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For All Your Enerpac Industrial Equipment Including Enerpac Hydraulics, Enerpac Pumps and Enerpac Simplex, Choose Shaw Hydraulics.

Shaw Hydraulics Ltd specialise in the supply, repair and hire of the complete range of Enerpac hydraulic industrial tools, from Enerpac hydraulics and Enerpac pumps to the full range of Enerpac Simplex products. We believe we are the only company in the UK with the expertise to make sure your business gets the best Enerpac solution for your needs.

As well as Enerpac hydraulics, Enerpac pumps and Enerpac Simplex components, Shaw Hydraulics Ltd are the market leader when it comes to all high pressure hydraulic tools including cylinders, pumps, jacks, maintenance tools, pullers, valves, torque tools and more.

Pressers at Shaw Hydraulics

No one does a more comprehensive range of Enerpac Products.

As everyone that uses their products knows, Enerpac products are second-to-none when it comes to quality and value for money. So whether you come to us for Enerpac pumps, Enerpac hydraulics or Enerpac Simplex products, we guarantee that the service you receive from us will be just as good as the products you buy from us. After all, we already boost the largest range of Enerpac products in the UK.

And, we have the expertise you need to get the right products for your business. With decades of experience in hydraulics, we know what equipment is best for every job and we're only too happy to share that expertise with you, so whether it's Enerpac hydraulics or Enerpac Simplex products, we will ensure you get the right tool for the job every time.

Pullers from Shaw Hydraulics

The Enerpac hydraulics range.

Enerpac manufacture the most comprehensive group of hydraulic products in the world. Enerpac products, such as the Enerpac Simplex range, help make your job easier, safer and more productive with a complete range of hydraulic lifting and pumping equipment for nearly every industrial application.

Enerpac hydraulics solutions come in a wide range of configurations from the simplest lifting systems to complex engineered systems designed for specific purposes relevant to your business. Only at Shaw Hydraulics will you find the one most appropriate for your needs.

Bolting Tools at Shaw Hydraulics

Enerpac pumps and valves

We supply over 1000 configurations of Enerpac pumps - all with the durability and reliability to ensure you get real value for money. As well as air, battery, manual and fuel powered Enerpac pumps solutions, we can source and supply all the accessories you need to get the most from your chosen Enerpac pumps products.

Visit our website to see our range of Enerpac manual, electric, air hydraulic, and gas pumps, as well as hydraulic valves

Enerpac Products from Shaw Hydraulics

System components, presses, pullers and speciality tools.

To help you get the most from our Enerpac pumps and Enerpac hydraulics solutions, we offer a full range of additional components and spare parts. These include fittings, gauges, hoses, couplers and hydraulic oil - all of which conform to the same high standards of quality as our Enerpac pumps and hydraulics.

  • Presses - High quality presses available in a range of sizes for a variety of purposes.
  • Pullers - Again, a wide range of high strength alloy pullers always available in a range of capacities, sizes and styles.
  • Speciality tools - Every company does things differently. That's why we are pleased to offer a selection of speciality tools for bending, cutting, load bearing and tensioning. Get in touch for the tool that meets your needs.
  • Concrete stressing - A range of tools developed for concrete pre-stressing and post-tensioning hydraulic pumps, jacks and accessories.

Enerpac Simplex.

When it comes to Enerpac Simplex components, Enerpac has made Shaw Hydraulics Ltd their distributor of choice. Come to us for the widest range of Enerpac Simplex mechanical jacks including ratchet, reel, rack, super, screw, spreader, planer, loadbinder, push & pull, trench braces and roof support jacks. In fact, whatever type of Enerpac Simplex jack you need, you'll find it at Shaw Hydraulics Ltd.

Our new Enerpac Simplex catalogue is out now, so get in touch for your copy.

Hydraulic Tools

Meet the Shaw Hydraulics team.

Whether you're looking for Enerpac pumps, hydraulics or Simplex products, we are there to help. With over 30 years experience with Enerpac equipment, we can advise and answer all your questions regarding pricing and specifications for all Enerpac Simplex and Enerpac hydraulics solutions. Get in touch today for advice or to arrange a demonstration.

Enerpac servicing and repairs.

Our service doesn't end with the despatch of your Enerpac hydraulics products. Our fully qualified engineers are just a call away to assist you with all issues regarding repair and servicing of your industrial Enerpac equipment. Unlike other companies, we offer free estimates and can even collect and return your products to make our service as convenient and hassle-free as possible. So whether its Enerpac hydraulics or Enerpac pumps, we can help you keep your equipment working perfectly for longer.

What's more, every repair we do comes with a full service check. That means we will strip down your Enerpac hydraulics equipment, clean all parts and meticulously check for any other issues before making any repairs. After reassembly, we put all Enerpac equipment through a rigorous testing procedure before re-spraying the equipment for collection or despatch. Test Certificates supplied where required.


Enerpac servicing and repairs.

Hire Your Enerpac hydraulics, pumps and Simplex equipment from Shaw Hydraulics. Have you got a temporary need for Enerpac pumps and hydraulics equipment? Then get in touch with our hire department who will be able to advise you on the best short-term solution to your needs.

You can rent a full range of Enerpac equipment from us, including all Enerpac Simplex components.

Shaw Hydraulics Ltd - when it comes to Enerpac pumps, Enerpac hydraulics and Enerpac Simplex equipment, there's only one company you will need.