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"adhere” from INTERTRONICS - dedicated to providing quality adhesive solutions to high technology, high performance assembly industries, incorporating outstanding levels of technical support and customer service.

The adhere concept covers our range of adhesives, encapsulants, coatings, sealants and tapes as well as the associated dispensing, curing and surface preparation equipment and materials used in the manufacturing and assembly processes. Also our Opti-tec brand of adhesives.

Sales partners include: Araldite, Thinky, Fisnar, DYMAX, Circuit Technology, DTIC, Plato, Practical Components, Sipel, Techspray, 3DT Corona Treating Systems, Permalex, Ultratape, SolderQuick.

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Adhesives, Coatings & Sealants

Intertronics adhesives, coatings and sealantsWe supply a growing range of adhesives, coatings, sealants and gaskets for the high technology, high performance assembly industries. One specialty is UV adhesives and light curing adhesives.

  • UV and visible light curing adhesives
  • Conductive adhesives - electrically conductive, thermally conductive
  • Structural adhesives - epoxies, polyurethanes and methacrylates
  • Coatings & encapsulants
  • Silicone adhesives, sealants, encapsulants & potting compounds
  • Professional cyanoacrylate adhesives
  • Transfer adhesives
  • Surface treatment
  • UV curing equipment, UV lamps, blacklights
  • Adhesives for medical device assembly
  • Adhesives for optics, fibre optics & opto-electronics


UV Lamps, UV Curing Equipment, Blacklights

Intertronics UV lamps, UV curing equipment and blacklightsWe supply a comprehensive range of UV lamps and equipment. Our primary applications are the curing of UV and light cure adhesives, coatings and polymers, and the use of UV for inspection. The range includes UV spot lights, UV cure lamps, UV flood curing lamps and UV conveyors.




Dispensing Equipment

Intertronics dispensing equipmentWe supply a comprehensive range of liquid dispensing equipment, ideal for adhesives, epoxies, coatings, sealants, gaskets, greases, oils - and many other fluids and pastes. We work with single component materials, and two or more component through our metering and mixing products. We have anything from simple hand-held guns to sophisticated 4-axis dispensing robots. Adhesive dispensers are our specialty. We also have a full selection of dispensing consumable products, like needles, nozzles, barrels, syringes and cartridges.


Robotic Dispensing & Assembly

Intertronics robotic dispensing and assemblyThe leading range of benchtop robots for automated dispensing of adhesives, coatings, sealants, gaskets, inks, solder paste and many other liquids and materials used in manufacturing. They can be user-configured for pick & place, screwdriving, track cutting, curing and the like. We install and customise these robots with benches, enclosures, conveyors and integration.



Medical Device Manufacture

Intertronics medical device manufactureAdhesives for the assembly of disposable medical devices. Bonding plastics, metal, ceramics, glass, and other standard substrates used in the industry

  • Medical grade UV curing adhesives from DYMAX
  • Medical grade cyanoacrylate adhesives from DYMAX
  • Medical grade epoxy adhesives from Opti-tec


UV Curing Equipment
Spot lamps, flood lamps and UV conveyors for curing adhesives used in medical device manufacture. LED UV curing lamps. UV process control instruments, radiometers.

Dispensing equipment
Full range of dispensing equipment from manual to fully automated robotic systems. For dispensing adhesives, coatings, inks, fluids, etc. Dispensing valves and consumables.

Mixing equipment
Equipment for mixing and metering two or multipart materials. THINKY - mix, disperse and degas your materials in seconds to minutes, in a sealed or lid-less container such as a jar, beaker, syringe tube or cartridge. Metering and mixing equipment. Machines for dosing liquids.


Optics, Fibre Optics & Opto-Electronics
Intertronics optics, fibre optics and opto-electronicsWe supply a range of materials for assembly solutions in the optics, fibre optics, photovoltaics and opto-electronics arenas. They include specialist adhesives and materials with optical characteristics like refractive index or transmission. We also supply dispensing and curing equipment for these materials. We include specialist cleaning and handling products for optical manufacturers and service companies.

Some of our Sales Partners in this area include DYMAX, ACC, Opti-tec & Techspray.


PCB Assembly, Soldering & Surface Mount
Intertronics PCB Assembly, Soldering and Surface MountWe supply a range of consumable and unique products used during printed circuit board assembly. They include solder masking materials, wave soldering tools, pcb racks and magazines, tooling, screen and stencil printing and cleaning products.

Some of our Sales Partners in this area include Techspray, Plato and Practical Components.



Rework and Repair
Intertronics rework and repairWe supply a full range of products for printed circuit and electronics rework and repair.




Intertronics cleaning productsIntertronics supplies a number of cleaning products for high technology applications.






Static Control
Intertronics static controlIntertronics supplies a number of products for the control of static charge generation, or which are safe to use in ESD Protected Areas.





Adhesive Tapes

Intertronics adhesive tapesWe supply a range of specialist self adhesive tapes for masking, structural, fixturing, shielding and insulating applications. The capabilities are very extensive and flexible, and special packaging and die-cutting is available.





Intertronics maskingWe supply a range of specialist masking products and stop-off media for soldering, conformal coating, painting, powder coating and other surface treatment processes.




Vacuum Tools
Intertronics vacuum toolsIntertronics supplies a number of vacuum tools designed for picking up and manipulating small parts. We have electric, pneumatic and hand tools, and an extensive range of vacuum nozzles and vacuum cups.



Intertronics Blog
Intertronics blogOur blog or web log is a bit like a diary or a journal. We use our blog to give our customers, suppliers and stakeholders the chance to get regular updates of what's happening, not only with us and our people and products, but also in the world in which we operate - we service the high technology, high performance assembly industries. Read it now for new product announcements, changes to our website, success stories and general news.