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Subsea Connectors, On-Site Machining and Subsea Engineering Services from Destec Engineering

About Destec Engineering

Subsea engineering services

Destec Engineering Ltd are designers and manufacturers of high pressure clamp connectors, metal seal rings and compact flange products. In addition to our high pressure containment equipment supplies, we also offer on site machining and in situ machining services to customers in the UK and around the world.

Our product range includes a wide variety of clamps, flanges and seal rings for a number of different piping installation applications. We can supply the parts as is for your own teams to fit, or we are equally happy to get involved on site for you and assist with the in situ machining services and help you make significant savings on your engineering and maintenance costs.

Our range of Clamps, Connectors & Adaptors

G-Range Clamp Subsea Connector

Our G-Range Clamp Connectors are Type Approved and Fire Tested, giving you the ultimate G-Range connector for all your piping installations. This Destec manufactured clamp is designed originally for inclement pressure, temperature and thermal shock conditions and is highly rated as a connector product of the highest quality.

Our GSB Single Bolt Subsea Clampsets are ideally useful for situations where our G-Range clamp is unsuitable or impractical to use. This purpose designed clampset comes supplied with a mounting plate which can be used with metal to metal Seal Rings, or the customer can choose to use their own sealing system if preferred.

Single Bolt Clampset
Compact Flange

Destec Compact Flanges are suitable for both Subsea and top side applications.

Our Compact Flange is the original flanges and was designed and manufactured in accordance with ASME ANSI BS8010 and is also Type Approved and Fire Tested as standard.

Our vast experience on the use of high pressure and temperature seals, ideally places us as the go to people for advice and information on the correct use and application of seal rings and metal-to-metal static sealing.

High Pressure Seal Rings

At Destec we have developed a seal ring system in house which uses an innovative modified cone ring which gives superb leak tightness under significantly stressful situations including pressure, temperature and shock.

Boiler Inspection Cap

We manufacture in house a variety of boiler Inspection Caps to meet your needs as required by boiler and pressure plant operatives.

Ask our team how they can help reduce your standard welded cap costs.

Our Destec designed and manufactured Door Closures give speedy access to pressure vessels. These pressure hatches and doors are used in a wide variety of applications including subsea access hatches, waste treatment hatches, pig traps, medical waste treatment vessels and much more.

Door Closures

Our Product Range

Subsea Connectors

Destec provide a GSB single bolt clampset which has been developed for use in operations where the traditional, four bolt clampset is not viable. Each of the GSB clampsets supplied by Destec feature a mounting plate which can incorporate either guidance or pull-in systems to improve alignment and facilitate stab connectors for both electrical and hydraulic circuits. In addition to this, the standard, G-Range hubs including a metal to metal seal ring can be effectively used or alternatively, customer sealing arrangements can be employed. The products are also available in larger sizes or certain designs such as dual, multi or concentric bore as required.

Compact Flanges

Offering the strength and durability often required, with weight savings of up to 88%. The Desflex Flange is suitable for both sub-sea and top side applications where the minimum weight is required and requires less maintenance. The standard and swivel type weld neck flanges are available to purchase in several materials including alloy, duplex, stainless and carbon steel. What's more each of the flanges are approved and passed relevant fire tests from API. In addition they also adhere to NORSOK standards. As the flanges have a patented design, including a number of features such as spherical nuts on the bolting which decreases the amount of stress placed on each bolt as well as a toe on the outside diameter to prevent overstressing when the flange rotates.

Seal Rings

Destec have specialist industry knowledge and are able to carry out expert high pressure and high temperature metal to metal static sealing. Subsequently they are a trusted firm with a large customer base who rely on this expertise. Destec have formulated an advanced and innovative system for sealing which makes use of modified cone rings providing excellent leak tightness properties which can withstand extremes in temperature, thermal cycling, shock or pressure. The seal rings provided by Destec have been used by numerous clients and they can also be used as a replacement to address recurring problems in existing joints. The design engineers who work with Destec are able to effectively convert old joints and undertake the necessary design modifications ensuring that they are carried out in accordance with established guidelines and standards. Any practical onsite work is conducted by the company's onsite machining service using portable machines to complete the required modifications and reconstruction onsite. The Destec real sings have a number of different features including; sizes from 10mm through to 1700 mm, ability to withstand high pressure which reinforces the sealing action, capacity to be used at high temperatures and a leak tight system.

Door Closures

Destec are specialist suppliers of door closures, offering fast access to pressure vessels which can be operated at speed yet safely. They can be used in a whole range of applications including pig traps separator vessels, access hatches medical waste treatment vessels and industrial waste treatment closures. The size of the door closures range from 0.5m through to 2m in diameter.

On-site Machining and Machine Tools

On-site Machining

Our team of highly experienced engineers are well equipped to provide you with significant savings on your machining services.

We operate on site to provide you with a wide range of in-situ services helping you to manage your costs more effectively and providing an efficient and comprehensive service. Our service division can also help assist with your maintenance and repair needs should something break down.

Our engineers are expert at handling our Destec designed and developed machine tools. We have worked with some of the biggest names in the industry including the likes of Mobil to design and manufacture tools to meet the requirements of each job.

Onsite machining from Destec can include;

Facing - Portable machines which are equipped with a number of different speeds and automatic feeds which provide increased accuracy and an improved finish. The power feed tool posts can be set for tapers, profiles, spigots and boring purposes.

Oval Facing - Suitable for manways and spigoted joints. The machines at Destec have been specifically designed to formulate true ellipses to both gramophone groove and fine finishes.

Pipe Cutting and Weld Preparation - The patented tooling system can expertly cut the thickest pipes in some of the strongest materials

Milling - Milling machines are available which can cut in any position with large feed ranges to limit set up time

Regenerator and Vessel Head Removal - The machines at Destec engineering have been designed in-house to meet the specific requirements of clients enabling them to effectively address work on large vessel heads and refractory lining.

Drilling, Reaming, Threat Cutting and Tapping, Boring and Trepanning are also available.

Destec have built up a strong reputation in the industry and have worked collaboratively with a number of high profile clients in Power, Water, Refineries and Quarries throughout the UK including Powergen, National Power, TXU Energy, Innogy, AES and AEP on several projects including pipe cutting, flange preparations, boring feed pumps, leak sealing and much more.

Our engineering team have then used the special purpose machines to give the fastest turnaround for a unit of that sized achieved by the customer in just nine weeks.

On-Line Leak Sealing

On-Line Leak Sealing

Our on-line leak sealing service can help prevent loss of energy and production from serious pipeline leaks and is available 24/7 for your convenience.

Our engineering team have then used the special purpose machines to give the fastest turnaround for a unit of that sized achieved by the customer in just nine weeks.

Bolt Tensioning and Vessel Head Removal

Hydraulic Tensioners

Our engineers are highly experienced at bolt tensioning and have the equipment and availability to assist you on site as required.

Our engineering team have then used the special purpose machines to give the fastest turnaround for a unit of that sized achieved by the customer in just nine weeks.

Regenerator and Vessel Head Removal

Polymer Coating and Repairs and Ultrasonic Testing

Polymer Coating

We also offer a wide range of market leading engineering polymers for design maintenance engineers. Our polymer coating and repairs service can help make significant cost savings for your business.

Ultrasonic Testing

Finally, in addition to the above services, we also offer a comprehensive Ultrasonic testing service for measuring wall thickness and for corrosion detection.

Bolt Tensioning

Delivering professional bolt tensioning onsite with hydraulic tensioners which can be used with extended bolts reducing bolt stress levels. The ratchet torque tensioner and low height tensioner are also available with the latter being used where there are access issues.

Regenerator and Vessel Head Removal

Destec Engineering made history in 1996 when they initiated primary cutting to remove the Regenerator Head at Mobil's Coryton Refinery. The cutting process of both the vessel shell and internal refractory was conducted out dry from the outside and incorporated all of the required weld preparation prior to reinstatement with no mess and zero pollution. Since then, Destec has continued to evolve and advance its processes and technologies so much so that it is now a reputable organisation with international expertise.

Polymer Coating and Repairs - At the forefront of technological advances, engineering polymers can offer comprehensive solutions to a number of problems. They can be applied to a number of components to significantly enhance performance through the reduction of corrosion and erosion and they can be applied to pumps and piping systems to increase efficiency while generating power savings.

On Site Services

Destec Engineering offers a service which operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year throughout the world and they are able to deploy resources to any site within just a few hours. They specialise in a number of different areas including regenerator and vessel head removal, bolt tightening and tensioning, onsite machining, on-line leak sealing and overlay welding. The company is certified, reliable and all work is guaranteed provided by a company who have been delivering on-site machining and leak sealing services to clients for the last 40 years. Improve plant efficiency with Destec while reducing costs, eliminating downtime and increasing production.

For more information about any of our clamp connector, flange or sealing products, or for more details about our onsite machining or in situ engineering services, please speak to a member of our highly experienced team.

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