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Advanced Chemical Specialties

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Advanced Chemical Specialties

Looking for intumescent paints, fire paints and anti
mould paints? Then you're looking for
Advanced Chemical Specialities.

For quality specialist paints and coatings, such as intumescent paints, fire paints and anti mould paints, there really is only one supplier you should be talking to - Advanced Chemical Specialties (ACS) Ltd. We develop and manufacture a wide range of specialist paints and materials for both interiors and exteriors and can provide the best advice on which products suit your needs best.

When it comes to intumescent paints, fire paints and other fire retardant products, no one has more expertise. What's more, we also specialise in wood preservatives and anti mould paints, so whatever your needs are, you can be pretty sure, we've have the product you need and the expertise you need to apply it effectively.

Advanced Chemical Specialties work with businesses and trades people, as well as with the residential market. So if you need products to prevent or treat dry rot, wet rot, woodworm or to protect against fire, water, decay, erosion, bacteria or mould, get in touch. We've got the products you need at very competitive prices.

ACS Antimould

Quarter of a century of expertise

Here, at Advanced Chemical Specialities, it isn't only our superb products, such as our anti mould paints or fire paints that has given us such a great reputation. We have been solving problems for people for over 25 years. That's a lot of history. In that time, we've built up a lot of expertise in the manufacture of protective coverings and materials, such as intumescent paints and preservative treatments for timber. Many of our people have been with us since the beginning too, which means we also have the talent to put our coatings technology to work.

Intumescent paints and fire paints are just two of our specialisms. We also have a track record in dealing with condensation problems and mould. That's why more and more private individuals and businesses are coming to us for our huge range of anti mould paints and solutions.

And don't think that just because we're a business dealing in chemical materials, we aren't environmentally friendly. All our products are produced using the most environmentally friendly processes and the majority of our paints and coatings are water based. So if you care about the environment, you've another reason for choosing us for your fire paints and anti mould paints. What's more, you'll be joining a long list of respected clientele that includes housing associations, local authorities, the Ministry of Defence and energy companies.

Dry and Wet Rot

A wide selection of effective fire paints and intumescent paints

Fire paints and intumescent paints are an essential part of any building's fire protection system. That's why we've invested heavily in making the most effective fire paints there are - ones that can be used on steel as well as timber and plasterboard.

Our intumescent paints have been designed to be suitable for the outdoors, as well as interiors and have been developed to provide maximum protection for hardwood, softwood, MDF, chipboard, melamine and even bamboo. In fact, our fire paints are so advanced they can be used on treated surfaces, such as those that have been varnished. Of course, they're equally effective on bare, untreated surfaces.

Quality is one thing, but when it comes to choice, you'll discover you have plenty of options there too. Our fire paints and intumescent paints come in a variety of clear, white and coloured finishes depending on your needs. Many are ideal for underfoot fire prevention, as well as lathe and plaster.

With Advanced Chemical Specialties Ltd, quality comes first. All our products meet all legislative requirements and the highest standards testing. Our intumescent paints meet EN 1364-1:1999 standards and our fire paints comply with EN 13501-1:2002 and EN 1364-1:1999. Furthermore, all our products are tested in independent laboratories. When you buy from Advanced Chemical Specialties, you are buying only the best.

Fire Protection

Anti mould paints that really work.

We're very proud of our anti mould paints and you'll find detailed instructions on how to apply all our anti mould paints and products on our website. Our anti mould paints are perfect when making refurbishments or on new structures and protect against both mould and bacteria.

We also have high quality surface biocides such as Boracol 10RH that are capable of preventing algae, fungi, lichens and other microorganisms from spoiling the look of your property, or worse still, damaging the structure. Boracol 10RH is known to one of the most effective when it comes to controlling organic growth and is HSE approved.

Standard and ACS Treatment

Standard coatings

ACS Antimould Paint

Surgically Clean.

Of course, the interiors of many buildings, such as hospitals and food processing plants, not only need to be clean of visible microbial attack, but need to be hygienically sterile. Our ACS Biosan® range of hygiene coatings has been designed specifically for these types of environments.

The ACS Biosan® range is effective against E.Coli 0157, Salmonella, Staphylococcus Aureus, Listeria and many other types of bacteria dangerous to human health, so is ideal for clinical environments. However, this means it is also suitable for food preparation areas such as kitchens and canteens, complying with the all food hygiene regulations, including EC 852/2004.

Bacterial Growth Protection

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