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Eco Friendly Car Wash

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Eco-friendly Car Wash


With global warming being experienced globally, it is of uttermost importance to save water. Forest cover has been reduced to very low levels and pollution has been order of the day. This has led to destruction of environment, thus global warming. In order to make the world a better place to live in, now and in future, it is very necessary to maintain a favourable environment. In order to do this, we have come up with an eco friendly car wash. This is in order to eradicate water wastage while washing cars.

Most people rely on car wash to clean their cars. They are usually washed with water and bio non-degradable detergents. Such detergents are usually absorbed into the soil and find their way to water bodies. This leads to water pollution. To add to that, water is wasted as it is used in large amounts. We ensure that our eco friendly car wash avoids such instances of water wastage and pollution.

We do this by ensuring usage of bio degradable detergents. We use non-silicon based products which do not pollute soil and water. We ensure that the detergents are free of any petroleum products and phosphate. We eliminate usage of water by use of special wiping microfibre cloths. A special form of non pollutant spray is used on your car. This spray together with a special microfibre cloth will remove dirt from your car. Thus, wiping will not make use of water.

We ensure that your car will be free of scratches from wiping. The microfibre cloth is completely soft such that it does not leave any scratches on windows and body. After wiping is over, there will be no water marks left on your car, giving it a smooth shiny look once the process is complete.

Most vapours used in water free car washes usually comprise of poisonous vapours. This is hazardous to not only the environment but ones health. Our products do not comprise of any poisonous vapours for waterless cleaning. Our products are VOC approved to ensure compliance with regulations that ensure no use of hazardous products. VOC stands for volatile organic compounds. Such products are usually very volatile such that they vaporize when exposed thus leading to pollution as they are usually poisonous.

Not only does our eco friendly car wash save water, it also saves your money by minimizing cost involved in cleaning your car. This is due to elimination of using water and bio non-degradable detergents. The process takes very little time to make your car clean and shiny. Since no water is poured all over, your car will be ready for driving as soon as the washing process is over in few minutes. Thus, most of your time is saved. With this and more good features of our products, you should ensure your car washing services are met by us.


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