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Storage Aspects

Mobile shelving systems, file storage systems, roller racking and much more. A refreshing business acumen providing you with leading products and exquisite service

As a leading storage company, Storage Aspects provide clients with smart solutions that lead to safe and secure volume storage for the best fit to the interior they are applied to.

We are situated to serve the whole of the UK and we will help you draw plans for the space that our products will eventually be installed in. It's important that the perfect fit is achieved, and that the storage solution is adapted to accurately store data or products to keep them safe and secure.

As well as our extensive range of furniture for use in the office, our file storage systems are ideal for use in a large number of industries. Due to the size of mobile shelving systems and high density mobile storage we are able to supply, we have been able to add the following types of industry to our portfolio, proving that most applications can be used and adapted to the final expected usage:

  • Archiving
  • Art galleries
  • Automotive
  • Financial institutions
  • Health centres
  • Hospital storage
  • Libraries
  • Manufacturing
  • Medical storage
  • Museums
  • Office file storage
  • Pallet stacking
  • Warehousing

We don't limit the types of industry we supply to, because all o our solutions are customised and adapted to suit the final use.

The team here at Storage Aspects can cleverly design modern solutions that are safe and can offer small space storage or mass storage. The solutions we offer are able to house paperwork, such as accounts and secure data, or products such as medical items or gas cylinders.

Our team will pleasantly assist any of our clients and are experienced in designing the best fit solution for every project we take on. We have a huge amount of previous customers who are based in a massively varied number of industries who are more than happy to provide referrals. Our business ethic means that every project is taken on with confidentiality at the forefront of our minds.

Mobile Shelving and Roller Racking

Secure, confidential, safe and protected - storage solutions that aren't just 'as standard' but that exceed expectations of even the most demanding of application

We will arrange to manufacture bespoke furniture and can arrange to custom make products for awkward areas, and are happy to supply standard items that simply slot into your office space.

Our environmental ethics and policies promise to our clients that we will work continuously to avoid damaging the environment wherever possible.

This means that we will use the minimum of packaging when we store and supply products; we will always dispose of packaging and excess product in the best way possible - ensuring we re-use and recycle where possible so that little of our waste goes to land fill; and we will plan the best efficiency when it comes to ordering and delivering items, so that our products and equipment do as little mileage as is possible.

We do this whilst still remaining at the top of our game. Our company not only is extremely conscious about the environment, but we're strongly passionate about providing functional solutions that give our clients the best value for money.

Our team can help you remodel a room or a building so that we can fit in mobile shelving systems, roller racking or in fact any of the storage solutions that you choose.

We understand the importance of getting it right first time, which is why we attentively respond to your requests, listen carefully about the project details and liaise with our client throughout the design, planning and delivery stage.

Office Storage for Files and Archives

By offering our client with the best range of storage solutions, we work to stay in touch throughout the order and delivery process - giving you the most efficient and productive service

Our team applies its expertise and skill to each and every enquiry we receive. We work tirelessly to ensure we meet deadlines, be in design or delivery, and will transform any unused or neglected space into a usable space that offers your products or paperwork a safe and secure place to stay.

Through ingenious design, our extensive range of products help to make a space more productive. Even when storing items, we realise how important it is for those items to be fully accessible, even if only to a couple of members of staff with permission, and within easy reach.

By achieving a productive and functional space, we can help our clients to store not only paperwork, but liquid, solids, wastes and chemicals that need to be stored in certain specific conditions.

In fast paced environments, good file storage systems are vital to the productivity of the company. Extending our products far beyond simple office storage, we have helped our clients achieve the most effective solutions.

Our solutions can be permanent, such as using roller racking and we can help to plan superior solutions in high density mobile storage that is permanent but movable for easy access.

By offering solutions that make use of manual and electronic methods, we can help identify technology that suits your needs. And we can help you make use of added roof and ceiling space, using file storage systems and other solutions that can help increase the floor space available.

We can supply orders from standard sized stock that can fit large spaces, and we invite you to contact us regarding bespoke solutions that best fit a large or small space. Making the solutions fit exactly to your specification is what we can achieve, and we will work with you to find the best and most efficient result that suits your requirements.

We invite you to speak to our expert team today.

Store Shelving and Racking