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Anixter Component Solutions

Plastic Fasteners, Cable Termination and Hole Plugs from Anixter Component Solutions, the Cable Accessories Specialist

For plastic fasteners, cable accessories, cable termination and hole plugs, seek out the UK's number one supplier - Anixter Component Solutions. And those are just a few of the products we stock and manufacture.

We specialise in all types of plastic and metal fasteners and other related components. No one has a bigger or better range of quality industrial fasteners, cabling and component kits.

Cable Accessories

We also manufacture to order, so if you're looking for a customised cable accessory or kit, we're the company you should be talking to

Why Choose Us?

Quite simply, if you're having problems getting it anywhere, get on the phone to us. There's a very good chance we already have it in stock and, if we don't, we will source of manufacture exactly what you're looking for. We are able to provide all sorts of cable accessories, such as cable clips, cable ties, grommets, cable enclosures, conduits, cable termination points, plastic fasteners, hole plugs and control knobs. In fact, everything you need to get your department or production lines moving faster.

Cable Packaging

Service Second to None

It isn't just our ability to source, design or manufacture cable accessories that have made us what we are today. It's our service too. Visit our website and you can even download 3D CAD files of our most popular products, so you know exactly what you're getting. What's more, most products have a downloadable technical data sheet. So, if you want to check the spec on a plastic fastener or hole plug, it couldn't be simpler, just download the PDF.

Our attention to detail doesn't end there. You'll find material data sheets too, so you can discover the right material for your end-product. That's in addition to testing methodologies and a form to fill out if you have any questions on any of our products or our service. It's all part of what makes Anixter Component Solutions different from all the other cable accessory companies out there.

Cable Accessories Design

Go online now to browse our components or to order a brochure containing in-depth descriptions of all our goods, including our latest range of hole plugs, plastic fasteners and cable termination products.

Quality is Our Middle Name

Plastic Component Kits

At Anixter Component Solutions, we are committed to the highest standard of quality in all our cable accessories. We are fully accredited to ISO 9001:2008 and are continually looking at new ways to take the quality of our products and our services to even higher levels. We have implemented systems that support Initial Sample Inspection Reports, Automative Industry Material Data System and the Production Part Approval Process. Few companies take quality and improving system standards more seriously than us.

Where We Come From

Anixter Component Solutions has been around since 1967. We started off as the UK distributor for Heyco Inc., the US manufacturer of the famous strain relief bushing and we still sell that product today, as well as our many other cable accessories and plastic components.

When we were acquired by Anixter International back in 2003, thousands more products were added to our range. So whether you're looking for a certain type of cable termination product or a specific size of hole plug, you can get it at Anixter Component Solutions.

Rubber Component Kits

What's more, our business partners include some of the biggest and most famous manufacturers in the world. Names such as Fibox, 3M, Velcro and Rencol all provide us with top quality materials to make our products.

What We Sell

Component Kits

These come in the form of a metal component kit and a rubber/plastic component kit. Used widely in research and development departments, as well as production lines, these are some of our most successful products. The rubber and plastic kits in particular come in a variety of packages and include a wide range of useful plastic fasteners.

Cable Accessories

When it comes to cable management, our range of cable accessories is endless. We have a cable accessory for every possible use you can think of, from cable protection, markers and ties, to conduits, strain relief bushings and cable termination.

Caps, Plugs and Security Seals

We have a wide range of plastic caps and seals available for masking and protecting components, as well as security seals and tamper evident seals that can be put to a wide range of uses.


Our range of electrical plastic enclosures have all been designed to fully protect delicate electrical and electronic equipment which operate in hostile environments.

Metal and Plastic Fasteners

As well as a wide range of bulb holders, this category includes circuit board spacers, hooks and other cable accessories and plastic fasteners such as panel fasteners, binder posts, hinges, rivets and push fasteners.

Finishing Products

These include adhesive 'feet' and hole blanking plugs for use with various applications, appliances and furniture as well as control knobs, handles and hand wheels for adjustment and control.

Motion Control Components

These are products such as hinge dampers, rotary gear dampers and oil dampers which are typically used as effective control for devices with spring-assisted movement.

Tapes and Adhesives

We produce many of our tapes, adhesives and cleaning materials, as well as sourcing many quality products from our supply partner, 3M. These products include Aerosol Adhesives and Cleaners, Scotch-Weld Structural Adhesives and RITE-LOK Adhesives.

Cables and Wires

Anixter Component Solutions offer a comprehensive range of cabling, wiring and cable accessories, from communication and control cables to flat ribbon, insulated cable and a range of wiring cutters.

Component Kits Cable Accessories Caps, Plugs and Security Seals Plastic Electrical Enclosures Circuit Board Spacers Hole Blanking Plugs Motion Control Components 3M Adhesives and Tapes Cables and Wiring from Anixter Component Solutions

More on The Way

We're introducing new products to our range all the time. Recently, new ranges of conduits, eco-wire, steel pressure balance plugs and new cable accessories have been added. Keep an eye on our site or get in touch with us to find out more about new products or our value-added services such as plastic dyeing, bespoke component kits. If we don't do it or can't make it, we'll even go as far as sourcing it for you.

Anixter Component Solutions - your road to a world of plastic fasteners, cable accessories and components.