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Arun Office is an office products dealer, providing a quality of service and customer care to clients our competitors find impossible to emulate.

Formed in 1998 Arun Office has grown and developed into one of the most highly regarded independent office supplies organisations in the Southeast of England. Specialising in single source solutions Arun has grown organically through strategic partnerships with our clients. With our central distribution hub in Horsham West Sussex we service clients throughout the Southeast using our own dedicated logistics team.

  • IT Supplies
  • Print
  • Furniture
  • Janitorial Supplies
  • Canteen provisions
  • Promotion products
  • Work wear
  • Health & Safety
  • Proactive customer care
  • Dedicated logistics support
  • Innovative product sourcing
  • World's largest office supplies group
  • Over £7.5 billion of world sales
  • Over 4 million customers
  • 14 countries
  • 34,000 sales people globally

Imagine - Over 99% of the office supplies you use everyday at the lowest prices available. Arun Stationers guarantees value, quality and unsurpassed ease-of-use.

Office needs

We can meet all your office needs from everyday office supplies, computer consumables and office furniture to business gifts and the very latest in visual systems.

Regardless of how unusual the item, our worldwide purchasing group means we can almost always source the product for you, even if we don't feature it in any of our catalogues.

Outsource your business supplies

Our outsourcing systems offer a risk free strategy for driving down costs, enhancing management control and improving workplace performance.

Outsourcing is a universally acknowledged and praised management technique. We have successfully applied outsourcing to office supplies purchasing. The modern marketplace is extremely competitive; businesses can no longer afford to let support functions distract them from core competencies that generate revenue.

  • Guaranteed to save money
  • Controls overheads
  • Is extremely flexible
  • Means less effort for you
  • No management fees

Guideline to office stationary costs

Professional choice at Arun Office

Exposing the real cost:

20% Pilferage

Office supplies often go home with employees as ''''fringe benefit''''.

6% Obsolescence

As supplies become obsolete, they lie on stockroom shelves.

10% Waste

Too many office supplies are wasted, & can be found in desk drawers.

15% Accounting

Keeping accounting records, paying suppliers & charging back to departments contribute to the overall costs.

34% Purchasing

Purchase orders, product investigation, buying records, seeking quotations & chasing deliveries are a hefty portion of the overall costs.

40% Storage

Inefficient stocking, keeping records, labour & distribution accounts for the majority of office supplies costs.

Adding up the costs, you discover that the real cost is an additional 125% higher than its original purchase price.

This means that every £500 of office supplies you buy can cost your business over £1000. Overall, in the course of a year, these hidden costs can total £250 for each of your employees. This eye-opening statistic results from extensive research conducted during years of successful Intelligent Trading in the UK and Ireland.