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Established by Ernest Rudd in 1890 as an engraver and based in the heart of the United Kingdom's industrial area, we are proud of our manufacturing heritage. By combining unique printing and manufacturing techniques and by forming strong business partnerships with our customers and suppliers we have created an organisation unique in its chosen fields with an unparalleled capability and reputation for taking our induistrial nameplates, print and laser cut plastics and beer pump clip products to the limit of manufacture. We work with brand owners, respecting their brand and find outstanding solutions which are innovative and unique which not only excite but also meet the budget.

Industrial Nameplates and Beer Pump Clips from Rudd Macnamara


Manufacturers of distinctive bespoke beer engine pump clips for front of bar to suit all budgets.

Budget Beer Pump Clips

Suitable for the wholesale trade or seasonal ales eye catching beer pump clips can be produced at low cost using modern screen, litho and digital printing processes. Designed to give that all important impact at front of bar. Variants of pump clips include hot foiling to give reflective metallic effects. Resin doming gives another dimension and enhances the depth of print. Clips can be curved in any direction. Backed up by an enthusiastic service team we offer a fast turn around and a 48 hour turn around on repeat business for the standard beer pump clip.

Sustainable alternatives are available using environmentally friendly materials. Our eco friendly pump clips use a wooden compound substrate which is FCS accredited with a re usable clip option.

Permanent Beer Pump Clips

For more permanent pub outlets where a higher budget spend can be justified we offer an unlimited range of options offering the best value bespoke point of sale pump clips in the market. Ultra high gloss finishes with metallic reflective golds and silvers are popular choices in a market where bling is king. For a more understated look, there are options with matt finishes, subtle colours and fine vignettes. All our pump clips are bespoke so you choose. Samples and protypes are usually prepared free of charge. We work with you so you get the pump clip you want.

For the spirit market at back of bar we supply bespoke eye catching and attractive plaques to many of the major brands.

In addition to pump clips we offer a range of promotional products which can be branded to order which includes drip trays, waitertrays and ice buckets.

Industrial Nameplates and Beer Pump Clips from Rudd Macnamara

INdustrial Nameplates, Labels and Signs

The company specialises in the manufacture of the finest bespoke industrial nameplates. We offer a complete service from design to manufacture. However, many of our customers do not require design services but instead require us to follow a strict specification and their own quality standards. Rudd Macnamara is accredited with BS EN ISO 9001 2008 but we are also accredited with a number of major customer approvals amongst them Rolls Royce SABRe and Goodrich Actuation Systems.

Type approval VIN plates for the automotive and body building sector are a speciality. Our type approval VIN plates are being approved by the Vehicle Certification Agency. (VCA).

Our name plates are industrial quality products with the built in resilience to withstand the harshest environments ensuring that they can be read for many years. In addition to aerospace and automotive our nameplates are used in a very wide range of industries but principally, electronics, electro mechanical, mechanical, local authorities, classic cars and bikes, medical, pharmaceutical telecommunications, in fact anywhere where a high quality name plate is required. The most common materials we use for industrial nameplates are aluminium and stainless steel. We have in house anodising and etching facilities. A huge range of in house tooling supports our press shop capability along with CNC and laser technology we are able to bend cut and form metals to any shape.

Our four colour process anodised aluminium print capability enables striking and colourful images in a highly resilient format. This unique technology opens the door to cost effective sign solutions for hotels, schools, libraries, museums. This capability takes aluminium to a new level of sophistication. As an alternative to those tired and boring aluminium off the shelf signs, why not uplift your space with something different and exciting.

Out traditional brass etched nameplates are popular with manufacturers of branded products and also as commemorative plaques.

Using a combination of printing and metal forming capability we supply many bespoke components into a number of OEM's.

Polycarbonate decals, resin domed labels and badges, fascia panels, overlays all form part of the portfolio.

Bar coding, 2D matrices and Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) can all be incorporated within our labels.

Nameplates and Beer Pump Clips from Rudd Macnamara

Printing and Processes

We print onto any substrate but specialise in metals and plastics and we offer a product development service, working with our client to ensure the print is presented in the best possible way. We specialise in back illuminated panels which are widely used in the cosmetics and brewery sectors. Many of the printed panels are vac formed into different shapes and we manage the image deformation caused by forming to maintain the integrity of the brand.

Inks Systems

  • Solvent
  • Anodic
  • Electro-luminescent
  • In Mould Decoration (IMD).

Our facilities

  • Two clean rooms complete with air conditioned environment
  • Six semi automatic Kippax screen printing machines
  • Two Dai Nippon lithographic presses
  • Four Natgraph UV driers
  • Five screen printing hand benches
  • Extensive vac forming facilities (eight machines).

Our Services

  • Design and product development
  • Four colour process anodised aluminium
  • Fine screen printing, halftones and vignettes
  • Litho
  • Flat bed digital
  • Dye sublimation
  • Full artwork preparation capability
  • Vac forming
  • Laser cutting
  • Metal forming and blanking
  • Resin doming
  • Identification marking, RFID, bar codes, 2D Matrices
  • Cold enamel resin decoration
  • Electrical overlays
  • Brail badges
  • Metallic foiling
  • Electro luminescent lamps
  • In mould decoration
  • Etching
  • Anodising

Nameplates and Beer Pump Clips from Rudd Macnamara

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