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Mobile Automotive Electrical Services

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Is Your Engine Light On?
Then don’t worry.

We are reliable professionals with the latest diagnostic equipment. We can accurately diagnose all types of faults on modern cars. As cars become more reliant on electronics to control them. you need a specialist to repair them. Many garages simply fumble around replacing sensors and hoping the fault goes away.

Before you take your car to any old garage simply ask them can they detect a runt pulse on the CAN Bus or if they can measure your short term fuel trim.

If they can't answer or haven't a clue what your talking about you will be best to leave them well alone unless you prefer the swap it and see brigade
Other Services

ECU's Repaired and Remapped

Alternators, Charging Circuits and Batteries Checked

Tow Bars, Vehicle CCTV, Hands free Kits, Car Alarms, Parking Sensors and Reversing Cameras all supplied and fitted

Motorhome and Caravan Electrics Tested

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