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How to generate more new business leads using OgBit.com

OgBit.com Ltd are a diligent and enterprising business to business directory (B2B) who pride ourselves on promoting businesses online in a natural and methodical way.

Our team at OgBit.com work tirelessly to improve our service and support levels to ensure that our customers get the best results for their directory profiles.

Registering your Profile at OgBit.com

We're a fresh and inspired team of people with inventive and forward thinking ideas. We have set ourselves far apart from any other UK business directory; and we are proud to say we are one of the leaders in our field.

Our paid for directory listings are surprisingly affordable, offering good value for money, but even our free listings deliver a very basic level of service meaning every business can benefit from being on OgBIt.com.

Our team constantly challenge themselves, and keep on top of industry changes so that we can help our clients quickly move forward with online marketing and online advertising strategies.

  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • Web Design
  • Online Marketing
  • Online Advertising
  • Business to Business Directory

We have over 200,000 companies on our directory already and we completely focus on our clients, listen to your ideas and requirements, and work with you to achieve the best results for your profile.

We've have been able to follow many differing instructions from our clients, and have been able to fulfil some of the most demanding projects with ease.

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Online Advertising, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) & Web Design - based on simplicity

We pride ourselves on offering simple services. Why should a variety of services be so complex that our customers wouldn't return to us?

Well, we're delighted to tell our clients that we have an extremely high level of retaining customers, and customers do return to us time and time again - because we offer desirable solutions that are clear and easy to use.

OgBit.com don't imitate any one else servicing the same market.

We use individual methods that are tried, tested and proven to work. Clients benefit hugely from our ability to integrate websites seamlessly into the major search engines. This helps site popularity which, in turn, increases visits and potentially sales and enquiries.

Experience in Online Marketing & Advertising

Our team help new and old businesses to get online and improve existing online marketing strategies.

We have put a team together that have known the internet, and ways to market companies online, since the world wide web was invented.

The team have consistently challenged themselves to learn about how the internet works, how it constantly changes and how it can benefit business.

Through effective web design we make a website usable using a standard and simple approach. This can mean the difference between success and failure of an online business.

Using effective writing and web copy, our search engine optimisation (SEO) services are based on the use of plain and straight forward language. By researching keywords, we insert targeted words where required yet write to ensure the content is interesting and compelling.

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A Unique Approach

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Although we use enhanced software, we strive for simplicity. Complex web design and SEO services rarely work; we know how to get superior results by using a simple yet effective approach.

Our clients have two options to join us - paid listings with detailed profiles, or free complimentary listings with basic profiles. Each option is easy to use, our 200,000 listings are evidence of this.

We offer simple options, and we can generate results for all types of business. Large, small and medium companies have benefited from our use of our expertise, and have experienced real results.

We are excited to invite potential customers to browse our unique business to business directory.
Come and sign up and join the other suppliers who have already registered their details.


OgBit Testimonials

Through use of online techniques such as web design, search engine optimisation (SEO), online marketing and online advertising, the OgBit.com business directory provides an exclusive online experience.

The benefits of getting new business online are vital to success. Where clients seek genuine solutions that work, we have the experience in doing just that - providing quick results and helping new business to be successful online.

Existing online business benefits from our services too. We have an extensive portfolio of clients that we have helped developed new online marketing strategies. Having improved links and visits to their website/s, we have helped bring online success to online businesses that have not yet achieved success, or that have struggled to find a good strategy that works.

Why Use OgBit.com?

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Whether you are a new business and are opting to launch your website, or if you are an existing business whose website is not performing to your required standards, then OgBit.com can help.

Using Online marketing we generate leads and increased visits to any website. Marketing is always conducted in a natural manner, that is both effective and enterprising.

And through use of online advertising we have boasted a high level of conversion rates following successful adaptation of our customer's products and services. By focusing on targeted advertising we have achieved, and continued to develop, unique ways to enhance our clients websites and attracting greater interest from search engines and potential site visitors.

Our website is easy to find for anyone seeking new suppliers because we use the latest in web optimisation techniques. Our team can do the same for you.


Through focused campaigns, targeted online research, search engine optimisation (SEO), well designed web creations and inclusion in our business directory, our team can adapt to suit your needs.

With each member of the team applying skill and talent to each of our business areas, we use proven methods that will help your online strategy.

Add your free listing and profile now, or speak to us about our paid options.