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Tsbd K9

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Web design and Development
K9 are a web design and development agency located in Farnborough, Hampshire. We create gorgeous, technically functional websites for small and medium sized business. We provide design and development consultancy to digital agencies and we support and consult large blue chip companies in the UK.

We do everything web, we love everything web, we are everything web. We are The Small Brown Dogs. We do all this so that you don’t have to, we put ourselves in the mind of our clients and, with an innovative approach, make your website dreams come true. It’s our game, it’s our domain and it’s what we’re exceptionally good at. Best of all we can do all of this without breaking the bank.

In fact we’re not just exceptionally good at what we do, we are the dogs!

About K9
Officially formed in 2011 to expand upon the services of TSBD, which began trading in 2004, K9′s mission is to provide exceptional quality design and development, support and consultancy services completely driven by client satisfaction. To our clients we are not just a contracted service, we are an extension to their company.

K9 sets new standards in quality and satisfaction in all aspects of web design and development. We treat each client as unique but we also treat them the same way as we would any business we serve, no matter the size. Our success is tailored completely from the success of our client’s businesses and we know this.

It is our goal to not only provide web and development services but to educate businesses of the importance in the use of the Internet and a website to help their businesses succeed. This is why we do not only offer some very competitively priced services but we also offer free consultation.

Where we came from
The Small Brown Dog, also known as TSBD originally formed and started trading in 2004 as a sole trader. Starting as a side project to learn more skills, help others learn skills and help small businesses realise the importance of a website, offering our gentle paws to develop their online presence TSBD became successful very quickly. This became an issue as we wanted to be in a position to be able to support our clients while growing without any interference. Because of this, for 7 years we tamed the dog to average a small but comfortable client base.

We realised that If we really wanted to help businesses, we needed to become more experienced ourselves and be more aware of “the good” and “the bad” that is out there in the web design industry. Because of that we sat back and watched, much like little small brown dogs do when they see potential.

Sitting back, forming bullet proof strategies for the best way to provide services so that both our clients and us, as a team, benefit. Watching other design and development companies and agencies succeed as well as fail we happened to have learned some very good lessons and principles. These lessons and principles we now abide by day in day out because we realise that failure is always around the corner for any business, and we do not fail. We do however enjoy the wagging of the tail and a tickle on the belly.

In 2011 we had gained enough from watching and learning, we had planned many plans and we had grew to a comfortable size. Sitting back was then becoming a huge problem for us, this time because of our need to please, our need to help others succeed and our need to provide exceptional services at exceptional prices. To put it simple, times are changing and 2011 to 2012 is the year of The Small Brown Dog!

Getting bigger changed The Small Brown Dog, we grew K9′s. We are more fierce and spectacular than ever before and we’re ready to show the world what we have to offer it.

What we can do for you
K9 can provide you with all the online services you require, from simple designs to fully fledged content managed integral intranets and extranets. Below outlines the main services we provide:

  • Consultancy
  • Design and build (New, re-skinning, branding and optimisations)
  • Development (New, additional and modified functionality)
  • Content Management Systems (CMS)
  • E-commerce
  • Mobile websites
  • Native mobile application development (iPhone, Android etc)
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • Planning
  • Idea Development (Innovation)
  • Managed Web Hosting

How we work
How we work is structured to be simple. You will only have to put in as much involvement as you want to. We understand businesses are busy, that’s why we take the lead.

1. Give us a bark
The first and most important step is getting in contact with us. Let us know your goals, objectives and if possible information about your business. From there we will guide you through every aspect of the services we provide, we make your life simple.

2. Tie the lead to the dog
K9 will provide you advice and consultation, and then a proposal for our services. If you wish to use our services we will agree on a price and provide you a work plan. Upon a mutual agreement it’s time for us to take the lead. We are always able to tailor our services to the need of our clients, so go on, contact us, you have nothing to lose, only something to gain.

3. Let us take the lead
We then take the lead and provide you the services you need. As a personal requirement of our own we will exceed your expectations, for free!

4. A mans best friend
And that we are! We will continue to advise, consult and support your business in every way we can. Don’t think of us as a contracted service, think of us as an extension to your business.

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