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About New Leaf Hydroponics


When it comes to hydroponics suppliers in Scotland, talk to the hydroponics specialists - New Leaf Hydroponics. No one has a bigger choice of products or more expertise in growing equipment for the indoor environment. With outlets in Arbroath and Dundee, for hydroponics Scotland, make us your first choice.

The hydroponics suppliers for everyone.

Hydroponics Supplier New Leaf Hyrdroponics

Whether you're an amateur or professional indoor grower, we are the hydroponics specialists with everything you need. From all types of indoor plant lighting and hydroponic grow systems to organic horticultural supplies and grow room equipment, we are the hydroponics suppliers of choice in Scotland.

But what makes us the number one hydroponics specialists is our professional advice. Simply tell us what it is you're growing and we'll point you in the direction of the best indoor growing system for that plant or vegetable.

Our job is to make it easier than ever for you to grow plants and vegetables indoors using hydroponics.

Hydroponics Scotland.

If you live in Scotland then we are the hydroponics specialists for you. Visit us at our outlets in Arbroath or Dundee to see our wide range of hydroponics products and accessories. Alternatively, visit our online store at www.newleafhydroponics.co.uk. We can deliver throughout Scotland and the UK for a small fee.

If you're just starting out why not invest in our start-up kit for just £550? It has everything you need to get started. It's initiatives like this one that make us one of the UK's most popular hydroponics specialists.

hydroponic products

Buy your products from the UK's top hydroponics specialists.

hydroponic products

Additives & Boosters


Whatever you're growing, we have a wide range of supplements to get your plants growing faster and stronger. Our range includes all popular products including Biobiz, Dutch Master and Vitalink.

Additives and Boosters
hydroponic products

CO2 and Nutrients


CO2 has been proved to get plants growing faster. Check out our range of CO2 supplements and accessories and see the evidence for yourself. As the UK's biggest hydroponics suppliers, we also stock PH management products to ensure the correct acidity for your plants.

Plant Nutrients
hydroponic products



Irrigation fittings stocked in sizes ranging from 44mm to 19mm.

hydroponic products

DIY kits


It's our complete kits what makes us Scotland's best hydroponic specialists. Visit our website at www.newleafhydroponics.co.uk for a huge range of kits to suit the needs of every indoor gardener. From highly affordable Amazon and GT kits to IWS pot systems and our ever-popular starter kits, there's something for everyone - all at a price that's right.

Starter Kits
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A full range of pumps and controllers always available to make sure your plants get the oxygen and nutrients they need.

Pumps and Accessories
hydroponic products



Nothing is more important to raising strong plants than giving them a good start in life. That's why it's so important to get the right sort of propagator and rooting mediums for your plants. One of our assistants will be pleased to help you on the most appropriate system for your plants.

hydroponic products

Pest and Disease Control


A pest attack can wipe out your entire indoor garden. Keep your plants protected with our wide range of pest and disease control solutions, including traps and sprays.

Plant Pest and Disease Control
hydroponic products

Miscellaneous accessories


Our stock is too big to mention everything here. But, as one of the biggest hydroponic suppliers in the country, we have every possible accessory you need for your indoor gardening, including odour control and ventilation systems, as well as growing tents and canopies.

hydroponic products

Light up your life with an indoor garden.


Lighting is of crucial importance when starting an indoor garden. And, as you might expect from one of the UK's biggest hydroponic suppliers, our range is huge. In fact, it's so big that it warrants a section all to itself.

hydroponic products



This is an important piece of equipment if you're running a variety of lights, so talk to our staff to make sure you get the one that suits your needs best. High quality Lumatek electronic ballasts always in stock.

hydroponic products



A huge range of energy conscious, high wattage bulbs to make sure your plants get the light and heat they need to thrive.

hydroponic products

Light fittings and hangers


Again, a huge range always in stock. Talk to staff for the best set-up for your particular needs.

Light hangers
hydroponic products

Lighting accessories


Get the most from your lighting set up with our range of timers, heat shields and movers. The right lighting scheme will ensure you get the most from your indoor plants. We're one of the few hydroponic suppliers to stock the full range of Powerplant reflector and shading technology. Star lighting kits also available.

Lighting accessories
hydroponic products

Service we can be proud of.


As hydroponic specialists we are proud of the expertise we can offer our customers. If you need advice on any aspect of hydroponics Scotland or anywhere else in the UK, simply get in touch. You can contact us and order by phone, email or on our online shop. If you're nearby, why not pop in and see the region's top hydroponic suppliers?

We accept payment by every method too - even Paypal. And, when it comes to delivery, we won't let you down! You can expect your delivery within 3-5 days and our delivery charges will put a smile on your face. It's just £7 for every delivery up to 15kg, £14 up to 30KG and £21 for weights over and above that. A surcharge is applicable for the Northern Ireland and UK islands.

Best of all, we're one of the few hydroponics suppliers to offer a full 30-day money back guarantee.

It's service like this that makes New Leaf Hydroponics the best hydroponics specialists in Scotland.

Turn over a new leaf in indoor gardening with New Leaf Hydroponics.

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