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The slate tiling and flat roofing specialists since 1921, guttering, upvc facia and soffits fitted, roofs can be repaired or renewed, All our roofers are fully trained and carry out all works to the highest standards. Carrying out minor roofing repairs at an early stage can very often prevent major and more costly work being required at a future date. If in doubt why not give us a call for a free inspection and estimate, without obligation. Flat roof whatever the material used for covering your flat roof, it is sensible to carry out a routine inspection of its current condition at least once a year. Important check the roof after high winds storms and before and after the winter. Check for signs of deteriorations such as: slipping slates, missing tiles or crumbling cement fillets. Gutterings, guttering collects the rainwater that runs down a roof and leads it to a down pipe, through which the water is discharged into a drain, Good rainwater disposal is vital in preventing damp developing in the fabric of the house, Maintenance, The roof and upper parts of the builiding such as chimneys and parapet walls, must be kept in sound condition if they are to remain weatherproof. Failure of the roof covering can cause an expensive deterioration of the underlying timber structure, the interior plaster fabric and the decorative finishing.


So call the professionals for any roof problem you may have.


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