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Plastic Machining and Plastics Fabrication services from Vaplas Ltd

About Us

Vaplas Ltd are the leading plastic machining specialists who provide plastic CNC machining and plastics fabrication services to companies across Yorkshire and the UK. We have been manufacturing plastic machined parts in West Yorkshire since 1993 and we have a range of experience that far surpasses our competitors.

We have top of the range Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) lathes that help us remain competitive due to their ability to be completely accurate whilst allowing us to produce elaborate machining parts and components. We conduct all of our work projects at our plastics machining centres, and are proud to product products that delight and impress even the most demanding of our clients.

Plastic Machining

A diverse range of precision cut and moulded plastics are available for use in an equally diverse range of industries and our customers are widely spread across a number of UK industries.

Through advanced technology we are perfectly placed to provide a range of services to our clients.

  • Plastics Fabrication
  • Plastics Machining
  • Plastics Supply
  • Plastic Guards


Fabrications and Plastics machining, Parts, Fittings, Components - Precision Made and Specifically Designed for a Range of Clients

Plastics Fabrication

Our large team of plastics fabrication machinists work hard to meet our very exceptionally high standards.

We choose complex intelligent machinery that can be adapted to accurately manufacture plastic machining parts as well as utilising the best pioneering technology and CAD-CAM software available.

As well as mechanical and laser cutting, we use a range of heat treating methods, to allow us to carry out line bending (or strip heating), bonding and welding along with cooling and polishing to ensure a finished plastics piece that is durable, tough and hard wearing.

We have an in house design and creation service which has meant our large team of experts are experienced in working together in a fast and professional manner.

Our Plastics Fabrication Service

The team aims to turn plastics machining around so that we are able to meet our clients' strict delivery requirements, and we are proud to say that we have already served some of the biggest names in business.

Our team are well placed to choose which plastic machining parts and components will be used to produce the best quality products that are designed and manufactured for a specific job.

All of the production times that we quote are aimed at supplying our customer with a fast turnaround. We can do this because we have some of the best quality thermoplastic materials at our disposal, as well as equipment and tools needed to complete a huge number of plastics projects.

In the very rare case that we do not have materials specifically needed for the project, we will source those materials and in most cases we can still quote for a fast and efficient delivery time.

  • Acetal
  • Acrylic
  • Nylon
  • PETG
  • PVC
  • Polycarbonate
  • Polyester
  • Polyethylene
  • Polypropylene
Plastic Turned Parts Plastic CNC Machining

Speak to our team today for superior solutions to plastics, fabrication, create and supply.

Plastic Machining

We have the best in CNC machining technology so that we can conduct plastics routing, milling, drilling - in fact we will only select the best processes and methods to best suit what you need as the finished result.

Machined parts

Our team of experienced engineers work tirelessly to monitor each process to ensure the final piece is just as you expect it to be - a high quality product that lasts. The team can easily be contacted and will stay in touch throughout the process, ensuring you are aware of any issues or concerns during manufacture.

Almost every single project we undertake is designed for a specific use. Every job is different and adapted exactly to your specification, and we are able to complete one off or short term jobs, or multiple longer term projects because we have the space and the ability to rota the machines for optimum efficiency.

  • Laser profiling
  • Laser engraving
  • Turning
  • Drilling
  • CNC Routing
  • Milling
Plastic Machining and Machined Parts

Through the use of our high tech laser machine our plastic machining abilities are impressive. The materials are cut accurately and taken from the machine to be polished. We can turn, drill and route so that the plastic is cut to above perfect measurements and the laser focuses on the material to allow the cutting of an extremely clean edge.

Our team are on hand to bring your next project to life. We will happily answer any questions regarding plastics machining and can offer fast quotations and a material sourcing service should we not have the materials on site.

Send us your profile and required quantities now and we will offer you a quick quotation based on your needs.

Plastic Machining Parts

We have a superior amount of experience in the supply of machining services to a huge range of industries. As a rule, machining gives us the opportunity to adapt materials such as plastics from a standard basic sheet or block to something that can be used to provide solutions to many applications.

You may be involved in the below sectors, in fact we can cater for standard or bespoke products that are utilised in most of the industry sectors and welcome your enquiries:

Machine guards
  • Aerospace
  • Agricultural
  • Automotive
  • Chemical processing
  • Construction
  • Engineering
  • Food Processing
  • OEMs
  • Packaging and Printing
  • Public/Private Utilities
  • Textiles
Plastic Machining Parts from Vaplas

Our plastic machining processes are accurate and fast and we can easily repeat processes to generate many final products as per your requirements. Many of the properties and structures that we can design and product have been of huge advantage to our big brand customers, and we are proud of our team who work perfectly together to bring you superior finishes.

We can deliver the many benefits of machining to companies across the UK and beyond within competitive pricing scales and agreed lead times.

With most of our products coming with the option to leave the finished part, or parts, as natural as possible or painted, textured or polished it is clear how flexible our services can be. With that in mind, when we talk to you about what you expect the final piece to be we will also ask you if you wish the parts to be left natural, primed, painted or polished so you achieve exactly the finish you need.

Fabrication and Engineering Services

Vaplas Ltd are at an advantage at the start. Because we have a range of fabrication and machining equipment we are able to make use of one or many pieces of equipment to generate a finished product to spec.

We are experts in the fields of plastics fabrication and CNC plastic machining and we consider no contract too large or too small.

Complete Plastics Solutions for Modern Business, no Compromise on Quality and Flexible Machining and Fabrication Methods - Vaplas Ltd

Plastics supply services Pipework installation

We have a specialist team that are first class, hard working, experienced and fully knowledgeable about every aspect of plastic fabrication, plastic machining and plastic machining parts.

Our extensive list of services have been built on over the years and compliment a huge array of parts perfectly so that we are able to install almost every single type of plastic part available.

The methods that we use are flexible enough that we can select components that are close to hand so that we can tailor each process to suit every unique project.

And we don't only plan, design and produce parts and plastics components - our complex plastic CNC machining is just one part of our expansive business.

We also have a massive stock list that we can pick from when we need to, meaning we can cater for the smallest order request to the largest most complicated project.

All requests and enquiries received at our West Yorkshire base are treated as individually as you and your business, and we're perfectly placed to serve domestic customers as well as industrial and commercial requests.

High Quality, Competitive Prices, Superior Products & Complex Machining - Vaplas Ltd are Perfectly Placed to Serve the Domestic, Industrial and Commercial Customers

Precision Plastics Fabrication

Our vast array of experience across our team members, means that we can apply each and every talent and skill to every single enquiry we receive. We know how important it is to be able to identify the perfect solution that not only works, but excels expectations.

We have worked for over 17 years to bring each one of our customers a spectacularly extensive range of products which has enabled us to meet customer demands.

With the ability to apply our workforce and utilise many varied pieces of machinery, we can individualise and produce plastics parts using flexible yet extremely accurate methods. The Vaplas Ltd design team can take your profile from the drawing board and product a functioning prototype and then the final product in a fast and very efficient manner.

We not only sell and produce plastics products, parts and components for our clients - we take care of our clients and apply our knowledge where necessary, so that you can be confident our service is just right for you.

Plastics Fabrication and Tanks

If you are looking for plastic parts, plastics fabrication, plastics machining, plastic CNC machining or fittings to suit your own products, our highly trained team will place your enquiry at the top of our list and where a number of solutions are required we will be happy to meet with you.

In this instance, you have the opportunity to talk us through your requirements, what you want to aim for and hopefully achieve. And we will listen to your needs and the final plastics products you are looking for, and offer you products and components that are perfectly suited, either from our extensive stock list or we will design something just for you.

Our installation service is equally as methodical as the rest of our production methods and we have served companies across the whole of the UK from our West Yorkshire base.

We are competitively priced because we know what works, how to deliver it quickly and where to source components that are perfectly suited. We are not only committed to our business, we are committed to your project and from the start will make this clear.

We care about our customers, are passionate about our work and are committed to achieving the high demands of the domestic, commercial and industrial industries across the UK.

For Speak to our fantastic team today, and we will reward you with genuine value for money that fits with your budget and matches your project requirements accurately without compromise.

CNC Routing, Plastics Fabrication, Plastics Machining, Parts, Fitting & Installation - Vaplas Ltd Offer You the Best in Value and Commitment

We are plastic stockists and specialists in our field and the one place that can offer you not only a comprehensive range of plastics products, but an outstanding bespoke service that focus's and commits to a project from the drawing and planning stage.

With our wealth of experience in our market, our experience has grown and we know how to best serve you. By identifying products and services that we can offer, delivering them promptly and serving you with a great choice of stocked products or the chance of plastic fabrication, plastic machining and more.


Challenge us today to match your requirements with one of our flexible choices. Our expert sales engineers are on hand and look forward to your call.

Simply click above to reveal our contact details and please mention Ogbit.com when you make your enquiry.

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