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Industrial Racking, Shelving and Racking Systems from Stamina Handling Ltd

About Us

So you've finally found your ideal business location. It's perfect geographically and rent-wise it couldn't be better. There's just the little matter of where you're going to put everything! Here at Stamina Handling, bespoke storage solutions are our speciality. We've helped hundreds of companies make the most of their limited space. Like fitting together a jigsaw, our experts will advise you on a variety of racking systems. In fact, racking may not be the best idea for your own situation and perhaps a more simpler set of shelving might be the solution. Whatever your dilemma, let us sort it out for you. After all, you've probably got more than enough to be getting on with attempting to get that business up-and-running.

At Stamina Handling we're particularly proud of our on-line design facility where customers can design their own shelving solution and see what it'll look like by accessing stored images. The web programme guides you through sizes and depth and advises on suitability as well as cost.

Office Shelving

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As we mentioned, we're pretty well-stocked when it comes to racking systems.

Pallet racking involves a system of beams and upright poles specifically designed to support warehouse pallets. These can be adjustable (the most common form because it allows alterations at a later date). Racking can also be specifically designed for narrow aisles, altered for drive-in racking, and mobile should your need arise. Another form is the push back racking to allow you even more space. And, finally, for those who intend to store live stock well, here at Stamina Handling we can help you with that too.

Not only can we supply the racking in the first place, we can also offer you excellent products to ensure it stays the way you meant it to i.e. tamper-proof and immune to forklift or other vehicle contact which can lead to structural malfunctions.

Protect-it is effective in cold stores as low as minus 40 degrees. The Multiple International Design Award winner is also the cheapest in the market to replace and has both low purchase and installation costs. It's recognised world-wide as a one of the most effective in its field. Other forms of protection include an assortment of safety barriers, including bollards and those for mezzanines and corners. At Stamina Handling we'd always advise using protection for your racking not just for safety reasons but cost too - there's no reason your racking shouldn't last decades if you look after it.


If it's heavy or bulks items you're hoping to store and locate easily by hand then our best advice is to go with the Longspan Shelving. It's particularly good for odd-shaped products and excellent for warehouses use. The beauty of the system is that it is particularly easy to build and both beam lengths and frame depth are adaptable depending on your particular needs. The decking of this facility tends to be chipboard or steel and the beams can be adjusted by yourself.

General Shelving can be multi-tier or extremely tall - whatever you'd like, really. All shelving can be customised which tends to be the way of things especially in offices. Again it's easy to assemble thanks to its simple clip design. It also comes with a number of ingenious accessories.

Industrial Shelving

Mezzanine Floors

These are extremely popular in retail outlets as well as commercial offices. They've also become extremely fashionable for home-use too, especially in bedrooms.

We can build these platforms to specification from 10m to more than 15,000m squared. The structure itself is bolt-together which leads to quick assembly and avoids obtrusive on-site welding. Please see our site for an easy-to-understand diagram and more information.

As well as conforming to current building regulations, mezzanine floors will always be checked by the local authority on completion.

Mezzanine Floors

Who we are

We're a Yorkshire-based firm who have a reputation for excellence throughout the UK. We deal primarily in short or long-term contract work for a variety of businesses in various sectors - industrial to manufacturing, commerce and retail. But we won't just stop there. We'll help you with your home storage dilemmas too.

We're a very hands-on firm and you'll come to get to know most of the team in your dealings with us. We pride ourselves in having excellent communication with clients, regardless of the size of project.

As a distributer too we've able to conceive of your needs from the outset to the minute the task is complete.

Stamina Handling Lorry

Health and Safety

Obviously for a construction firm, health and safety is a very serious concern - both our own and yours too. And that's why our installation teams are all fully-qualified, equipped and aware of all health and safety issues. Hard hats, protective footwear and harnesses - we've got them all. And if you'll hanging around to view, we'll expect you to wear them too. As a company we won't rest on our laurels and will regularly engage in impromptu inspections on projects.

We'd also advise you to do regular inspections of your racking and have a professional check on an annual basis at least (this is a recommendation from the Health and Safety Executive). The reason for this is that the minute the upright platforms or bracing comes into contact with a forklift truck or similar vehicle, it can be damaged and its strength much diminished. Repairs cost money but they're less costly than damaged stock due to a racking collapse. In the event of a collapse Safety Inspectors will want to see written evidence of measures you've taken to protect the racking over the years.

Poor Health and Saftey Result

Contact Us

Based at Commerce Court, Challenge Way in Bradford, West Yorkshire we're pretty central for the UK as a whole. For those who'd like to pay a personal visit our post code for GPS use is BD4 8NW. Alternatively call us for advice or a quick quote. You can also get a hold of us by email. There's also a form you can fill out on our website.