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Ground Source Pumps and Air Source Pumps For Renewable Energy

The Go Eco Consultancy Company, or Gec-Co, is one of the UK's leading suppliers or renewable energy products, such as ground source pumps and air source pumps. And that's just two of the areas in which we specialise. Gec-Co is committed to the design and manufacture of high performance heat pumps, solar arrays and heat recovery units. We can even supply rainwater recovery installations to make your home even greener.

Every member of our team is an expert in what they do and all the parts for our ground source pumps and air source pumps come from quality brand manufacturers.

If you're into renewable energy, you need to get into Gec-Co.

Renewable Energy

Why the world needs more ground source pumps and air source pumps?

Globally, as fossil fuel prices continue to rise, more people than ever are looking to renewable energy for sources of power. Fossil fuels won't last forever and ground source pumps and air source pumps are fast been seen as the a cost-effective way of producing renewable energy.

Essentially, ground source pumps and air source pumps create renewable energy by recapturing sources of heat from the ground and the air in your house. This energy can then be used to heat your home.

Air Source Pumps

The benefits are enormous. Clearly, by using ground source pumps and air source pumps to heat your home, you'll be saving money. In fact, you could cut your heating bill by up to 75%. But there are many other benefits too. Firstly, our heat recovery systems are carbon-emission free. Secondly, the technology can even be used to cool your home in summer via an underfloor or fan coil system. You could even use it to heat a swimming pool. Thirdly, systems using ground source pumps and air source pumps can even be used to heat water for your domestic water needs.

Add a solar system and a rain recovery system and you'll well on your way to making your home 100% 'green'.

Ground Source Pumps

How heat pumps work

At their most basic, both ground source pumps and air source pumps work much like the technology in your refrigerator: they move heat from one place to another. Obviously, ground source pumps transfer the heat from your garden or land around your premises to you home. The sun is always there to replenish the heat in the ground that has been transferred to your house. What happens is that a tube known as a ground loop, which contains a special solution of alcohol and water, is placed in the ground. The heated solution in the loop is then connected to the ground source pumps, which send the heat generated by evaporated refrigerant in the ground source pump to the heating system in your home.

Air source pumps work pretty much along the same lines. Here, renewable energy is made when thermal energy is extracted from the air passing over a collecting plate by the air source pumps.


Air source pumps - The air source heat pump we sell is the Mitsubishi Ecodan Air Source System, one of most efficient air source pumps in the world. This is an exceptionally quiet machine thanks to the inverter controlled technology, meaning the higher the temperature, the less work the machine has to do. This system is ideal for connection to radiators, air handling units or underfloor systems.

Ground source pumps - Stiebel Eltron ground source pumps are among the best you can buy. Since these ground source pumps consist of an integrated heat pump and hot water unit, they are particularly cost effective and come in a range of power outputs from 5KW to 300KW, so there's one to meet your power needs. And, when it comes to ground loops, we can supply and install them too.

Solar thermal systems - No renewable energy company would be complete without a solar system and ours are developed by the world renowned Stiebel Eltron brand. Systems can be bought in a variety of configurations from a single panel to multi-panels. As a renewable energy source, solar power can provide 80% of a typical household's hot water and can also be used to supplement heating systems. Additionally, Gec-Co supplies both roof and ground-based photo voltaic arrays. These systems can supply most electricity of the needs within a household and can even be used to generate a profit by feeding into the electricity grid.

Underfloor heating - One of the most energy efficient ways to heat a home these days is through underfloor heating and Gec-Co can supply and fit, if required, the most appropriate system for your home, all based on renewable energy power sources. An underfloor heating system can maximise the benefit generated from ground source pumps. And, of course, all underfloor heating system can be integrated with existing radiator systems for maximum flexibility.

Rainwater recovery - With water charges on the rise, it makes sense to supplement your mains supply with a rainwater recovery system. It's also very environmentally friendly. A system from Gec-Co ensures that all rainwater collected is filtered and suitable for washing machine use, toilets and gardens. Using one of these systems, you could cut your normal water supply usage by up to 50%.

Skirting heating - Skirting heating is one of the latest ways to heat your home and a great way to improve the aesthetics of your home by replacing unsightly radiators. As the name suggests, these heating systems are set into your home's skirting and connected to the existing radiator system.

Ground Source Pump Structure

Consultancy services

Of course, here at Gec-Co we understand to get the most from the renewable energy systems we offer, you need expertise, which we are happy to provide. We can help design the most appropriate renewable energy solution for your needs on our in-house design technology. We can also ensure that your chosen system meet all building regulations including MCS compliance.

When it comes to the installation of your renewable energy technology, we can help there too. Talk to us today about the most effective ways of lowering your carbon footprint, while simultaneously lowering your energy costs.

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