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Ventx Industrial Air Silencers

With today's strict regulatory guidelines, noise reduction on industrial sites is more important than ever. And, to meet those guidelines, you need silencing equipment that has been built to meet the most stringent guidelines in terms of quality and quality standards compliance. That's why, for industrial air silencers, your first choice should be Ventx Ltd.

Ventx have been working in industrial silencing for a number of years, with over 10 years experience in the design of industrial silencers. We have developed the business using over 40 years of knowledge in acoustics and 35 years in manufacturing to deliver the very best products to customers. We work with a diverse range of businesses in the petrochemical and service industries and we offer practical, affordable solutions to address noise issues with venting and pipework.

When working in industry, noise is a very difficult issue to address and many businesses are at a loss to know how to reduce levels of noise to acceptable standards. We use our advanced technologies and software to create effective solutions which deliver noise reduction products allowing business owners to focus on what they do best; managing the business. We have worked extremely hard to create a program to assess noise levels using detailed data collected from our customers. The team at Ventx also set very high standards for the design and manufacture of noise reduction products so we can deliver innovative solutions which address problematic noise issues.

Industrial Air Silencers

High quality industrial silencers made to your precise specifications

When it comes to industrial gas silencers and industrial air silencers, we make sure all our products comply to UK and international legislation, but our service doesn't end there. Our customers need industrial silencers that meet the unique needs of their businesses too. That's why we'll take the time to talk to you, understand your needs and manufacture the most suitable industrial gas silencers and industrial air silencers for your company's needs.

Of course, all our products comply with the Control of Noise at Work Regulations 2005 and Environmental Noise Regulations 2007.

Our range of silencing equipment

About Ventx Industrial Silencers

In 40 years, Ventx Industrial Silencers has revolutionised industrial silencers design. Working with a range of companies within the petrochemical and service industries, we knew that the performance and quality of our industrial silencers, whether industrial gas silencers or industrial air silencers, had to be world class, so we used a combination of diffuser design tailored to specific business use. Using sophisticated computer technology, we continued to improve our industrial silencers over the years, integrating an absorptive core section into some of our products for even better performance and reliability.

It was these tailor-made solutions for our clients that have put us where we are today - at the forefront of industrial silencers technology.

A wide variety of silencer applications

Industrial Noise Reduction

The main aim of the Ventx silencer is to reduce valve noise but it can also help to decrease the size of the valve through the effective control of back pressure. Silencer inlets provided by Ventx are expertly designed and manufactured ensuring full compliance with relevant design codes (typically the ASME B31.3) regulations and when necessary, requirements of the PED are addressed with a CE Mark.

All of the silencers produced by Ventx are of the highest quality. We use the best materials and design techniques to ensure that they can withstand thermal shocks generated by high pressure and high temperatures during operation.

Industrial silencer design that really performs

What makes our industrial silencers different is the design. A lot of work has gone into ensuring that our industrial silencers are not just fit for purpose, but excel in every respect.

For example, all our industrial gas silencers and industrial air silencers have been designed to include a back pressure to reduce valve noise and we only ever use the highest quality of materials in the manufacture of our industrial silencers, so you only ever get a product that is perfect. When you're looking for industrial gas silencers or industrial air silencers, all our industrial silencers come in an option of carbon steel or stainless steel. Simply choose the product that meets your needs best.

Our range of silencing equipment

Industrial gas silencers and industrial air silencers for every business

All our industrial silencer products are designed and manufactured in the UK and built to last. What's more, we've built long relationships with our suppliers to get the best prices, keeping our costs down, which, in turn, means when your buy from us your get industrial silencers at the most competitive prices.

As we mentioned, we take the time to learn about your company and understand your needs before we sell you anything. To do this, one of our technical experts will visit your company to evaluate what type of silencers you need and which products are most suitable for your business. Whether you need industrial gas silencers or industrial air silencers, our role is to make sure your get a robust, reliable product that works effectively for you.

Silencing equipment from Ventx

How industrial silencers work

When it comes to vent industrial silencers, these can be found in all sorts of industrial applications, including steam vents, relief valves and system blow downs, as well as purge and flare outlets - wherever there is a need to reduce noise levels. But how do they do their job?

The diameter of industrial silencers generally depend on the flow rate of the gas that passes though the device. A diffuser then shifts the sound frequencies to a higher frequency, which can be absorbed more easily by the absorptive core made from an acoustic packing material.

With in-line silencers, the whole aim is to reduce vibrations which cause noise. Here there are two distinct types: control valve silencers and direct in-line silencers. As the name suggests, the former are used with a control valve to bring about a drop in pressure, while the direct in-line silencers rely on an absorptive section to do their job.

Vent Discharge Silencers (VDS) - These industrial silencers combine our diffuser design with an absorptive core section that can be mounted vertically or horizontally. Gas enters the silencer via diffuser with an array of holes where the pressure and, subsequently, noise is reduced. Managing noise in the workplace is an issue and priority for many industrial businesses. Noise associated with the venting of pressurised gas into the air needs to be effectively monitored and relevant noise control measures are implemented to ensure that the facility adheres to relevant health and safety legislation. Vent silencers are an effective tool which significantly reduce the noise when gas is released under pressure into the atmosphere. We are a reputable provider of Vent Discharge Silencers and we can address all market requirements whether they are specific to the particular business or general to suit a certain industry or operation. Furthermore, we have a team of specialist engineers who are able to help you select the right silencer for your business so it performs as effectively as it should.

Control Valve Silencers (CVS) - These industrial silencers work on the same principle. However, these are usually designed to correspond to a pressure code, which we can identify when we evaluate the needs of your operation.. In industry, control valves or regulators can cause a significant amount of noise and the control valve silencer is an effective piece of kit which can address these noise issues. We supply a purpose built silencer which controls noise to acceptable levels.

Direct In-Line Silencer (DIS) - This type of silencer is often found on compressor inlets/outlets and operates on the basis of reducing the pressure to an absolute minimum. An absorption section to is then employed to reduce the sound produced further. If needed, these industrial silencers can be supplied as a core unit to be integrated into existing pipe work.

Steam or Industrial Gas Silencers (SES/GES) - Designed specifically for use with steam or hydrocarbon gas injectors. Again, these industrial silencers are tailor-made to match the ejector noise and flow mixture at your site.Our expertly designed steam and industrial gas silencers are used in a number of different industries in order to reduce noise which is generated through the natural expansion of steam, air or gas which is produced at very high temperatures. The SES/GES silencers that we provide are designed to reduce workplace noise levels to acceptable limits and they also decrease the prevalence of industrial noise when operations are carried out in close proximity to residential properties. Silencers are used in a number of different applications including steam and gas vents, ejectors, turbine or compressor systems and safety release valves.

All our products are suitable for use as industrial gas silencers or industrial air silencers.

Industrial Silencers

Industrial InLine Silencers

Our in-line silencers adopt very similar principles to the traditional vent silencer. The main purpose of this type of silencer is to reduce the noise related to vibration of the valves. We offer two different types of silencer for in-line applications and these include;

Control Valve Silencers - These are developed to deliver a pressure drop or back pressure, and they are frequently used in combination with a control valve of some sort. Attenuation is achieved using a combination of a diffuser and absorptive sector.

Direct Line Silencers - Specially designed to generate as little pressure loss as practically possible while achieving the correct attenuation.

Ventx have the necessary skills and expertise to manufacture both of these different in line silencers for installation in pressurised systems and in accordance with the relevant pressure design codes. In-line silencers can be varied a number of different ways and our team can design and supply diffuser silencers or insert silencers to suit your specific business requirements. The silencers that we supply are also developed in order to deliver the required back pressure which can facilitate the selection of the correct valve.

Service that's as good as our products

Whether you're looking industrial gas silencers or industrial air silencers, we have the technology and quality products to meet your needs. We also have the customer service to back up our products - something you'll discover for yourself when you call to talk to us about the industrial silencers you need for your business.

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