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Shrink Sleeve - International Specialists in Heat Shrink Tubing Solutions

We have built our business on excellence, having spent over 24 years targeting a huge range of industries that require a variety of tubing application solutions.

Heat shrink tubing is widely used across a huge variety of consumer, engineering and construction industries to protect contents and joints, market and brand products and simply package items for transportation.

With shrink sleeve tubing industry requiring the most accurate applications, we have developed our extensive product range through extensive research and obsessive accuracy.

As one of the UK's leading businesses, electrical heat shrink tubing and heat shrink tubing are brought to our customers with genuinely precise planning and delivery schedules that are conducted by a committed team with only superior quality and superb service in mind.

  • Distinguished Customer Service
  • Economical Pricing Structures
  • Undeviating Quality Products

The team here at Shrink Sleeve Ltd don't just excel in customer service. We know just how important it is to be able to provide uninterrupted consistency in our products which is why we have extremely high standards which we apply to the whole of our business.

Where shrink sleeve tubing is concerned, we have fast become one of the leaders in our industry. This is because we have achieved something that our competitors often struggle to achieve - a desirable product catalogue that keeps clients happy each and every time.

All our heat shrink tubing products meet the UL, CSA, DEF, ASTM, Military, VG specifications.

Heat Shrink Tubing and Shrink Sleeve Tubing Heat Shrink Tubing and Shrink Sleeve Tubing Heat Shrink Tubing and Shrink Sleeve Tubing Heat Shrink Tubing and Shrink Sleeve Tubing Heat Shrink Tubing and Shrink Sleeve Tubing

Our Product Range Includes:

Thin wall lay-flat PET Tubing

A thin wall material made of PET that is eco-friendly that provides strong safety and outstanding electrical insulator. This product is toxic free but maintains a great deal of flexibility. This is the best choice if hazardous waste is an issue

Thin wall Fluropolymers

When applications require flame and chemical resistance, outstanding high continuous temperature rating and a rigidity for strain relief then Kynar and Teflon are normally used. They also maintain a fantastic resistance to cut-through and abrasion

Thin wall PVC lay-flat tubing and thick wall PVC

This product resists most chemicals and oils whilst maintaining a high degree of flexibility. This is a thin and thick wall material made of PVC, of all the tubing it maintains the lowest shrink temperature and it provides great electrical insulator

Polyester Expandable Braid

This provides protection from mechanical abuse like pummeling and abrasion whilst keeping flexibility. On temperature sensitive materials this is simple and safe installation. This is a bundling of hoses, cable and wires.


Possessing the great mechanical properties of conventional synthetic rubbers Viton has the chemical and heat resistance factors that go above and beyond the vast range of other rubbers.

Film and seam tubing

To increase shelf life this economical packing is moisture, water and fungus proof. It prevents tamper evident, duplicity, pilfer proof and all round packing.

Non shrink Tubing

For outstanding mechanical performance, chemical resistance, heat resistance, excellent protection and excellent strength PVC and Hytrel non shrink tubing is provided for all industrial applications.

Thin wall and dual wall polyolefins

Available in various material types, shrink ratios and with many properties such as wire marking compounds, flame retardency, zero halogen materials and low temperature recovery grades.

We believe in the highest quality products at the best value for money.

Products and Services from Shrink Sleeve Products and Services from Shrink Sleeve Products and Services from Shrink Sleeve

Some of the services we provide are:


Our catalogue of heat shrink tubing is extensive. Because we have developed ourselves as a specialist company that serves customers worldwide, we are able to provide varying shrink levels to suit.

We will customise the chosen tubing using different materials of varying thickness, and alternative options that allow different shrink ratio to achieve accurate final pieces.


Colour printing of adhesive labels and printing and marking of sleeves on spools or in lengths cut to your requirements. Colour printing of seam tubing.

If our client wishes us to deliver orders on the reel or prefers us to cut printed products into required lengths, we are happy to oblige.

Our team are able to print using a number of colour options and will supply at a time that suits your business.


We know that the final sleeve or label profile needs to be completely individual to our clients' requirements.

Our team can offer precisely cut length sleeves to any measurement. We can perforate the shrink sleeve tubing so that it meets the necessary requirements for its final use.

And we can semi cut tubing and sleeves on spools and reels so that the order wastes much less material.

  • Cutting with perforation to seam tubing.
  • Cutting products to the required length.
  • Semi-cutting of tubing and labels on spools.

Consistent, Durable, Value for Money & A First Class Worldwide Service

Because we custom make our products, they are totally flexible to allow for many final uses.

We can help plan and design to specific project needs, and use a comprehensive materials list. Our team can manufacture electrical heat shrink tubing, braided sleeving, non-shrink and tamper/shatter proof products that are heat resistant and adaptable to many different applications. We can do this because our machine equipment is hand picked to best suit each individual project.

Polyolefin Shrink Products Polyolefin Shrink Products Polyolefin Shrink Products Polyolefin Shrink Products Flexible Abrasion Resistant Elastomer

Because we constantly deliver reliable products and a superior level of quality, we also offer our clients individual packaging options to suit.

So whether our customers require hand picked options with high specification options and bespoke products, we can deliver.

And if our clients need standard options that do not compromise on quality, we can deliver.

We constantly offer superior quality with an outstanding service. Our shrink sleeve tubing can be manufactured for use in the protection of electrical items. Electrical heat shrink tubing such as PET and Mylar provides many benefits and can help protect joins and primary materials.

We use many materials and various shrink options to achieve superior results:

  • PET & Mylar - good to the environment, sturdy protection
  • PVC - flexible or rigid solutions, low cost option
  • Polyolefin - varying shrink ratios, high operating temperatures
  • Tamper Evident & Shatter proof - durable security and protection
  • Fluoropolymer - extreme operating temperature

With many more tested products such as Elastomer and non-shrink Silicon, we are well placed to offer heat shrink tubing with differing advantages.

Polyolefin Shrink Products Polyolefin Shrink Products Polyolefin Shrink Products Polyolefin Shrink Products Polyolefin Shrink Products

If you need tubing which is heat resistant to extreme levels, proven to be resistant to chemicals, protection against abrasion and other elements or simply want rigid or flexible options then speak to our expert team today.

Our finished products are shrunk, cut and printed at our own premises and small or large orders can be completed promptly.

Shrink sleeve tubing is one of the leaders in heat shrink tubing. As a long standing company with real values, our committed team can help you find the perfect solution for your project, at prices that continue to delight our existing customers.

With quality products that are made accurately, heat shrink tubing is ideal for colour coding, sleeving, protection, insulation and branding. We will heat thin wall, medium wall, lay flat tubing, thick wall tubing and electrical heat shrink tubing in order to accomplish the required diameter and thickness.

We use innovatively designed cutting, heating and printing machinery that are as powerful as they are economical - which allows us to remain competitively priced whilst never sacrificing elements of quality.

Discover our unsurpassable reputation and experience our positive attitude to heat shrink tubing and challenge us to make and deliver your next custom made order on time, every time.

Innovative products, unparalleled service and a first-rate team, call us today.

Technical support

  • Colour matching.
  • The majority of products in stock.
  • Fast delivery.
  • Expertise in engineering development for custom applications.