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Galvoptics Ltd

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Welcome to Galvoptics

Based in Essex, at Galvoptics we are a well-known optical business with an established client base both in the UK and overseas and offer a range of high quality products. We have been in business for 45 years and specialise in the supply and manufacture of optical components. Using the latest tools and technologies, we are able to offer one of the most comprehensive ranges of custom and standard components. All products are supplied directly from our Basildon facility and then distributed to new and repeat customers throughout the world.

As specialists in the industry, we provide a number of different products including

Germanium Windows - Anti Reflection Coated

Optical Windows

Windows which are DLC and Anti Reflection Coated, we have a variety of windows available in stock. Anti-reflection coatings are available for 7-14 and 8-15 UM regions which can be specifically manufactured to meet the requirements of each customer. In addition, we stock a range of both DLC and AR diamond or carbon coatings. The Germanium windows are commonly used in FLIR thermal imaging and surveillance systems as well as FLIR applications because of its high transmission levels in the 8UM and 12 UM regions.

Hard Coated Germanium Optics

Infrared Windows

Using our years of expertise, we are specialist providers of Infrared windows. Silicon Optics are predominantly used within the 1.1 through to 7 um range and it is most suited to applications where weight is important in thermal imaging systems. The products are available with custom anti reflection or DLC coatings or if you have specific requirements bespoke coatings can be developed to suit.

IPL Optics

Frequently used in devices and application for medical and cosmetic purposes, Intense Pulsed Light Optics are purchased for businesses specialising in hair removal, tattoo removal and acne treatment. Offering a range of IPL filters manufactured for custom wavelengths or custom applications, we have a comprehensive range of products to suit all requirements.

Microscopic Cover Slips

Cover glass is a very flat, thin piece of transparent material which is placed over objects for use under a microscope. Objects are usually held in place between the cover slip and a thicker microscope slide which is placed on the microscopes stage or slide holder, offering the right amount of support for both the slip and the object.

Microscope Slides

Microscope slides are used in a number of different industries and we specialise in the supply of slides for all types of business. Microscope slides are used to hold objects in place when they are viewed under the microscope.

Optical Lenses

Optical Filters

We only manufacture the best filters, using genuine Schott Hoya and Kopp filter materials. Filters are available in sizes up to 165mm by 165mm

Examples of filters we offer:

Dichroic Filters
Hot Mirrors
Cold Mirrors
Edge Filters
Optical coated (U.V) Neutral Density Filters
Optical Narrow Band Filters
Blocking Filters
Band Pass Optical Filters
Long Pass Optical Filters
Short Pass Optical Filters
Visible Transmitting Optical Filters Infrared Absorption Filters
Gelatine Ilford Filters
Wratten Gelatine Filters
Kodak Optical Gelatine Filters
UV Blockig Filters
UV Transmitting Filters
Woods Optical Glass Filters
Interference Filters
Colour Correction Filters
Calibration Filters

Optical Lenses

We stock a range of N-BK7 and fused silica lenses in both concave and convex forms. If you require a custom lens, these can be provided on request.

Some examples of the types of lenses we produce:

Concave Lenses
Convex Optical Lenses
Planoconvex Optical Lenses
Bi Convex Sapphire Optical Lenses
Meniscus Optical Lenses
Ball Lenses
U.V Lenses
Mounted Optical Lenses
Cylindrical Lenses
Fire Polished Lenses
Aspheric Lenses
Rod Lenses

Optical Mirrors

The products in our range are available from as little as 2mm in diameter up to 300mm in diameter. A number of different shapes can also be manufactured including hexagonal or rectangular.

Optical Prisms

Prisms are transparent optical elements feature flat, polished sides which refract the light. The specific function and type of prism will be defined by the number of faces. Prisms can be manufactured from any materials which are able to transmit wavelengths required for the particular design.

Optical Windows

At Galvoptics we offer a range of different windows including BK7, Calcium Fluoride optical windows, Sapphire optical windows, Borosilicate, toughened, fused silica and ITO indium tin oxide coated products to suit any requirement. The windows can also be purchased in a variety of sizes or custom made tailored toward the specific needs of the business.

Schott Cold Light Sources

The Schott cold light sources and accessories range includes focusing lenses, filters, spare bulbs, fuses and ring lights for both microscopic and vision applications. We will offer VAT exempt sales for research facilities and universities on all light source equipment when a valid VAT exemption certificate is presented.

Schott Fostec Cold Light Sources

Schott Fostec have an excellent product range of fibre optics like:
Ring Lights
Lightline Lenses
Single and Dual Backlights
Gooseneck Fibres (one arm, two arms or three arms)
Flexible Light Guides (with one arm, two arms or three arms that can have focusing lenses and filters).

Telescope Products and Services

For telescope enthusiasts we also supply a range of products and services. These include mirror re-coating, telescope blanks, suprax blanks and more.

As well as providing a range of components, we also provide their customers with a range of optical services including;

Optical Assembly

As well as manufacturing and supplying a range of high quality optical components, we have an in house assembly service for both existing and new customers. From a one off project to an ongoing contract, we can meet any optical assembly requirement.

Engraving Service

Some businesses require their optical equipment to be engraved with branding or names. Using an accurate CNC machine any type of optical component can be quickly engraved from an optical window through to a filter.

In addition to the above services, at Galvopticswe also provide precision polishing, vacuum coating, grinding, wafering, precision lapping edging or cutting, shot blasting, sawing and chamfering.

As a leading provider of optical equipment and services, we take great pride and care in the products and services we provide to customers. Working with the highest quality materials, the business has carefully selected the most suitable processes and procedures to ensure that the products offered are the very best for our customers. The business has established a strong customer base from a range of different businesses. If you are not sure what product you need, we are very are happy to discuss your requirements in more detail and create a bespoke solution which effectively addresses the requirements of your business. We understand that every business is different and so our products and services are tailored accordingly.

At Galvoptics you are welcome to visit us at our Harvey Road, Basildon premises. You can also contact us by telephone on 01268 728077 or by email at sales@galvoptics.co.uk. We also have a comprehensive website which can be found at www.galvoptics.co.uk where you can browse the various products and services and make enquiries online.

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