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Fire Escape Surveys, Fire Escape Repair and other related services for Fire Escapes

Fire Escapes

To protect your employees in the event of fire isn't just morally correct, it's also a legal obligation. Fire safety in your home is similarly crucial and that's why Fire Escapes Ltd provides a range of solutions in this field, from fitting fire escapes or engaging in fire escape repair. Prior to establishing your physical fire safety requirements though it's always a good idea to employ someone to undertake a fire escape survey.

Fire Escape Surveys

Fire Stairs

It doesn't make sense to rush in and simply purchase a raft of fire escape signs and order a particular type of fire escape. There are many legal and building standards requirements involved in, for instance, fitting a fire escape in your home or office. Planning permission is one of them and it's always a good idea to speak to a fire safety surveyor in this regard otherwise you could find yourself thousands of pounds out of pocket for no good reason. We can recommend a surveyor or carry out the fire escape survey work ourselves for you.

In the past fire escape surveys were carried out by the Fire Brigade. However, nowadays the onus is on the owner of the company to prove he has minimised any fire risks and that an appropriate plan is in place for his employees to depart the building and reach a place of safety.

Fire Escapes

Any fire escape survey which is undertaken should be completed in a comprehensive fashion with a physical inspection and interviews with all employees working in the building in order to establish the direct hazards caused by different machinery, locations and chemicals used.

Premises which are part of a larger establishment such as a building which lets out numerous offices to firms, should bear in mind other occupants of the building and incorporate them into their fire safety survey eg perhaps they are involved in producing materials using highly inflammable material.

At fireescape.co.uk we generally recommend five stages of a fire safety survey. These are:

  • Identifying the hazards - ie material, sources of heat, substances
  • Identifying Individuals at risk - especially disabled individuals and those suffering from asthma
  • Evaluating/protecting - eg looking at ways to reduce risk to employees such as escape routes, fire extinguishers, warning systems
  • Future Planning - producing an emergency fire plan and ensuring employees understand this. Provide training on using fire safety equipment
  • Reviewing - ensuring the emergency fire safety plan is followed-up and checked on an annual basis at least
Fire Escape Stairs Fire Escape Stairs

Our Products

Spiral Staircase Fire Escapes

Spiral Staircase Fire Escapes

Attractive and ingenious for locations which don't have a lot of space, spiral fire escapes also come with added legislation due to their unique design. For instance, an ordinary spiral fire escape staircase can only be used for a maximum of 50 people therefore companies with more employees would have to install a specially-strengthened version.

In addition, spiral fire escape staircases must be no taller than nine metres and should contain a continuous handrail down their full length. Gaps should also be minimised to prevent children falling through.

Fire Escape Signs

Spiral Staircase Fire Escapes

The number of signs your company requires will vary depending on size ie in larger organisations individuals may need to be guided towards the safety exit. Handrails or sound localisation at exits may also be necessary for employees who are blind or partially-sighted.

There are legal stipulations regarding the placing of fire escape signs such as how visible they are, where they are located, and what their text actually says (they should be pictographic to allow foreigners to understand their meaning) as well as how they are displayed.

Fire Escape Ladders

Fire Escape Ladder

Fixed Steel Ladders provide a permanent means of escape and can provide a rest platform. Also available in aluminium alloy. Companion Way Ladders have a 65 to 75 degrees slope and are easier to descend than a standard vertical ladder. They have a maximum height of three metres.

High-Rise Fire Escape Systems

High-Rise Fire Escape System

These include self-contained lowering systems which can rescue individuals 100 floors up. They include:

  • Escape Pack - involving a cable and karabiner
  • Guardian Wall Mount - using a permanent bracket
  • Life Box - to evacuate an entire floor
  • Responder 1 & 2 - can lower two people at once

Fire Extinguishers

These come designed with different extinguishing materials for a variety of different types of fires egg water with additives, cream foam, powder, carbon dioxide, wet chemical.

Disabled Access

Disability Access for Fire Escapes

Employers are obliged to make 'reasonable adjustments' to their premises to ensure disabled individuals are taken into account when it comes to fire safety regulations.

This might mean investing in a disabled access fire escape chair, familiarising employees with escape routes and providing a personal emergency evacuation plan for the disabled individual.

About us

At Fire Escapes Ltd we repair and build fire escapes. Not only that but we'll also fit them for you, carry out a fire safety survey on your behalf and give you the peace of mind that were a fire to engulf your premises you have done everything possible to minimise its effects on your staff and other people in the building.

In our experience it's usually cheaper and less time-consuming and certainly less-disruptive to complete a fire escape repair rather than fit a new fire escape from scratch.

You can be confident that we are qualified in giving out advice and producing fire safety equipment, having been in steel work for more than two decades and fire escapes in particular for the past ten years. We also have public liability insurance up to the value of £5,000,000.

Our service includes a free quote and estimate although occasionally we have to charge for a full survey. Any quote you are given by us is 'good' for at least six months. We offer a five per cent discount if you're prepared to be flexible about when the work is carried out. We're more than happy to pass on client testimonials too, either in writing or by telephone.

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