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Glass Mirrors, Kitchen Splashbacks, Glass Shelving and Glass Furniture from Precision Glass

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At Precision Glass we provide upmarket, traditional/fashionable, bespoke glass mirrors and furnishings for your home, office, shop or other commercial premises. Glass splashbacks in particular are proving popular while glass shelving - in its many shapes and sizes - is still a big seller for bathrooms and, increasingly, halls and sittingrooms.

All our products are made in the UK in our workshops. In fact, you can come and meet the craftsman working to your bespoke design. We will also deliver to anywhere in the UK for free.

Glass can brighten a room as well as make it appear larger. This doesn't just mean erecting full size wall mirrors (which we've done in numerous hotels and shop chains over the years) but also bevelled glass cubes, bathroom and livingroom cabinets and chunky glass coffee tables.

Whatever your bespoke needs we'll be more than happy to supply exactly what you're looking for. In fact we're happy to sit down with you and discuss your proposed work. We can provide advice on glass suitability, thickness and ornamentation. We'll also engrave it for you with your company name, or anything you'd like come to that. For instance our technology means we can etch pictures or sandblast designs onto the glass.

All our items can be made to measure and, in the case of glass splashbacks, fitted with a picture or photograph. For further fun features, take a look at our shaped acrylic mirrors.

Precision Glass is a family-run company. We'll happily deliver and fit the glass ourselves in the North East of England and Tyne and Wear where we're based but we'll also deliver to other areas of the country.


Glass Splashbacks

Glass Splashbacks

Glass splashbacks come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours and are proving extremely popular amongst designers of today's new kitchens and bathrooms. Coloured glass splashbacks in particular are very much in demand and can add brightness to a room while the smoothness of the glass gives the area an added sleekness and sophistication.

The glass splashbacks can be used alongside counter tops, freezers and behind cookers. They're extremely easy to wipe and can withstand high temperatures due to the toughened nature of the glass. Types of glass splashbacks include clear glass, shaped glass and mirrored glass.

Colour-wise we can match any Dulux code. The glass itself is specially treated ie it has a low iron content which will enhance the actual colour (untreated glass gives a green tint). Sizes of the glass splashback panels available from Precision Glass are 600mm x 700mm.

We're also happy to supply bespoke glass splashbacks where we'll apply a photo image you supply us. We already have tiles with standard photographs of popular sights eg a beach, flowers, rain drop etc which go up to 700mm x 1000mm.

One of our current best-sellers is the retro tile while the abstract crystal glass splashback is stunning and often used to highlight a particular area of the wall or room to best advantage.

Glass Shelving

Glass Shelving

Without a doubt, the best way to show off a favourite object such as a trophy, photograph prized china or valuable crystal, is to display it on glass shelving. This is because the transparency in the glass allows light to hit the object on show from every single angle, showing it off to best advantage.

Precision Glass produce modern glass shelving without unsightly brackets. We will, in fact, provide chrome brackets for any type of glass shelf.

But it's not only appearance-wise that we excel. The glass used for every Precision Glass product is specially strengthened, making it up to five times stronger than normal glass shelving, leading to better durability and safety.

The glass shelving comes in plain, frosted, tinted or toughened versions.

As well as stocking a range of differing designs and sizes, we are happy to produce bespoke glass shelving for either private commissions or commercial ie hotel and retail. Our designers are happy to supply a no obligation quote.

Glass Mirrors

Glass mirrors are perfect for creating the illusion of added space in a room - especially plain large panels. They can also reflect light and bring in added brightness.

We stock a range of sizes but will happily make to order. We'll also install the glass mirrors for homes, offices and shops in the north east of England.

If it's a decorative glass mirror you're after then, again, we're happy to provide a bespoke service. In the meantime we have quite a range to choose from here in the showroom such as bevelled glass mirrors, funky, polished and image glass mirrors as well as glass mirrors designed for particular rooms of the house.

Glass Mirrors

We will fit the glass mirrors in homes and premises in the north east. But if you're hanging it yourself there's no need to worry as every mirror is supplied with either drilled holes and screw fittings or glass mirror adhesive tape.

Glass Furniture

At Precision Glass we also boast a contemporary and diverse range of glass furniture whether your preference is for mirrored, clear, tinted or frosted glass. Items currently in stock include console tables, bedside units and mirror glass cubes.

Glass Furniture

As with our previous glass items we are happy to manufacture according to your precise instructions or simply chat over your ideas with our craftsmen and let us devise a solution for you.


You can always view our products online at our web site or, if you're in the locale, pop in and take a look round our extended collection at our premises - Unit 1, Victoria Industrial Estate, Hebburn, Tyne & Wear, NE31 1UB.

For phone enquiries and to speak to a member of staff for advice telephone us on the number above. Alternatively contact us on our email address above.

We attempt to answer all online and email enquiries within 24 hours.

Meanwhile, paying by telephone couldn't be simpler. Just call us and we'll take a payment via PayPal. Using this secure system you can pay with either a credit or debit card without concern that your details will be shared.