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Natural colours, food colouring and food stuff flavouring for the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and catering industries

At Sensient Technologies we understand the value of colouring whether it is food colours, pharmaceutical colours or even natural colours. This colouring goes into a range of products from food and drink to medicines, make-up, printing supplies and digital imaging.

Food Colouring used in drinks

Many edible products would seem unpalatable were it not for our food colors. When it comes to pharmaceuticals colours and cosmetics, getting the exact shade our customers require is essential. This is especially true for items such as foundation, blusher and lipstick.

We don't just stop at colour however. At Sensient we understand that in order for a product to be successful in today's global market place it is not just down to one sensory experience. For instance sight (colour) is just as important as taste (flavour) and smell (fragrance). And that is why we also specialise in producing the finest and most accurate flavourings and fragrances imaginable. Again this is a fine art and takes years of dedicated expertise and skill.

In addition, at Sensient state of the art technology also plays its part together with our highly-qualified research teams. The Sensient name is simply synonymous with quality and diversity and our raw materials ie food colours, flavours and range of fragrances, can be found in thousands of products worldwide.

All of these factors are the reason why Sensient is the undisputed market leader in its field, operating in more than 30 countries and employing thousands of staff worldwide.

Our Products
  • Our food colors in particular are exacting and cover both the natural and synthetic ranges. The selection of shades and colours we can offer covers a full spectrum of dyes and pigments, as well as natural colors. Our clients include those in the confectionery, processed food, bakery and pet food industries.
  • When it comes to flavors we can provide custom-made extracts, enzyme reactions, spray dried tastes, power blending and seasoning to mention just a few. Again these are used in some of the largest food and beverage manufacturing industries in the world.
  • Thanks to the ultimate in food technology we can also add flavour, colour and texture to a variety of dehydrated goods for the likes of soups, salad dressings, gravy, frozen or canned foods and processed meats.
  • Fermentation nutrients are another field in which we excel. These include yeast extracts and both hydrolyzed vegetable and dairy proteins for the likes of vaccines, vitamins and antibiotics. Another field of specialism is bionutrients for growth promoters.
  • Nutraceuticals is a major branch of Sensient. Here we produce bioactive plant extracts such as green tea and orange peel as well as complete formulation systems for a number of products consumed by humans such as food, drink and dietary supplements.
Sectors We Service

In terms of pharmaceuticals the Color Group of Sensient is the world's leading manufacturer of regulated colors. We also produce high quality natural extracts for nutraceuticals. This is done via a number of pharmaceutical colors and coating systems eg Spectrablend.

Our cosmetics division concentrates on colors as well as material for hair and skin products and fragrances. This includes sunscreens and active ingredients.

When it comes to personal and home care products such as bath gel, shampoo, skin creams, baby powder and after shave, Sensient provides combined manufacturing packages thanks to years of expertise in color, fragrance and speciality ingredients.

Cleaning fluids, insecticides and washing powders are also on the receiving end of the dedicated Sensient experience.

Natural Colors are used in Inkjet printers

We're extremely proud of our 75 year legacy in developing fragrance in the personal and home care market. You can find the Sensient fragrance in a number of products used on a daily basis around the world such as shampoos, cosmetics and various household cleaning products.

Digital imaging and inkjet printing are just two of the areas to benefit from our inkjet and speciality inks branch. Our products in this range include component colour dyes and pigments as well as finished inks and digital printing applications. Our Formulabs brand is particularly popular for digital marking components.

Manufacturers in digital display imaging are familiar with our raw materials for producing their Organic Light Emitting Diodes (OLED) and organic photoconductors. Televisions, computers, digital cameras, mobile phones, laser printers and a number of flat-panel displays all benefit from our expertise in producing the right kind of colours for this area.

When it comes to industrial colors, Sensient's dyes, pigments and blends are everyday components in a vast range of materials utilised by a whole host of varying industries including manufacturers of ball point and felt-tip pens, leather products, paper and packaging products, antifreeze, car products (ie tail lights), agricultural products and even turf and pond applications.

Food Colouring examples

Again, we can match the dye to your exact colour specification and deal with orders of varying sizes from a few ounces to as much as you require. We guarantee 100 per cent clarity in our colours as all dyes are produced in dedicated equipment in order to reduce the possibility of contamination.

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Sensient has offices and labs throughout the world, in more than 30 countries and nearly every continent including Africa, Europe, North America, Latin America and Asia Pacific.

We employ hundreds of staff and supply to most industries and manufacturing processes. Our dyes - such as food colours and pharmaceutical colours - flavours and scents are in products which are in everyday use.

If your enquiry is for a specific industry then it's best to contact the particular sector directly eg pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, display imaging etc. You can find numbers for these areas on our website. For the UK office, please click the "Reveal Contact Details" button at the top of the page to access the telephone number.

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