it comes to the refrigeration doors and frames system you choose. This is because it is in the frame where you'll find a lot of the functionality and features for your business. For example, sliding doors may be better for you if you need easy access for large items, or refrigerated cabinets may be more useful if it's for holding smaller products, such as individual items or smaller boxes.

All our refrigeration doors and frames systems can be customised to meet your needs, such as our sliding door systems which come with overhead track and reel units. We can even supply the best lighting option to suit the purpose of your refrigeration doors and frames. And when it comes to shelving for your refrigerated doors and frames, we have that covered too, including a range of gravity dispensing shelving units, ideal for uses such as dispensing food and drink items.

Best of all, we have a huge choice of cantilever adjustable shelving units always in stock, so you can have a system that suits your needs delivered to your door the moment you need it. You can rely on Cab Ltd for quality and a fast delivery.

refrigerated doors and windows

Coldroom windows.

Our coldroom windows are made to the highest quality specifications, combining strength and safety features with unbeatable functionality. Frames for our coldroom windows are made from high quality aluminium and come in silver and white. All are made using toughened safety glass as standard, meeting all BS6206AT specifications. Quick to fit, coldroom windows from Cab Ltd come in all sizes and are suitable for temperatures ranging from -40 to +40 degrees.

Coldroom windows

Clean room windows.

Our clean room windows come as kits manufactured to your precise specifications. Stock colours include silver and white and can be delivered to your premises ready for installation. However, one of the benefits of ordering your clean room windows from Cab Ltd is that you can also choose from red, green or blue frames. Single pane windows also available. Whatever option you go for, you have the choice of self-installation, thanks to the downloadable guides from our website at www.cab-glassdoors.co.uk our you can have one of our experienced technicians to visit your premises and do it for you. Whichever you choose, we guarantee that with all our systems, once, installed, you'll see the quality straight away. And that's what makes Cab Ltd so different. That's also why our clients come back to us time and time again for all their refrigeration doors and frames, as well as coldroom and clean room windows.

Clean room windows

Cab Ltd - rely on us for quality coldroom windows, clean room windows and all refrigeration doors and frames made to your specifications.

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