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EMKA UK Ltd is the UK subsidiary of EMKA Beschlagteile GmbH, a privately owned company specialising in the design, manufacture and distribution of innovative Electronic Locking Modules, Locking Systems, Locks and Latches, Compression Locks, Keylocks, Toggle latches, Hinges, Handles, Rod Controls, Air Conditioning products, Stainless Steel products, Sealing profiles, Window/Door units and Accessories to the Electrical and Electronic, HVAC and Industrial Enclosure Industries, plus Commercial Vehicle Accessories.

Our focus is to provide our customers with the best, cost effective, reliable solution within our ability, backed by a comprehensive support service.

We believe the EMKA product line to be the most innovative and comprehensive in the industry today. Our advanced and creative design team is constantly working to improve and extend our very large product range. In addition, competitive pricing and short lead times for most items, provide us with distinct advantages.

This profile is designed to provide an overview of our products and services. For detailed information please contact us, we will be happy to send you information / catalogue or arrange a visit by one of our representatives to you at your site.

For news and information on our latest products please see our blog, like us on facebook, follow us on twitter and find us on linkedin.

Electronic Locking from EMKAOur ELECTRONIC LOCKING MODULES (ELM) provide high tech security for high tech equipment, together with remote monitoring, environmental management and event logging. The ELM Security System offers easy installation with little space required, is modular and easy to expand and upgrade. The system is network compatible and set-up, monitoring and control software is included. Ideal for server cabinets in co-location centres, EDP facilities in financial and other companies, telecommunications facilities, cash terminals and kiosks, bill paying terminals, hospitals and universities. The EMKA ELM security system offers the ideal complement to perimeter security with no keys to be copied, lost or stolen. Electronic swinghandles or single point latches protect against unauthorised access and door opening is by proximity card, PIN or remote-controlled by PC contacts sending an open/closed and locked/unlocked signal.


Agent E - the smart lock from EMKAAgent E – The smart lock. Agent E is installed as a handle module instead of the usual handle or quarter-turn and takes over the functions of a lock. By means of a mini transmitter a coded light beam is directed onto a solar cell in the handle module. After successful transmission the lock will be released. The lock and the handle in one module, retrospective fitting to doors is possible, individually configured options and saving of events logs. As an additional option several locks may be activated through an access point, in server rooms for example.


Locking systems from EMKAOur LOCKING SYSTEMS for single and multi-point applications are extremely flexible and in most circumstances, permit installation into a single punched hole. Products include swinghandles, lifthandles, locking sets, profile half cylinders, rod controls, bearing bush, cams, rods outside and inside the gasketing and rod guides.


EMKA Rod ControlsEMKA Locking Systems include both round and flat ROD CONTROLS – with both screw on and weld on possibilities, multiple length options and quick installation designs. Rod systems enable multi-point door closure together with the full range of EMKA swinghandles as well as T and L handles if required. Rods may be cut to required length with a number of rod actuating mechanisms to permit preferred operation and cost levels.


locks from EMKAOur KEYLOCKS offer simple quarter-turn locking for lockers, cabinets and covers. Locks include small, medium and standard and three-piece versions plus a wide range of compression locks and wing knobs Accessories include cams, hook lever locks, rod controls, finger pull dust cap, dust cap for t handle, rotation prevention, rods and rod guides.


EMKA HandlesEMKA HANDLE products include an extensive range of bridge style handles – sometimes known as bow or pull handles – covering plastic moulded, steel, aluminium and plastic and tubular types, many are suitable for use in manufacturing areas while others are intended for offices or similar environments. All are designed to match industrial needs at functional and ergonomic levels.


Hinges from EMKAOur HINGE programme is comprehensive, including products for most applications. Hinges available include: concealed, lift-off, mechanically fastened, weld on, screw-on, clamping, prominent, flush, adjustable, clip-in, and pin. We can supply hinges for single cabinets, for in-line cabinets with single doors, in-line cabinets with double doors and for pressure-resistant doors. Materials include polyamide, stainless steel, zinc die, and mild steel.


Gasketing from EMKAOur GASKETING MATERIALS are self-gripping sealing profiles with no permanent memory and can be installed in one piece without being mitred. Gaskets include closed cell sponge rubber, edge protection, window rubber profiles with or without locking strip, EMC gasketing materials, self-gripping gasketing, sealing systems and UL recognised gaskets.


Toggle latches from EMKAOur TOGGLE LATCHES are ideal for quick action closure for boxes, cases, cabinets, and luggage equipment and include flexible or wire toggle latches, toggle latches with links, spring loaded toggle latches, special toggle latches, adjustable toggle latches, along with associated catch and back plates.


EMKA Air Conditioning ApplicationsEMKA AIR CONDITIONING products cover the requirements of thick insulated door installation with long shafted large grip latch handles – available with various locking options of keylock and padlock. Large hinges and recessed door pulls help to complete the installation.


accessories from EMKAOur ACCESSORY line includes drawing pockets, panel mounting device, cable shunting ring, retractable handles, retractable t handles, surface mounted door locks, cam and snaplock, slam-locks, slide latches, side panel latches, dead-bolt locks, bridge clamp system, heavy duty latches, keys, cover stays, telescopic cover stay with push button release, door stops, fixing material and vibration proof screws – items of interest to designers and manufacturers of all types of enclosures.


EMKA stainless steel programEMKA STAINLESS STEEL PROGRAM: For many years EMKA have operated on the basis of supplying “everything but the enclosure” and increasingly they are also finding that “everything in stainless steel” is the demand for cabinet hardware as installations find more aggressive environments and more challenging regulations. Industries such as food processing and pharmaceuticals have become much more sophisticated and far reaching in their requirements that companies such as EMKA now provide a wealth of stainless steel components from hinges and handles to specialist locking systems. Materials vary from AISI 303 to AISI 316 and include fabricated as well as fully machined items with sealing up to IP66.

aluminium windows and doors from EMKAOur aluminium WINDOW and DOOR UNITS are custom made and available with a wide variety of options. Available with or without frame, completely assembled or as a kit for self-assembly.



Commercial vehicle accessories from EMKAOur COMMERCIAL VEHICLE ACCESSORY program covers items such as emergency hammers, door handles, luggage compartment handles, locks, latches, storage nets, cupholders, air vents, strikes, toggles and similar items. This builds on our extensive program of moulded sealing profiles and custom formed gasket rings and frames with vulcanised corners – which have met a significant need within the commercial vehicle industry.

Applications include buses, coaches, earth moving equipment, military vehicles, transfer vehicles, trains, light rail, generators, trailers, trucks, glazing panels, recreational vehicles, cabins, caravans, ships and boats, special vehicles, cabinets, enclosures and general ‘industrial’ situations, as well as off-road vehicles, subways, trams, railway carriages, mobile homes, municipal vehicles, horse boxes and emergency service vehicles.

ISO 9001 – achieved in 2000
ISO 14001 – achieved in 2004

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