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BGB Innovation

Fibre Optic Rotary Joints, Slip Rings, Brush Holders and Underwater Lighting from BGB Innovation.

For fibre optic rotary joints, brush holders and lightening protection systems, BGB Innovation are the leading suppliers of slip ring systems. We are also one of the UK's experts when it comes to the development and supply of advanced electrical underwater lighting including yacht lighting.

BGB Innovation Optilinc, Marine and Telemetry Logos

Three divisions, Three specialisms

Power transfer systems including fibre optical rotary joints

BGB Innovation are a leading provider of engineering products to facilitate the completion of complex technical projects. Due to the wide variety of sectors in which we operate, BGB Innovation is divided into three divisions:

  • BGB Engineering
  • BGB Marine
  • BGB Telemetry

This enables us to provide products and services to many sectors, including wind energy and power transfer, water and sewage, packaging, leisure rides, cable reeling standby power and fish farming. In recent years, we've focussed on the development of advancing the design of slip rings, brush holders, underwater lighting and fibre optic rotary joints in order to provide support to all these industries.

As a privately-run, family owned business, we believe that it is our mission to provide service that far exceeds that of our competitors. That's why we've put together a team that is second-to-none to help develop and continue to innovate products such as our fibre optic rotary joints, brush holders and underwater lighting. It's this care and dedication to service and to the quality of our products that we've been able to expand so quickly.

Our philosophy of excellence extends not only to our products, but to everything we do. Every part of manufacturing operation has been maximised for quality and to keep costs low. Which means we can offer you great value for money too, especially when it comes to slip rings, brush holders, underwater lighting and fibre optic rotary joints.

BGB Innovation History

Our base in Grantham is where our business started out back in 1976. We grew fast and started exporting products, such as our slip rings and underwater lighting during the 80s. Today, nearly 90% of our products are exported overseas. BGB Innovation has become a world-renowned company, supplying industries in Australia, India, Canada, Chile, Korea, USA and Japan.

It was 2004 when we added our portfolio of underwater lighting products with the acquisition of Aquabeam Ltd. This enabled BGB Innovation to move into the areas of fish farming and other marine industries. Later developments included our Digilinc technology and manufacture of fibre optic rotary joints.

BGB Engineering

The BGB Engineering division of the business provides products specifically for design engineers who require practical, rotational interface solutions. These solutions can be selected from the standard list of products available from BGB or if something more specific is required, our skilled designers can alter our existing products to devise a bespoke solution for a certain project or requirement. At BGB, we take great pride and care in stocking an array of standard components to address military, civil and industrial applications. Furthermore, the products provided by BGB Innovation are capable of supporting a number of different speeds, transmissions and can withstand a whole range of environmental conditions.

In addition, standard products may need to be modified to provide an innovative product which meets the requirements of the engineer more accurately. We pride ourselves in the extensive database of standard parts, specialist mouldings and the latest press tools which allows us to adapt a number of parts to suit all projects.

BGB Engineering Products

BGB Engineering provides a whole range of products including;

Brush Holders

BGB Innovation has been manufacturing and supplying brush holders since 1976 and we always have a full range in stock. Our brush holders have been designed to be versatile and suitable for use in a range of applications, both fast and slow. That's why they come in many different formats, such as double spring brush holders, single callipers, cartridges and advanced fixed box holders with constant force springs and 22KV collectors. Our brush holders are available in brass with copper foil or with braid connections. PDFs with full details of all specifications can be downloaded from our website here.

Slip rings and slip rings assemblies

Slip Rings

Slip rings are one of our specialist areas and, as you might expect, we stock a huge selection in a range of application speeds, making them suitable for many uses. However, when it comes to our slip rings and slip rings assemblies, one thing comes as standard - quality. Both barrel and face type units have phosphor bronze springs and thermoset glass-reinforced DMC unsaturated polyester resin insulation.

Our range of slip rings is ideal for applications such as alternators, slip ring, motors, frequency changers, cable reeling drums, cable bunching machines, rotary display lighting, electro-magnetic clutches, wind generators, packaging machines and signal transfer packages.

  • Standard barrel slip rings - available in diameters from 24mm to 291mm.
  • Modular slip rings - available with silver, gold or rhodium plating for low noise and reduced contact resistance. Modular slips rings come in diameters from 35mm to 200mm.
  • Pancake slip rings - these slip rings consist of brass signal rings that can be plated to improve quality and application use. Pancake slip rings sizes available up to 280mm.
  • Fabricated slip rings - our engineers have the technology and expertise to craft slip rings to your specifications for almost any purpose. Get in touch with your requirements to find out more. Manufacturing options include DMC insulation and heat expanded rings.

Bespoke/Special Assemblies

Here at BGB we are able to develop customised slip ring assemblies from a given idea utilising advanced 3D technology. In addition, 3D images can be generated which produce an accurate image of the design. We are able to offer high quality designs due to the commitment from our prototype team who possess the specialist skills to create a working sample. If you are looking for solutions for design and supply services for looms and harnesses for wiring, this is also something that we can help with.


Slip ring image and and an image of a wind farm

The Optilinc system has revolutionised the market for slip rings and it is the first of a series of contactless slip rings produced by the company with the Fibre Optic Rotary Joint being extremely effective to strengthen the capacity for high speed data transfer. Manufactured from durable stainless steel, Optilinc can withstand dust and water and is unaffected by heat, humidity, vibrations or magnetic influences. Optilinc FORJ products are now being developed by the research and development lab as they are being used in the design of wind turbines by leading manufacturers.

Wavelength Division Multiplexers

The Wavelength Division Multiplexer has been developed to work in partnership with the FORJ in order to convert two fibre systems to a single multiwave system. The design of this product has been carefully managed to ensure that it can withstand a number of environmental extremities. It is popular product in the wind energy sector and it can withstand lightning strikes due to its built in electronic clamping network.

Refurbish, Repair or Renew

BGB have the specialist tools, techniques and knowledge to complete refurbishment or repair works on all types of slip rings across a number of different industries. Our specialist team can carry out electrical testing, cleaning, restoration of the correct surface finish, re-application of anti tracking varnish, rebalancing slip rings and can complete comprehensive cleans and rebuilds of components and products. The team who work with BGB are the very best and they aim to deliver products back to clients in an 'as new' condition.

Balancing Service

As an accredited and certified specialist in Schenk contract balancing service throughout East Anglia and the East Midlands in the UK. Poor balance can cause a whole range of problems for anything which rotates. The related components such as housings, suspensions, bearings and foundations can be subject to a significant amount of wear and tear caused by vibrations and other movements which substantially reduce the lifespan of the product. Vibrations can cause serious problems including loose components, dislodged or destroyed electrical switches and fractured pipes or cables. Poorly balanced products can significantly reduce the quality of the work and they can impact on the overall performance. BGB can use our extensive expertise and specialist knowledge to rebalance key products, resulting in longer life, increased performance and greater reliability.

BGB Marine

Underwater lighting

The BGB marine division of our business specialises in the provision of high quality underwater camera and lighting products. We serve a whole range of industries including yacht lighting, waterways, canals, marinas, agriculture and fish farming.

Underwater Lighting

Our marine division has gone from strength to strength especially in the area of underwater lighting for use within industries such as fish farms.

Underwater lighting for aquaculture - our underwater lighting range includes our most popular LED based Pisces underwater lighting module which comes in sizes of both 400 watts and 1000 watts. Then, there's our Turtle design, developed to minimise light escape by using the water surface as a mirror.

The Hydrolux is a photometer designed for monitoring light levels in a sub aqua lighting environment. Easy to implement and use, the Hydrolux is one of the simplest and low cost ways to keep an eye on underwater light levels within all sorts of marine environments.

Contactless Induction Technology

For more information about our amazing contactless underwater lighting systems designed specifically for Yachts, please see our new BGB Sils website which has complete information on our newest range.

Lighting for Aquaculture

We supply a whole range of products for aquaculture projects including cage lighting which offers the underwater reliability that you need.

Feed Response Cameras

Feed Response (FR) is a strong and reliable camera system which is ideal for use in low light conditions such as monitoring fish stocks. In addition, the light can withstand prolonged immersion in the sea and provides continuous feed response monitoring.

Nuclear Monitoring

BGB offer Aqualux, a specialist network of underwater lighting which is based on a series of Parabolic, Aluminised Reflector (PAR) lamp which is immersed into the water.

LED Aquatic Display Lighting

As one of the strongest underwater lighting systems, the Amphibian system is able to withstand the strength of a fully flowing river. They are effective lighting products used for aquatic displays, canals, ponds, fountains and swimming pools.

Inductive Lighting Systems

BGB specialise in SILS, the Submersible Inductive Lighting System which makes use of contactless technology to power lights which offers a practical solution without having to drill or use induction networks in the marine industry.

Cage Side Control Box

Power control boxes provide an effective solution to deliver power and signals to electrical appliances.

Connectors and Cables

Quality and durability of cables is important. BGB source the best connectors and cables which have been used successfully in civilian and military installations for over 25 years.

Fibre optic rotary joints

Fibre optic rotary joints are the optical equivalent of electrical slip rings. This gives fibre optic rotary joints many uses within industries with digital applications, such as missile guidance systems, robotic systems, remotely operated vehicles and oil drilling systems. As you might imagine, as industrial technology becomes ever more advanced, we've been focussing a lot of our investment in the area of fibre optic rotary joints. This will be a big growth area for BGB Innovation going forward. BGB Indeed, we are committed to being one of the main players in fibre optic rotary joints technology in the future.

BGB Telemetry

The telemetry section of the business has formed the third aspect to the business replacing the former Digilinc. Originating from research and development the Telemetry products are provided by the Fibre Optic Rotary Joint Optilinc system. Telemetry focuses on supporting further innovations including induction or contactless methods to transfer data, power and signals through rotary applications. Products provided in the Telemetry system include Optilinc FORJ, Wave Division Multiplexers, Media Converters and FORJ Slip Ring Assemblies.

BGB Innovation - for real innovation in slip rings, brush holders, underwater lighting and fibre optic rotary joints.

BGB Innovation

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