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SMB Bearings - Specialist manufacturers of Ball Bearings, Ceramic Bearings & Corrosion Resistant Bearing Products

Micro bearings and miniature ball bearings are a major part of our business. But it doesn't stop there, our product catalogue is extensive. Established in 1985, SMB Bearings are specialists in the delivery of miniature bearings, thin section bearings and bearings which are resistant to corrosion and those made of stainless steel, plastic and ceramic. The company pride themselves on their vast product knowledge and exceptional customer service and they are committed to providing practical bearing and lubrication solutions and technical support for a wide range of customers from small businesses through to large corporations.

The company launched with a vision of addressing the growing requirement for micro and miniature ball bearings. Over the years we have listened to what our customers require for their business or projects and we have expanded our product range to include a whole range of options from stainless steel bearings through to low noise, electric motor bearings.

As we are industry specialists, we know our products inside out so that we can provide an excellent service and expert technical support.

We are one of Europe's leading suppliers of miniature ball bearings. We are highly specialised and experts in our field. To complement the range of miniature bearings, including micro bearings and mini bearings, we stock stainless steel bearings, plastic bearings, thin section bearings and low noise electric motor bearings.

What's more, SMB Bearings are authorised distributors for Sapporo Precision of Japan who specialise in the manufacture of EZO miniature, stainless steel and thin section bearings. Sapporo are a renowned company who are a leading brand in the industry, and as such, when you purchase the EZO bearings from SMB Bearings you know that you have purchased quality, due to their advanced manufacturing techniques and exceptionally strict standards of quality control.

We keep most of the range in high precision EZO brand. EZO are a Japanese company and a specialist manufacturer of high precision bearings for over 30 years and have a deserved worldwide reputation amongst customers and bearing manufacturers alike for total consistency and reliability.

EZO have factories in Japan and China and their bearings are used the world over in precision instruments, automotive applications, electric motors, top-of-the-range audio equipment, robotics.. in fact anywhere where quality cannot be compromised.

We also supply standard grade SMB China for the more cost critical applications.

Our range consists of:

  • Miniature bearings in metric sizes with inner diameters from 0.6mm upwards, inch sizes with inner diameters from 0.04 inches and miniature metric thrust bearings.
  • Stainless steel ball bearings for up to 50mm shaft size from stock.
  • Plastic bearings with acetal resin rings and either glass balls or stainless steel balls are held in stock as well as polypropylene bearings for acid or alkali resistance.
  • Thin section bearings, both flanged and non flanged, from 10mm up to 50mm shaft.
  • Electric motor bearings for low noise and low vibration applications from 3mm shaft size up to 40mm
Ceramic Bearings

This is just a selection of the applications that our miniature bearings are designed to work with. Our plastic bearings are designed to be used in environments with corrosive expectations whilst maintaining their durable ability to work well for the application in hand.

Our team use a stock management system that allows us to store and easily pick orders to achieve the fast delivery times that we have build our reputation on.

We don't selectively serve large companies - we're more than happy to receive small orders from individuals. Whether you have a one-off project and would like to purchase direct from a first class company, or if you have long term project requiring high volumes of bearings, we are always delighted to assist.

Motor Bearings and Bicycle Bearings

A comprehensive range of miniature bearings to utilise in an expansive range of applications

As a leading stockist, we are able to ensure that we stick to strict policies that we have set for ourselves. We always price honestly - costing is always made very clear, we do not ever mislead our clients, which is why we outshine our competitors. Our catalogued is highly detailed because we want our clients to find just the right bearing for the job. Our clients find that the precise detailing on bore size, along with load and speed capability, helps to easily identify the correct items.

Our product range at SMB Bearings is certainly extensive and we currently offer;

316 grade stainless steel bearings - Suitable for shafts between 10mm and 50mm in diameter, these marine grade stainless steel bearings are available with PEEK cages. Bearings are available open or featuring low friction seals and they are manufactured to withstand salt spray, seawater and exposure to a number of different chemicals. What's more, they can also prove temperature resistant, being able to perform effectively in temperatures up to 500 C or 260 C with the PEEK cage. Also suitable for cryogenic facilities where temperatures can fall as low as minus 200 C but this depends on the cage material. The 316 stainless steel cannot be hardened through heat treatments, the stainless steel bearings are only suitable for lower loads and speeds than the 440 grade bearings. In addition, the 316 stainless steel bearings are suitable for use in the food and beverage industry and they can be re-lubricated with suitable food grade lubricants. They are also resistant to corrosion and are available in materials such as ceramic or plastic.

Metric/Inch Ceramic Bearings - Manufactured to fit neatly into shaft sizes from 3mm in size up to 50mm, the ceramic bearings can be provided with rings and balls made from zirconium dioxide or silicon nitride. The silicon nitride and the zirconia bearings can be supplied with or without the cage constructed from PTFE or PEEK. As non conductive and non magnetic, they are corrosion resistant to a number of chemicals, but not suitable for use with hot water or steam. However, they are suitable for use with high temperatures, with the Zirconia can be used up to 400 C whereas the Silicon Nitride suitable for temperatures up to 800 C.

Miniature bearings with extended inner ring - Stainless steel miniature bearings have an inner ring slightly were than the outer ring and are easier to mount with the inner ring removing the requirement for washers or spacers. Several sizes are available in chrome steel but many more are supplied in stainless steel. Furthermore, the extended inner rings are built to withstand heavy loads and moderate movement.

Plastic Bearings - We supply a variety of plastic bearings containing acetal resin rings and nylon cages along with 316 stainless steel or glass balls. The plastic bearings are often used because they will not corrode and they are neither magnetic or conductive, being suitable for a whole range of purposes. In addition, we can also supply a variety of chemical and corrosion resistant plastic bearings constructed from polypropylene or PEEK. Plastic bearings can effectively support low loads and speeds and the acetal bearings are not suitable for use in temperatures above 90C. The PEEK bearings however, can be used at higher temperatures up to 260C.

Popular and Metric Ball Bearings - We have a range of popular and small ball bearings often requested by customers. These varieties are available in shielded, sealed or open and manufactured from chrome steel. As well as this they can withstand heavy radial loads and are available in the EZO range too. Noise sensitive applications can also benefit from the EZO brand or the P6 low noise electric motor grade bearings.

We have a broad range of products available for sale and if there is an item that you require but you don't see it on our website, please contact our team who will be happy to help you to see if we can find the ball bearing that you require.

Below are just some of the applications for SMB products:

  • Automotive Bearings - wiper motor bearings, alternator bearings, steering system bearings etc. The automotive bearings supplied by SMB are built to last and the EZO factory offer bearings for the industry which meet the relevant guidelines and have acquired TS16949 approval, a quality management system which establishes very high standards.
  • Bakery Bearings - bearings for maintenance free performance in temperatures of up to 300C.
  • Bicycle Bearings - bottom bracket bearings and hub bearings. Whether you require bike bearings for road bikes or mountain bikes, we supply a number of different types to suit. The thin section radial ball bearings or cartridge bearings are available with metal shields, contact seals or low friction seals made from rubber. Our EZO range also provides high quality chromium steel or 440 grade stainless steel which offers greater durability. Furthermore, the standard, lubricant in shielded or sealed bearings are resistant to water and include durable lithium grease.
  • Clock Bearings - miniature bearings with a very light instrument oil or completely dry for free movement
  • Corrosion-resistant Bearings- for marine or chemical environments including stainless steel bearings, acetal bearings, polypropylene bearings and ceramic bearings.
  • Domestic Appliance Bearings - for vacuum cleaners, food mixers or washing machines. Finding the right bearings for domestic appliances can prove a challenge as there are so many contaminants. Certain materials can emit vapours, known as out gassing and as such the bearings need to be selected carefully to ensure that they can withstand exposure to the contaminants. Stainless steel as well as ceramics are often the recommended ball bearing materials for vacuum or clean room applications. In addition care should be taken when choosing the bearing lubricant for vacuum or clean rooms as many of the greases can vaporise to an unacceptable level resulting in environmental contamination.
  • Electric Motor Bearings- low noise EMQ grade bearings for noise or vibration critical applications such as hard disk drive motors, servo motors, encoders, vcr capstan motors, vcr drum spindles and polygonal mirror scanner motors.
  • Fishing Reel Bearings - low vibration bearings with oil or grease lubrication for smooth operation.
  • Food Machinery Bearings - stainless steel food grade bearings with approved food greases for motors or food conveyors.
  • Instrument Bearings - oil lubricated or lubricant free instrument bearings for use in small measuring instruments.
  • Medical Equipment Bearings - stainless steel instrument bearings and larger stainless steel bearings for all types of medical equipment.
  • RC Models - for use in radio control cars, slot cars, planes, boats and helicopters as well as model trains.
  • Skate Bearings - precision roller skate bearings, skateboard bearings and in-line skate bearings
  • Vacuum Bearings - dry bearings, moly-disulphide treated or vacuum greased bearings.

We provide regular offers and have designed plenty of ways for our clients to save money through long term supplies and volume orders, with our offers regularly being open to those only purchasing for a one off project.

Whilst costing is vital in today's business, our products are impressively designed. Whether our clients need to find high precision miniature bearings or standard precision stainless steel bearings we are able to meet your requirements.

The team at SMB Bearings will help assist all of our customers, past and present, with identifying the right ball bearing for the job. We will pick orders quickly to suit and will always suggest the correct data sheet, where technical information is of importance, and will only deliver the products you need be that standard or precision products.

We invite our customers to send us drawings in order to make suggestions and will advise where cost savings can be made.

Bearing Cleaning & Degreasing

We also have an in-house degreasing and lubrication facility which allows us to supply our bearings with a choice of lubrication. We can also degrease and relubricate your own bearings to order.

Weather Vanes (stainless steel bearings)

Electric motor bearings, plastic bearings, miniature bearings, degreasing and re-lubrication - the options are endless

Our expansive inventory of specialist bearings and re-lubrication options fulfils the needs of our clients. This is why we are renowned as one of the best suppliers in the UK.

The products we choose to stock are innovative, designed for varying applications, tough and lasting.

Our team is attentive to all of the enquiries we receive, despite whether those enquiries relate to large or small orders. We take care with our orders and will always offer our professional experience and product knowledge to correctly identify items that can be used for the application.

We reliably deliver on time, are selective on the products that we choose and can assist our clients right from the planning and drawing stage, to the very last miniature bearing required.

Skateboard Bearings & Miniature Bearings

Meeting strict quality guidelines and selectively choosing the perfect bearing for your application

Our team is committed to perfecting every order and correctly selecting items that are perfect for the project in hand.

Should you require assistance with identifying just one perfect ball bearing, want us to find the right plastic or stainless steel bearing, or would like to speak to us about fulfilling a large order and help maintain your own stock levels then our exceptional team are ready to pass on their knowledge and expertise.

We have been able to surpass other businesses who serve the same industries as we do, because we have developed our team to perfectly place every ball bearing and match them up to every application accurately, without error.

We can fully customise contracts to suit, should you require a long term order fulfilment. And we will consistently act reliably by supporting you and your business, supplying hard wearing products that last, and a service that is second to none.

This gives you confidence in our superior products and service, ensuring our overall capability meets your high demands.

The whole extensive product inventory is shown on our website and updated regularly to reflect the catalogue of stock we have at our premises in Oxon.

Should you require data sheets containing technical data, we will post or email promptly. Engineers are welcome to contact us directly and any missing information can be requested directly by telephoning or emailing us.

Our passionate and knowledgeable team are ready to answer questions and correctly identify the right miniature bearings for your project. We will adapt prices reflecting offers and discounts on the invoice, and any specific order requests will be dealt with immediately.

SMB Bearings Team