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For the best Copper Bar prices
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AN Wallis & Co Ltd

Servicing globally based industries, AN Wallis have been established for over 65 years, offering the best earthing and lightning protection price without sacrifice on quality.

Based in Nottingham, UK, we are best placed to serve both commercial and industrial clients, locally and internationally, and always deliver outstanding earthing and lightning protection products.

Meeting deadlines every time, we know how vital it is to develop products that work to offer accurate protection and long lasting accredited products that are built to do the job they are intended to do.

The team at AN Wallis have assisted with complex development of our portfolio. The products, services and on site support offered has been accredited with a large number of certifications covering all aspects of lightning and earthing protection.

Copperbond Earth Rods Threaded Couplings Threaded Driving Heads
  • BS EN 62305 - a new accreditation for the design, support and supervision of earthing and lightning protection
  • BS 7430 - in compliance with our ability to design earthing and
    lightning protection
  • BS EN 50164 - products that are in compliance and tested to this certification
  • BSI ISO9001 : 2008 accredited

Our overall product range is comprehensive, with fully detailed catalogues available on request.

With a huge volume of projects, our products have proved to be a highly superior way to benefit from lightning and earthing protection in many industries. The team at AN Wallis have worked exhaustively on projects at a large range of locations.

We have worked on projects at sub-stations in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and the UK. As well as airports throughout Europe and the United Arab Emirates, the Grand Prix circuit it Abu Dhabi and even Mosques in Libya and Bahrain.

It's clear from our wide ranging experience that we offer an outstanding service, desirable products and a precisely tested on site support that far outweighs other firms servicing the same sectors.

Copper Earth Plate Clamps Driving Spikes

All of our products, where necessary, have been tested fully to meet British and European recognised standards, and are marked to highlight which BS certification they meet.

Conductive copper tape and foil are used in a number of different applications and are available in varying sizes.

The website at AN Wallis is a comprehensive site showing a good majority of our products, basic diagrams on potential usage, as well as technical data outlining weights, sizes, BS marks and part numbers so that they can be ordered very easily.

Best copper tape price for both lightning & earthing protection projects

  • Earthing & Lightning Protection
  • Surge Protection
  • Fasteners, Fixings & Components
  • Conductive Copper Tapes
  • Surge Protection Equipment

Our equipment has been used throughout the world. We distribute internationally and have approved stockists who deal with our genuine products and distribute to key areas around the world.

C Crimp Connectors Earth Rod Seals Flexible Copper Braid Bonds

Our clients benefit from our friendly approachable reputation. We have had the advantage of planning and designing for a whole array of different sites such as high-rise buildings, public arena's, bridges and towers - our services are fully flexible and we can tailor application solutions to almost every situation.

Offering the best earthing and lightning protection price we can, we can stick to specific budgets and offer all of our customer's cost effective solutions that are long lasting and fully tested to the superior standards we have set for our products.

Copper Tapes, Braids, Bars & Cable Guards

With lead covered, PVC covered and bare tapes, braids and bars our conductive copper items offer simple solutions to complex issues.

Additional items in this section of our catalogue ensure that cables can be protected from vandalism and theft, with options for alternative fitting solutions.

We are experts in our field and supply to a global customer base.

Solid Copper Earth Rods Disconnecting Link Bare Copper Tapes

Lightning Protection

Couplings, clips, rods and holdfasts are all important items and highly related to lightning protection.

Designed to fit a variety of applications, lightning protection products are designed to make up suitable systems for differing projects.

With over 65 years of experience, we have developed our service, support and products and refined them to provide advanced solutions to intricate lightning issues.

Rod to Tape Couplings DC Clips Rainwater Pipe Bond


Driving heads and spikes, rods, couplings, housings, seals and bars - just a small selection of products we manufacture for earthing protection.

We have precisely planned all of our products and designed them for accurately fitting solutions.

Earth Blocks Split Bolt Connectors Eye Bolts

Make Wallis your first choice - we have:

  • Our own purpose built manufacturing facility in Nottingham of 17,000 square feet
  • Products with real features for fully tailored solutions
  • Full technical support and global solutions
  • Distributors in key areas around the world
  • Middle East sales office
  • Site and technical support for the UAE
  • The best earthing and lightning protection price for best value bespoke solutions and standard options

We continually develop our business. With trained experts, all skilled in varying departments, we are perfectly placed to provide the best and incomparable service that we have built our company on since 1946.

Widely expanding our products list, manufacturing facilities, global offices and distributor list we can flexibly tailor accurate solutions for applied projects.

We give each and every enquiry our time and passion - we're not just experts, we're the only company to offer the broad range of products in our ever expanding catalogue.

Yet we are approachable, friendly and at the top of our game where knowledge and experience is concerned.

So whether you need exothermic welding products, lightning conductors, earthing products or simply fixings and components, we invite you to call our UK office today.

No matter where you are situated, or the complexity of your next project, our team is on hand to assist you today.