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Red Rooster Industrial (UK) Ltd

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Red Rooster Industrial UK Limited

Air Hoists, Pneumatic Hoists, Air Winches, Electric Winches and more from Red Rooster Industrial (UK) Limited

About Us

With over twenty years experience in providing and maintaining quality lifting equipment, winching equipment and load measuring equipment to customers all over the globe, Red Rooster are your ideal lifting, winching and load measuring equipment partners.

At Red Rooster, we are specialists in the sales, repair and rental of a variety of equipment including air hoists, electric winches, snatch blocks, air winches, electric chain hoists, hydraulic winches, load measuring equipment, wire rope hoists and wire rope spoolers.

The Red Rooster Factory

Our premises comprise of over 1000 square metres of modern, purpose built workshops, designed for efficient equipment servicing and production. We also have over 1000 square meters of warehousing to store our spare parts and more.

With centres based in the West Midlands in England and Aberdeenshire in Scotland, we can ensure a speedy and efficient response to all our customer orders and enquiries.


At Red Rooster we offer a standard range of products, but in addition to this we also have our own 'in house' design facility.

By having our own design team we can tailor our existing products or start from scratch to design new ones and make custom made solutions for any of your pulling, lifting or load measuring needs. Our years of experience allow us to offer our customers an outstanding level of service in providing a solution to any challenging application.

All of our products are thoroughly tried and tested in some of the most demanding applications in the industry. Our product range is one of the most comprehensive available anywhere and covers a wide range of power, configuration and load capacities.

Air Hoists


Powered Winches

Powered Winches

Manual Winches

Manual Winches

Electric Chain Hoists

Electric Chain Hoists

Electric Wire Rope Hoists

Electric Wire Rope Hoists

Pneumatic Hoists

Pneumatic Wire Rope Hoists

Snatch Blocks



Load Measuring Equipment

Load Measurement Equipment

Snatch Blocks


Wire Rope Spoolers

Manufacturing & Testing

Our manufacturing facility is full with the latest CNC machines, manufacturing products to close tolerances which results in the highest quality of products for our customers.


We are highly capable of working on multiple production runs or manufacturing single items as necessary, and our customers enjoy fantastic lead times on all our products.

Every one of our products goes through the most rigorous examination and testing before release. We have our own testing facilties which allow us to carry out a range of load testing for winches up to 20 tonnes and for trolleys and hoists up to 30 tonnes.

Our Rental Fleet

We use only our own Red Rooster fleet for our rental products to give you the best value and the highest stndards of quality for your budget.

All of our equipment is throughly inspected and tested on a number of occasions throughout the rental process to ensure it is in the best possible condition each time we rent it out. You can be sure that you are hiring the best possible hoist and winching equipment you need for your project.

Our rental fleet includes air hoists, electric hoists, air trolleys, electric trolleys, air winches, air spoolers, load cells, load shackles, running line monitors, crane weighers, data loggers and chart recorders.

  • Over 320 Pneumatic hoists including 30 over 25 tonne capacity.
  • Pneumatic trolleys up to 50 tonne capacity.
  • Special Low headroom hoists and trolleys up to 25 tonne capacity.
  • Spark resistant hoists and trolleys.
  • Air winches up to 10 tonne capacity.
  • Air spoolers fitted with a brake, clutch, and built into a lifting frame.
  • Over 100 load measuring links and shackles, including two 250 Tonne load shackles.
  • Hydrostatic and Electronic Crane weighers.
  • Running line monitors both electronic and hydrostatic.
  • Data loggers and chart recorders.
  • Electric hoists and trolleys up to 5 tonne.

Repair Program & Guarantee

  • All equipment is carefully dismantled on receipt
  • After dismantling, a full report and quotation will be issued in order for the customer to decide on the viability of the repair.
  • Once the repair is authorised, it is dealt with promptly and efficiently.
  • Red Rooster will return all the parts that are replaced to the customer.
  • We will endeavour to ensure your equipment will look like new.
  • After we repair the customer's equipment it will perform as good as new.
  • We provide a 6 month warranty for the equipment against any defect in our work (although misuse and a lack of maintenance are excluded from this guarantee).

Contact Us

If you're interested in learning about our products and services then an easy way to do this is to download a copy of our e-brochure in pdf form which you can access from our website www.rriuk.com. Alternatively leave your name and address and we will send you a printed version.

The Red Rooster brochure will provide you with specifications on, for example, air hoists, electric hoists, load cells, air winches, and electric winches. It'll also let you know our timescales for design and manufacture and pricing for renting winches and other lifting equipment.

On the subject of renting our lifting equipment, winching equipment and load measuring equipment, we are sure it will be reassuring to know that as a Red Rooster customer you only pay for the days 'on site' works begin. You then have three days free of charge (if based within the UK) to engage return of the equipment.

Meanwhile, this summer we introduced a 50 tonne capacity calibration service in our Red Rooster West Bromwich Depot (those over 50 and up to 400 tonnes continue to be completed at our Aberdeenshire plant). We're happy to negotiate with English and Wales clients for long-term contract use of this facility.


We are proud of our reputation for our quality products and service. Our BS/EN/ISO 9001:2000 Quality System is accredited by British Standards Institute and includes manufacture, repair, supply and rental and testing of our product range.