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International Gas Detectors Ltd

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International Gas Detectors (IGD) are specialists in gas detection. They develop, manufacture and market a complete range of gas detection products designed to protect people and plant against gas hazards in industry, research and commercial applications.

International Gas Detectors were formally known as Richard Oliver Ltd and Oliver IGD Ltd; however the company changed its name to International Gas Detectors Ltd to embrace its former division. IGD have been leaders in gas detection technology for over 90 years, since the company's establishment in 1919.

Based in the UK, IGD ensure that their products are manufactured to the highest quality and their gas safety products can be found worldwide. Their gas detection technology has been employed widely for the last 15 years in all industries ranging from the Offshore and Onshore Oil and Gas Industry to Construction, Building Management and Ventilation.

International Gas Detectors Ltd offers an extensive and versatile product range with detector heads for every possible environment. Their products range from Domestic gas detection such as the Toc-10 series of Flammable Gas Detectors which are state of the art for gas detection in residential buildings, commercial kitchens, schools and general building services; to IGD's Tocsin 102 series of Flammable and Toxic Gas Detectors that provide the perfect gas monitoring solution, which are suitable for the Process Industry and Marine Gas Detection. To meet the requirements of the expanding Building Management Systems Industry IGD also offer their own range of Sensors Ltd products, providing a full range of sensors, including: Natural Gas Detectors, LPG Gas Detectors, Oxygen Gas Detectors, Carbon Dioxide Gas Detectors, Carbon Monoxide Gas Detectors, Temperature Sensors, Gas Proving and Fan Interlock Systems and many more.

IGD provide a variety of installation, calibration, commissioning and repair services to keep your personnel and plant safe. Not only do IGD present on-going traceable calibration and maintenance for their own gas detection systems but also those from other major brands of detection equipment.

With their extensive history within the industry they can also impart a wide assortment of practical advice and information for application of their equipment in Boiler Houses, Plant Rooms, Chiller Plant, Swimming Pools, HVAC Systems, Car Parks, Laboratories, Schools, Universities, Hospitals, Sheltered Accommodation, High Rise Accommodation, Ventilation plus many more with specific application notes to assist in selecting the correct products for your application.