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Pack it  -  Stack it  -  Rack it  -  Just Jack It!


Although best known as the original Glassjack company, our range of products is ever increasing.  To enhance the catering range, we now also manufacture Dishjacks and Cutleryjacks


Our Stackerjack range is used across a range of sectors, from schools and  laboratories to market traders.  The Karrijack range is equally versatile - housing everything from kittens to books and midwive's kits.  Cabot Autoclave Boxes are used by hospital CSSDs not only throughout the UK, but as far afield as the Middle East and even Australia! 


The Colston range of dossier/document cases and art portfolios is still popular with schools and colleges, as well as libraries and museums.


Being a small company we are flexible and approachable.  We will work with you to design the product that is right for you and take it from design to printed, polished completion.  In-house screen printing and die-cutting facilities mean small quantities can be catered for.  Although many of our products are manufactured in Correx, we are equally at home with cardboard, polypropylene and even leather!


We have often been asked 'Who's Jack?'.  When the Bristol Royal Workshop for the Blind was introducing the storage range, there was a connection with Leslie Crowther, who at the time hosted the hugely popular children's show Crackerjack, and as we understand it, Leslie was invited to help with the launch.  When the Workshop closed in 1999, it was decided to continue using the names as they had become established in people's minds.