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Ribbon Cable Testers, AV Cable Testers
& Portable Cable Test Equipment

About CableJog

CableJog was founded in 1995 and has become well known for its range of cable tester equipment including, ribbon cable testers and other portable cable test equipment. Cable testers for everyone is our motto here at CableJog.

We design, manufacture and distribute a range of cable testers from 12 test points in the case of the AudioJog Pro 5 audio cable tester and AudioJoG Rack through to 1024 in the CableJoG 512 cable tester with the extra 512 adaptor.

All cable testers from us at CableJog are available with at least one memory option which allows the fast and accurate testing of similar cables. What's more all of the testers supplied by us are designed to check for continuity and minimum resistances vary between models but they offer the functionality to test a whole reel of cable.

Ribbon cable testers

Product Range


Ribbon Cable Testers


The CableJoG range of universal cable testers, these come with standard 64way IDC interface connectors and connect to either or range of breakout boxes or custom made adaptors. These units are especially useful for testing a large number of different cables or cables with a high pin or connector count.

The CableJog 64 product can be used for the testing of up to 64 individual connections on connectors from multiple manufacturers. In addition, our simple test equipment can store 55 separate connection configurations and when you test each cable it produces a pass or fail indication on each pin connection. The product also enables easy integration with in house computer systems, connected through a PC or printer where you can store, process or print information from the CableJog software provided with the testing equipment.

Each piece of equipment that we provide can be tailored to suit specific customer requirements, offering an adaptable and practical testing solution.

Cable Testers

Cable testing is an important tool and we take great care in sourcing the best products to supply to our customers. We distribute our cable testing equipment to a wide range of clients across a number of different sectors as they trust us to consistently deliver quality. We also stock a wide range of cable testers ranging from 12 point testing equipment through to 1024 with an additional 512 adapter.

RibbonJoG & AudioJoG

RibbonJoG and AudioJoG testers have been developed to address specific customer requirements, with the RibbonJog suitable for ribbon cables and the AudioJog testing kit suitable for testing multiple audio leads.

RibbonJoG test ribbon cables 0.1" pitch as standard and all the other sizes with suitable breakout boxes. The AudioJoG range caters for the Amateur or professional needing to test audio, video & network cables either on the bench or in situ.

Cable testers


Cable tester

There are two types of AudioJoG cable tester, the Pro which is a small, convenient battery powered unit, and the Rack which is a mains powered unit offering additional features and power for the more demanding cable testing tasks.

It is important that when testing audio cables the tests are accurate. Our audio cable testers are specifically designed and adapted to address the requirements of the audio user.

CableJog Products

There are a number of products in the CableJoG catalogue and these include;

CableJoG 64 to 1024 - These cable testers are available to test a number of different connections from the smallest of 64 through to the largest 1024. The testers can be used to determine whether a connector has passed or failed and results can be seamlessly transferred to a PC or laptop using the CableJoG software. In addition the test unit can be easily configured to suit customer requirements and the specific equipment being tested.

RibbonJoG - An adaptable and practical cable tester allowing the identification of whether a standard ribbon cable has been correctly constructed or it can be used to undertake rapid comparison tests.

AudioJoG - Available in a number of different varieties from the AudioJog Pro 3 through to the Pro 8 Power suitable for use on all audio testing tasks allowing both single and double ended testing, memory and fault identification.

The AudioJog Rack series features two sets of 6 LEDs which relate to each of the connector pins and a separate connector for a screen or ground connection. The activation process will light up each LED and any that are faulty will fail to light enabling easy identification.

LightningJoG Rack 8 Network Cable Tester - A 19 inch cable tester with the capacity to carry out both single and double testing along with memory and fault detection facility so that any issues can be promptly identified and resolved Adaptors and Breakouts - CableJoG specialise in the provision of breakouts and stereo adapters including a personnel stereo adapter, a remote pass or fail LED unit and an IDC Connector breakout kit.

All CableJoG's testers, except the RibbonJoG ribbon cable testers, test every pin against every other pin regardless of which 'side' of the cable tester the cables are plugged into. This means that shorts across unconnected pins are automatically identified.

All our testers check for continuity. The minimum resistance detected varies from model to model, but is always sufficient for a whole roll or reel of cable to be tested.

Portable Cable Test Equipment

CableJoG are a leading supplier of the best cable testing equipment. We understand the importance of providing reliable and high quality equipment. At a basic level, cable testing equipment should include a battery and bulb or buzzer with a cable to complete the circuit. In recent times, considerable advances have been made to improve the reliability of testing equipment and systems have evolved into a battery, rows of LEDs, switches and connectors to successfully test the cable which will complete the circuit. The process is completed by testing each of the cables in turn to see whether the LED lights illuminate. However, this type of system won't highlight whether any of the connectors have shorted in unused connector pins. Subsequently, more advanced technology is required which is where CableJoG have stepped in. Our equipment uses an innovative microprocessor to initiate and test each pin where it is in use or not so any fault is detected.

What's more, our cable testing equipment can also be supplied with memory which is extremely useful, allowing testing to be carried out using details stored in the memory, automating the process and removing the requirement for the tester to make decisions at each stage in the testing procedure. Furthermore, results can be delivered through simple traffic light LEDs as either a pass or fail and they can outline different types of faults and their location, resulting in faster testing times, greater accuracy and improved efficiency.

CableJoG have an easy to use online store where you can browse and purchase a number of different products in our range from cable testing kits through to accessories and equipment for maintenance and repair. If there you have any queries on any of the products that we stock, please contact our friendly team who are more than happy to provide the advice, guidance and support that you need to help you purchase the right kit.

Excellent customer service, quality products that you can trust and prompt delivery with CableJoG.

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