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Portable Heating & Cooling

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Portable Heating and Cooling

Portable Air Con, Portable Cooling, Portable Air Conditioning and Heaters
from Portable Heating and Cooling Ltd

About Us

Portable Heating and Cooling Ltd specialise in the sale of moveable heaters, air conditioning units, portable coolers and dryers for use in a wide range of applications across all different types of industries in the UK.

We stock a massive range of heaters, air conditioners, fans, dehumidifiers and much more. Our products are completely portable and can be used for anything from outdoor productions and TV broadcasting heating, through to water damaged building drying.

All our products are carefully selected for their quality and reliability and many are manufactured here in the UK. We stock :

  • Infra Red Heaters
  • Electric Fan Heaters
  • Diesel Heaters, Direct and Indirect
  • Gas Space Heaters
  • Dehumidifiers
  • Air Conditioners
  • Evaporative Coolers
  • Cooling Fans / Air Movers

Our product range also includes spare parts for heaters and electrical distribution products such as transformers and portable lighting.


It is important when choosing a heating solution, that you consider all factors, most importantly safety. Portable Heating and Cooling are happy to help you decide which portable heating solutions is best for your application.

Our web site contains detailed information on how to choose the right heating solution including how to calculate the right kW or BTU needed.

Our range of heating products include :

Propane Gas Blow/Space Heater

Portable Direct Fired Gas Heaters

Direct Fired Diesel Heater

Portable Direct Fired Diesel Heaters

Industrial Indirect Diesel Heater

Portable Inirect Fired Diesel Heaters

Industrial Electric Fan Heater

Electric Fan Heaters

ndustrial Infra Red Heater

Electric Infra Red Heaters

Heater Accessories

Heater Accessories


Portable Heating and Cooling Ltd have a large range of cooling systems, from fans to Portable Air Conditioning Units.

Remember to consider the size of the area you wish to cool when choosing your air conditioning system. Contact us for help and advice in choosing you air con unit and to find out what size exhaust hose you will need as all of our Air Conditioning Units require a means of expelling the hot air.

Our Cooling Product range includes :

BTU Air Conditioner

Portable Direct Fired Gas Heaters

BTU Water Cooled Split Portable Air Conditioner

Portable Direct Fired Diesel Heaters

MB30 3000 CFM Industrial Fan

Portable Inirect Fired Diesel Heaters


Portable Heating and Cooling Ltd also specialise in drying solutions. Our range of powerful heavy duty dehumidifiers are very effective for uses such as Flood Damaged Building Drying and Water Damage Drying.

Our dryers can be used in schools, on construction sites, office buildings, warehouses, workshops and many more.

CR30 Industrial Dehumidifier

For more informaton about our range of Heating, Cooling and drying equipment please see our website or contact us and we will be happy to discuss your needs.

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