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Mercury Labels Specialist Thermal Label Suppliers and Stockists of Inkjet Labels, Laser Labels, Waterproof Labels and more...

About Mercury Labels

Customers are demanding exquisite quality even with cheap labels and our clients are rarely disappointed. If it's a fine standard of products that our clients need, be it laser labels, thermal, waterproof labels, removeable labels, inkjet labels, then that's exactly what our clients will receive - superb quality at surprisingly flexible prices.

Waterproof Labels

Mercury Labels are a forward thinking company that manufactures superior quality laser labels, waterproof labels, inkjet labels for use with varying office equipment. We work with our clients in order to individualise labels, because of this we prepare work that meets exact client specifications and leaves no room for error.

We have expanded our now massive range of labels since 1997 and pride ourselves on the ability to supply a vast array of quality products that are used within all manner of industries to identify items, mark letters and packaging, help maintain product inventories, address and monitor stock, and prevent theft.

Cheap Labels

Some of our supplies include standard labels that can be supplied to suit low budgets as we realise at this time that clients are looking to enhance business whilst maintaining low outgoings.

With an outstanding range of products from thermal labels to durable vinyl labels and tamper proof labels we welcome our customers to find a higher quality alternative.

Our outstanding team have superior experience when it comes to designing custom made labels, proof reading artwork and finishing off with a rapid service that is unparalleled.

Premium quality cheap labels in standard or bespoke sizes & pre-printed or supplied blank for customer overprinting

As an outstanding thermal label supplier, all of our products are made up with premium quality materials to manufacture cheap labels that outlast our competitors.

Labels should add impact and do the job they were supposed to do.

The laser labels and inkjet labels that we supply can be provided in a varied range of standard sizes, and of course we offer the opportunity to select a bespoke size that fits the equipment they will be used for just perfectly.

Thermal Labels

Our personalised labels can offer a wonderful way for varying industries to retain branding consistency by including company logos', mission statements or taglines when we pre-print.

With a gloss or matt finish, and choice of full colour, and opportunity to print labels to our client's specific sizes, the product can be unique and offer an impressive way to compliment the rest of our customer's stationery.

Set up costs attract minimal fees that, when compared to over-printing blank labels in house, can mean our client avoids the high costs of setting up machinery and equipment - leaving Mercury Labels to expertly print up labels and supply them within required timescales.

Thermal Label Supplier

All labels supplied are ideal for use in most office equipment including laser printers, inkjet printers and copiers. With peelable, permanent or freeze adhesive we can

We'll supply popular quantities and sizes but would always recommend for our customers to speak to us about particular sizing and quantity requirements so that we can offer a bespoke solution.

Through the concept design, the production process and despatch we exceed expectations

Label Size

The size required will usually be determined by the size of the office equipment the labels will need to fit into. If a company desires a logo or text to be pre-printed onto the label, it will need to be sized to fit the logo comfortably.

Another issue governing the size will be its application - knowing the size of the parcel it will be applied to or the final impact, makes it easier for our technical design team to advise on the best fit.

Ability to Use Labels with Ease

Items like quick peel labels, tamper proof labels or inkjet labels all must be produced using different materials in order to ensure they are suitable for use in such a way.

Its ease of use is vital so that the highest efficiency is possible - it's important that our labels don't use up your time, instead they should make the most out of your time by being usable in the shortest time possible.


Popular quantities are larger packs that make the most of any budget and avoid constant re-ordering.

Knowing how many labels clients will need and how regularly they will be used, the team will guide our clients so that the best possible quantities are supplied to suit your business.


Thermal printers, inkjets, lasers and copiers may all require slightly differing sizing and finishes.

We make use of dynamic technology so that our machinery produces labels that can be adapted for use within the office environment.

Blank Labels Clear Labels Coloured Labels Thermal Label Printers

Established label suppliers that work tirelessly to achieve what our customers want us to

We exceed expectations through our whole process because our solutions have worked for some large and small inspirational companies across UK industries.

Striving to gain clear understanding of our customers' requirements from the outset, we endeavour to communicate closely throughout the design and production processes, and build efficient solutions and customer relationships that outshine other thermal label suppliers servicing the same industry.

With all of our clients benefiting from a wealth of experience and enhanced buying power, a superior growth plan strategy is in place at Mercury Labels and we remain at the crest of our industry.

Passing cost savings onto our customers, our cheap labels continue to remain premium quality. Contact us today!